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What To Prepare for Q4 Dropshipping 2023? [Holidays, Products, and Strategies!]

by Irene Leander
Q4 Dropshipping: Last Chance To Drive CRAZY Profits in 2023 - OneCommerce

Get ready for the final quarter of 2023 as the holiday season is closer than ever!

As the year draws to a close, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your Q4 dropshipping success. In this article, we’ll share expert insights and strategies to help you thrive during the holiday season.

From identifying trending products and optimizing your website to managing inventory and streamlining customer service, we will guide you through the complexities of holiday dropshipping, providing actionable tips and advice.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make the most of the biggest holidays and surpass your revenue goals. Let’s get started!

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Why Is Q4 Important for Dropshipping?

Q4 is when lots of globally popular holidays kick in. To name a few? Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are prime occasions when your customers actively go shopping and spending instead of browsing and leaving like they normally do for the first three quarters.

Q4 dropshipping sales chart

eCommerce retail sales always hit its peaks in Q4 (Credit: S&P Global)

Some quick stats: Q4 2022 has witnessed a significant growth of eCommerce sales by 18% compared to the previous quarter. In the US alone, eCommerce reached $1.09 trillion/year for the first time– with the last quarter alone making up $332.2 billion.

Plus, the U.S. Department of Commerce reports that Q4 sales increased by around 9.2% yearly. This signifies that 2023’s fourth-quarter sales figures are promising with colossal potential.

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What Are The Biggest Holiday Events For Dropshipping in Q4 2023?

Q4 brings some of the year’s most significant holiday events for brands to take advantage of. These holidays offer excellent opportunities to boost sales and connect with customers.

Let’s take a quick look at each of them and some trendy products that can make your dropshipping business shine during these festive times.

1. Halloween (October 31st)

This spooky holiday is all about dressing up in creative costumes, indulging in sweet treats, and enjoying a good scare. People love to decorate their homes and throw parties, making it a prime time for themed products.

halloween october event - q4 dropshipping

Here are some trendy products you can offer:

  • Costume accessories like wigs, masks, and makeup.
  • Halloween decorations such as spooky lights, inflatables, and themed tableware.
  • Candy and treats for trick-or-treaters.
  • Pet costumes for furry friends who join in the fun.

2. Thanksgiving (November 23rd)

Thanksgiving is about gathering with loved ones and giving thanks for all the good things in life. It’s also the start of the holiday shopping season.

Consider offering these products:

  • Kitchen tools and appliances for preparing the perfect Thanksgiving feast.
  • Tableware and decorations for a festive dining experience.
  • Gratitude journals and Thanksgiving-themed decor.

3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday (November 24th-27th)

BFCM is all about shopping and scoring amazing deals. Shoppers are on the hunt for discounts, so make sure your online store is ready.

black friday november event - q4 dropshipping

Here are some products that will surely be a hit:

  • Electronics like headphones, smartwatches, and gadgets.
  • Fashion items such as clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • Home appliances and kitchen gadgets.
  • Beauty products like skincare sets and makeup kits.

4. Christmas (24th December)

The most magical time of the year! Christmas is all about gift-giving, decorating, and spreading joy.

Christmas december event - q4 dropshipping

These products can be in high demand:

  • Christmas ornaments and tree decorations.
  • Holiday-themed apparel and ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • Gifts for family and friends, like personalized items and toys.
  • Festive lights and outdoor decorations.

#5. New Year’s Eve (31st December)

As the year comes to a close, people celebrate with parties, resolutions, and fresh starts. That makes New Year another huge holiday you can’t miss out on to boost your sales to new heights.

Here are some products to consider for New Year’s:

  • Party supplies like balloons, streamers, and party favors.
  • Fitness and wellness products for those New Year’s resolutions.
  • Planners and calendars for staying organized in the upcoming year.
  • New outfits to greet a new year coming

Winning Products To Boost Your Sales During Q4

How to Choose The Best Dropshipping Products for Q4 2023?

Though no fixed recipe makes a winning Q4 dropshipping product, from our experience, winning items for this period of the year tend to have these four characteristics in common:

  • Seasonal relevance:

The top dropshipping products have a strong tie to the holidays and the season. For example, during Christmas, selling holiday-themed decorations like Christmas tree ornaments or festive lights is a great choice because people are looking to decorate their homes.

  • Gift-worthy:

You want products that make great gifts. Think about items that people would be excited to give to their friends and family. For instance, personalized jewelry, unique mugs, or custom-made phone cases can make thoughtful presents for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

  • Trending and in-demand:

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Products that are currently popular and in demand are more likely to sell well. Look at what’s buzzing on social media or what’s getting attention in the news to spot these trends.

  • Affordable shipping:

Keep shipping costs in mind. Products that can be shipped affordably are a win. Bulky or heavy items can have high shipping costs, possibly turning customers away. Lightweight and compact items, like phone accessories or jewelry, often work better.

Bear in mind that you will have to deal with a much larger order volume during this period, so avoid items that take more effort to ship.

