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5 Excellent Types of Google Ads for Dropshipping

by OneCommerce

It is understandable why many companies are turning to dropshipping because warehouse space is at a premium. But there are specific challenges that come with this company strategy.

Dropshipping has a very low entry barrier and requires very little initial capital, therefore you will probably face a lot of competition.

Marketing methods that improve website traffic and generate sales must be a top priority for your companies if you want to compete in these congested markets.

How do you choose the best option for your dropshipping business when there are so many options available, like influencer-sponsored posts, SEO, Instagram stories, and Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is typically the go-to method to sell products in a dropshipping business because there is no one-size-fits-all advertising approach and where your buyers come from greatly depends on your niche.

Because of this, we will cover all you need to know in this blog article to develop effective Google Ads for dropshipping companies.

Let’s get started!

How effective are Google Ads for dropshipping?

How Google Ads for dropshipping will help you in this business?

How Google Ads for dropshipping will help you in this business?

A quick Google search is frequently conducted by people while they are seeking something to buy. The searcher will see both organic results and relevant adverts in those results.

Companies using sponsored advertising via Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords), a product from Google, place their paid ads on the search engine results page (SERP). PPC is a common abbreviation for this approach.

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a way to pay for advertisements on a click-by-click basis. PPC is a widely used strategy for online advertising. (Not to be confused with CPC, which refers to the cost per click within the Google Ads program.)

One of the most popular websites in the world, Google can reach up to 90% of its users with its ads. Google advertising converts 50% more effectively when compared to organic results. 

When a keyword with a buying purpose is included in the keywords, the number of ads that obtain clicks increases by more than 60%.

Millions of customers searching for items similar to yours can find your dropshipping store with the proper keywords!

How does Google Ads work?

As a paid-per-click (PPC) marketing channel, Google Ads is a platform for paid advertising where advertisers pay per click or impression (CPM) on an ad.

Google Ads provide a powerful tool to attract qualified visitors (consumers who are looking for goods or services similar to yours) to your company.

With Google Ads, you can connect with potential customers. Because they are browsing and looking to buy or learn more about products similar to yours, you may target people who have already indicated that they intend to make a purchase.

All businesses that want to rank on Google for particular keywords need to create ads and bids on keywords. A live bidding auction occurs after a user completes a Google search. The ads that win this auction are shown to the user. Depending on your targeting, bidding strategy, and quality score, your ad will either succeed or fail.

If your advertising is approved, all of those elements will influence where and when your ads are displayed.

Types of Google Ads & their benefits for dropshipping

Google Ads offers five kinds of ads:

  • Search
  • Display Network
  • Video (YouTube)
  • Shopping
  • Universal Apps 

Each has a distinct function. You’ll comprehend everything by the end of this post and be aware of what to do with your newly acquired information, so don’t worry!

Search ads: attract shoppers who are searching for your products 

search ads

On Google search engine result pages, search adverts are text-based and show up both before and after organic results (SERPs).

The best use of this strategy is to reach out to prospective consumers who are actively looking for the things you sell.

With search ads, exposure is what you are paying for. Other results are displayed on the page in accordance with organic SEO ranking. 

When a consumer searches for an iPhone case and your dropshipping company sells them, your adverts will automatically show above or below the organic results (depending on your bid price). 

You may make sure your products appear on particular search queries by purchasing an advertisement.

Display ads: generate initial interest in your products

display ads

Display ads and their network are unrelated to search queries, unlike search advertising. Display advertising has images and is displayed throughout a display network based on your chosen criteria.

Best used for: increasing brand awareness.  

Even if a person is not specifically shopping for one of your products, they could be persuaded by an incredible idea or a freebie and enter your sales funnel.

Display advertisements are a great option for new dropshipping businesses that market specialty goods. You can connect with users who aren’t yet actively searching for your products on Google. 

However, they can be intrigued by your attractive offer and discover you in this way.

Shopping Ads: get shoppers ready to buy


Google Shopping Ads target individuals who are in the consideration stage of the consumer journey and appear above search results.

Google Shopping Advertising does not, however, allow you to directly target terms as search ads can. Instead, these ads use the product information from your Google Merchant Center (name, description, and other values) to select the most appropriate locations for your ads.

The appeal of these Google Ads is in how they are presented; they can include graphics and specific information about your products in the SERP (search engine results page)!

It works well for generating qualified leads.

If you are conducting a limited-time discount, Google Shopping Ads are especially useful for dropshipping stores because you can advertise it immediately in the SERP. These advertisements give a concise and comprehensive description of the features of your products, such as shipping, special offers, pictures, or extras.

With these kinds of advertisements, you can help your target market determine whether your product is a suitable fit for them even before they click on your ad. This indicates that customers are more likely to make a purchase when they visit your store.

In order to run Google Shopping advertisements, you must link your store’s product feed to the Google Merchant Center, choose your spending limit, and select your country of distribution. The rest of the process is automatic.

Video ads: get leads with engaging format & demographic targeting

Video ads can be one of the Google Ads for dropshipping with great engagement

Video ads can be one of the Google Ads for dropshipping with great engagement

With more than 2 billion viewers globally, YouTube is an unrivaled video platform and an excellent location to expose your brand to your target market. In the YouTube search results and before, during, or after YouTube videos, Google Ads inserts its video advertisements.

Best used for: getting your product in front of a relevant audience.

You can target your desired consumers with video advertising based on age, gender, and interests.

In-stream video advertisements include a 5-second countdown after which viewers must watch the entire ad or navigate to the video they planned to watch. In either case, you have ample time to communicate your point effectively.

Universal App ads: increase app installs


The Google network provides appropriate ways for mobile app developers to connect with their target audience through universal app adverts. Google Ads arranges your ad copy and image for display for your target audience after you upload them.

The best use is to increase the number of users that enter your app’s sales funnel.

With the help of universal app campaigns, Google’s network may be easily advertised, sending users to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, the procedure takes more thought than merely choosing to participate in Google App Campaigns.

There are five options for UACs. Each one targets one of the following:  

  • Installs 
  • Installs (advanced) 
  • Action 
  • Value
  • Re-engagement 

All these options come with unique specifications for implementation, optimization, and migration. Each of them was created with a certain portion of your app’s marketing funnel in mind.

Universal App advertisements won’t be helpful to you if your dropshipping business doesn’t have an app.

How to effectively use Google Ads for dropshipping

You’ll need a strong and effective Google Ads budgeting and ad creation strategy if you want to beat your opponents. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Double-check the basics. For example, see if your Google Ads is correctly connected to your store and you can track your sales.
  • Build your keyword lists gradually. Narrow your focus by testing a few keywords, then gradually scale your budget and the keywords you’re targeting.
  • Polish your landing pages. Your work doesn’t end with Google Ads. You also need to create unique pages corresponding to different campaigns and their keywords. Don’t forget to A/B test elements such as images or call-to-action buttons.
  • Use Remarketing. Bring back potential customers who visited your store but didn’t make a purchase. They’re already familiar with your store and may only need one more push.
  • Keep up with Google Ads updates. Google favors those who embrace its new rollouts. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest news about Google Ads, adjust your ads accordingly, and beat your competition!


Google Ads for dropshipping is important for your business since it can boost your sales along with reaching more potential customers.

Hopefully, through this article, you can gain more knowledge about how Google Ads impact your dropshipping company. We introduced to you 5 interesting types of Google Ads which can assist you in selling your products. Good luck!

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