The 5 Most Profitable Dropshipping Products for Q4 Holidays

#1. Holiday-themed apparel and accessories

During the holiday season, people love to dress up and get into the festive spirit. Therefore, offering holiday-themed apparel and accessories will be a smart move for you to boost sales during the holiday season.

Consider dropshipping items like Christmas sweaters, holiday-themed socks, or even custom-designed face masks with holiday prints.

Holiday-themed apparel and accessories

Holiday-themed apparel and accessories (Credit: AUSTPICIOUS)

#2. Tech gadgets and accessories

Technology-related products tend to do exceptionally well during the fourth quarter. With people shopping for gifts and looking for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, tech gadgets and accessories are in high demand.

The Holiday Shopping Study in 2022 by Ipsos pointed out that gift cards and Electronics both remain popular as well, and each is tied for the #5 most popular gift at 28%.

#3. Home decor and holiday decorations

One of the ways that people can cheer up the holiday ambiance is through colorful, vibrant decorations. Decorations like Christmas trees, LED lights, and nativity scenes can easily light up the festive atmosphere wherever you are– at home or in the workplace.

Home decor and holiday decorations

Holiday-themed home decorations are perfect Q4 dropshipping products

According to Statista, the global market for Christmas decorations was anticipated to be worth over seven billion U.S. dollars in 2022 and nine billion dollars by 2026.

You can tap into this demand by offering items like Christmas tree ornaments, festive lights, wreaths, and holiday-themed home decor. These products have a strong seasonal relevance and are likely to sell well.

#4. Personalized and customized gifts

Personalized and customized gifts are gaining popularity. According to Deloitte’s 2022 holiday retail survey, customers pulled back from buying non-gift items (-12%) to purchasing customized gifts and experiences (8%).

Hence, consider dropshipping products that can be personalized, such as custom-made jewelry, engraved gifts, or personalized photo albums. These items are not only thoughtful but also make for memorable presents.

 Personalized and customized gifts

An example for custom gifts

#5. Health and wellness products

The new year often brings resolutions for healthier living, making health and wellness products a hot commodity in Q4. With the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of health, many consumers are investing in fitness equipment, supplements, and wellness products.

However, be very selective toward the health and wellness products you will dropship. This is because many items in this category can pose potential threats to your customers’ health.

Therefore, we suggest dropshipping easy items like resistance bands and yoga mats instead of items like dietary supplements.

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Expected Changes in Q4 – What To Look Out For?

As failing to prepare is preparing to fail, to set up your dropshipping business for Q4 success, you must make some educated guesses about the anticipated changes ahead. This is to ensure you are fully prepared for whatever changes it is.

1. Increased eCommerce sales

As we discussed repeatedly in this article, with the ongoing shift towards online shopping, especially during the holiday season, you can anticipate a surge in e-commerce sales. This trend is expected to continue in Q4, making it a lucrative period for dropshippers like you.

2. Increased marketing costs

Cost and revenue usually go hand in hand. Thus, don’t be so excited about increasing your sales without keeping a good tab on your marketing costs. Increased marketing and advertising costs are predictable in Q4 when competition intensifies.

For instance, research indicates that during Q4, the cost of displaying your Facebook ad to 1000 people (CPM) can jump by over 30%. So, whatever strategy or tactic you have in mind, factor in the costs and expenses associated with that strategy or tactic.

3. Supply chain challenges

Supply chain challenges, such as delayed shipments and inventory shortages, have been prominent in recent years. These challenges can impact your dropshipping business in Q4.

To mitigate the risks, maintain open communication with your suppliers, consider diversifying your product sources, and be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.

4. Sustainable and ethical consumer preferences

Did you know that per NIQ analysis, a staggering 73% of customers claimed they are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce their negative impact on the environment?

Well, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability and ethical practices. So. in Q4, expect a demand for eco-friendly and socially responsible products.

Consider offering sustainable options within your product range, highlighting these features in your product listings to align with evolving consumer preferences and enhance your brand reputation.

5 Tips To Maximize Q4 Dropshipping Sales

#1. Mark and pay attention to your calendar

Time is money. Therefore, paying attention to your calendar is one of the best ways to boost your Q4 dropshipping profits.

Always check your calendar for important dates like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year’s. These are the times when folks are itching to buy stuff, and you should be ready.

But it’s not just about the big holidays. Keep an eye on other events too, like local festivals or special days in your niche. Use your calendar to plan your promotions and sales accordingly.

Also, don’t forget shipping deadlines! People want their gifts on time, so make sure you know when the last day to ship is for each holiday.

Mark and pay attention to holiday calendar for Q4 dropshipping

Pay close attention to your calendar so you won’t miss out on important milestones

#2. Run and optimize your ad campaigns

If you are not a big fish with strong branding yet, optimized ad campaigns are key to your dropshipping store’s success. Hence, when Q4 is rolling in, and customer demand keeps rising, you have even more reasons to invest more heavily in your paid advertising tactics.

Here are some practical tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Review your past data (if any): Look closely at your past ad performance. Identify what worked and what didn’t. Focus on the products and ads that brought in the most sales.
  • Target the right audience: Ensure your ads reach the most likely to buy your products. Use targeting options like age, location, interests, and behavior to narrow down your audience.
  • Keyword research: If you’re using search ads, research and choose relevant keywords. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords for the products you want to advertise.
  • Ad creatives: Create eye-catching and persuasive ad creatives. Use high-quality images and write compelling ad copy that highlights the benefits of your products.
  • A/B testing: Experiment with different ad variations to see which ones perform best. Test different headlines, images, and ad formats to optimize your campaigns.
  • Budget allocation: Allocate your budget wisely. Focus more on the products, campaigns, and channels that are driving you the most sales.
  • Monitor and adjust: Keep a close eye on your ad performance throughout Q4, such as Google Ads conversion tracking if you’re selling on Shopify. If you see an ad or product not performing well, adjust your bid or allocate your ad spending to products that are working.
  • Track ROI: Measure the return on investment for each ad campaign. Ensure that your ad spending is generating more revenue than it costs.

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#3. Offer irresistible discounts

Besides buying gifts for loved ones, shopping in Q4 is also about seizing sweet deals and grabbing big saves. Hence, discounts should be an inseparable strategy if you want to encourage your customers to purchase more.

Haven’t come up with any discount idea yet? Don’t worry! From our experience, here are the top 10 discount types that work well in Q4:

  • Flash Sales: Create limited-time offers, like “24-hour Flash Sale” with deep discounts. For instance, offer 50% off on selected electronics for a single day. This urgency compels customers to buy quickly.
  • Buy One, Get One (BOGO): Encourage bulk buying by offering a second item for free or at a reduced price. For instance, “Buy one winter coat, get a scarf 50% off.”
  • Holiday Bundles: Bundle related products together, offering a discount compared to buying them separately. For instance, package a camera, memory card, and case for 20% less.
  • Exclusive Email Discounts: Send exclusive discounts to your email subscribers. Use phrases like “Subscriber-Only 15% Off” to reward your loyal customers. (We’ll discuss email marketing below).
  • Abandoned Cart Discounts: Send reminders to customers who left items in their carts with a special discount to entice them to complete the purchase.
  • Tiered Discounts: Offer increasing discounts for larger orders. For instance, spend $50 and get 10% off, spend $100 and get 20% off.
  • Loyalty Programs: Reward repeat customers with loyalty points or discounts on future purchases. “Every 5th purchase gets 25% off.”
  • Seasonal Sales: Create discounts tailored to holidays or seasons, like “Back-to-School 15% Off” or “Halloween Special: 20% Off Costumes.”
product bundle

Offering your customers holiday bundles is a brilliant way to boost more Q4 dropshipping sales

#4. Diversify your traffic sources

Diversifying your traffic sources is a super-smart move to boost your Q4 dropshipping profits, and here’s why you should do it: If you rely on just one source of traffic, your dropshipping business might not flourish.

Now, let’s break it down. In Q4, people are shopping like crazy for the holidays. But if you rely solely on Facebook ads, for example, you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. If something goes wrong with that one source, your profits could take a nosedive.

That’s where diversifying comes in handy. Try mixing in Google Ads, Instagram influencers, or email marketing alongside your Facebook ads. This way, you reach more potential customers and spread the risk.

Plus, different traffic sources can bring in different types of customers. So, you can sell more products to a wider audience. Just remember to keep an eye on what’s working best and adjust your strategy accordingly.

#5. Leverage email marketing

Leveraging email marketing is a smart move to make the most of your Q4 dropshipping sales. It’s like having a direct line to your customers, and it can boost your sales during this crucial time of the year.

Here are some segments you might love to target through emails to ramp up your Q4 sales:

  • Existing customers: Send them emails with special offers or discounts to entice them back for more holiday shopping.
  • Abandoned carts: Remind those who left items in their carts to complete their purchase with a gentle nudge.
  • VIP customers: Reward your loyal customers with exclusive deals and early access to Q4 promotions. For instance, you can segment customers with the highest average order value and send them exclusive deals.
  • New subscribers: Welcome new subscribers with a warm email and introduce them to your Q4 deals.

Whatever segment you send your email to, make sure that every single email copy of yours is optimized for conversions and meets these criteria:

  • Compelling subject lines: Grab attention with catchy subject lines that make people want to open your emails.
  • Clear call to action: Tell people what you want them to do, whether it’s “Shop Now”, “Grab Your Discount,” or “Grab 50% Off Any Item”
  • Mobile-friendly design: With the mobile commerce trend becoming more and more popular, ensure your emails look great and load quickly on mobile devices.
  • Personalization: As personalization is a key factor in any impactful email marketing campaign, using customer names and recommending products based on your customers’ previous purchases will help you close deals better.
  • Test and learn: Experiment with different email content and timing to see what works best for your audience.
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Amped up to finish strong this Q4?

All in all, as we are all stepping into the last months of 2023, this is your last chance to round up your annual bottom line as this is the time of the year when 2 billion online shoppers are most willing to spend.

We hope after reading this article, you can know what you need to prepare, what kinds of products you should introduce, and the best tips to maximize your sales. Take your chance and aim for a robust dropshipping success!

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