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9+ Amazing Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

by Amelia Pahm
9+ Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

How can you make a splash with Black Friday campaigns this year?

Among the busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday stands out. However, the total amount spent online in 2021 is $8.9 billion, a 1.3% decrease from $9 billion in 2020, according to Adobe Analytics’ report data. The spread of COVID-19 impacted Black Friday sales.

The situation has significantly improved this year, predicting that Black Friday 2023 will be a shopping frenzy.

So, we have compiled a list of the top campaigns so you may gain ideas for your Black Friday marketing strategy.

Best creative Black Friday campaigns that drive results

Brands are constantly surprising us with new ideas, making it difficult to choose our favorite campaigns. However, we’ve narrowed it down to 7 of the top choices that won’t take much time or effort to execute for your Black Friday campaigns.

IKEA – #BuybackFriday

During the #BuybackFriday campaign, customers can return used furniture and get a credit voucher worth up to 50% of the item’s original price.

The Ingka Group buys back IKEA furniture from customers to promote the brand and grow its circular service. 

Black Friday Campaigns IKEA

The campaign also contributes to IKEA’s environmental commitment. IKEA aims to be environmentally friendly and upbeat by 2030, with all goods created from recycled or renewable materials.

The BuybackFriday campaign results in increased brand value and improved conversions.

Here’s a big gamble to try out for your Black Friday campaigns if your product or business objective is related to the environment.

Bath & Body Works – This flash is too good

Keep an eye on Bath & Body Works’ promotions if you want to create unique Black Friday campaigns for your store. 

Bath & Body Works reached customers by hiding its promotion. Customers only knew when and where the sale would take place. They bank on customers’ FOMO (fear of missing out) and use it to get them to click on ads.

Black Friday campaigns

Furthermore, Bath & Body had another strategy of limiting orders and urging customers not to overspend. It gave them a desire to buy more things from this brand.

Pro tips: Although developing a FOMO program is challenging, the results can encourage customers to complete their purchases. When you use the Promotion Bar or Countdown Timer features of OneUpSell, you can quickly and easily spark a fever of sales.

McDonald’s – BTS meal

In 2021, the BTS meal of McDonald’s became available in 49 countries. The fast food king has promoted its products with the BTS band’s name and image. McDonald’s desired to draw in the most successful K-pop group’s global fan base, and it did successfully.

9+ Booming Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

They did not create a new meal to attract BTS fans. Instead, they improved existing foods with exclusive BTS packaging and diversified the menu.

Those who aren’t big fans of BTS will love McDonald’s special limited-edition sauce for the McNugget.

McDonald’s achievement in acquiring a massive BTS fan base and creating global excitement demonstrates the power of influencer marketing.

While working with a famous band like BTS would blow the budget for your Black Friday campaigns, there are plenty of alternative influencers who will be a better fit for your business and budget.

Scout & Co – Single-brand flash sale

In a wave of Black Friday sales emails, Scout & Co will reveal how to make your email marketing stand out.

Instead of trying to reach out to everyone, focus on serving a specific niche in the market. In a recent promotion, Scout & Co decided to provide a flash sale for the Mini Rodini brand.

Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

Scout & Co know that their customers are interested in the Mini Rodini brand of children’s clothes. That, together with limited-time sales activities, helps customers make snap decisions.

For this year’s Black Friday campaigns, you can target niche products and brands that attract a lot of attention to driving sales.

You can build a flash sale landing page and send an email to the customer as part of the customer outreach funnel. They will be directed to your stunning flash sale landing page when they click the button in the email.

OneUpSell helps you make a landing page quickly and easily without coding skills. You can use the platform’s already-made templates and customize everything to fit your brand.

Bobbi Brown – Your choice, our treat

Bobbi Brown, one of the most successful beauty brands, regularly offers eye-popping Black Friday campaigns. In 2021, they designed 3 packages of Black Friday deals to boost sales.

Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

In addition to offering flash deals, they send gifts to customers with qualifying bills. The combination gives people the impression that they could get many of their favorite things at low prices.

Bobbi Brown provides multiple promotion options for customers to fulfill their needs. With many alternatives daily, cosmetics shopping is always needed, particularly for female customers.

Banana Republic – Black Friday video ad

Banana Republic created a soothing Black Friday video ad in 2020, promoting a 50% discount on all items. Many people have bought online because the content of the video makes them feel better during social distance.

Banana Republic – Black Friday video adThis year, Banana Republic created a discount program for each product category to encourage more customers to visit the store to try products. For instance, up to 43% off men’s denim collection, handbags & totes as low as $160, or up to 55% off women’s shoes.

Many fashionistas await Black Friday sales to stock up on clothes. So, if you provide your customers with bulk discounts, they will be satisfied because they have multiple options at a reasonable cost.

Canva – Online marketing SEO

Canva is an online design platform that helps customers design everything from logos to presentations and social media postings. It has over 75 million monthly active users and is likely to generate more than $1 billion in revenue this year, making it the most valuable software company today.

Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

In 2020, Canva implemented several digital advertising tactics to attract new customers. Search engine optimization (SEO) helped Canva rank in the top 10 results for more than 700,000 keywords. It resulted in 23 million unpaid visitors from search engines.

By 2023, Canva ranked in the top 10 for over 1.2 million keywords and received almost 80 million organic monthly visits.

Canva’s traffic grew by 248.51% after implementing SEO. 

Therefore, if you want more people to visit your website or acquire access to your Black Friday campaign, you should take the next step. Let’s start optimizing SEO right now.

Best Black Friday social media campaigns


Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

Skyscanner is an ideal example of utilizing a paid search engine marketing (SEM) service to make your Black Friday campaigns more visible in search engine results.

When a person clicks on a Skyscanner ad, they are directed to a landing page that matches their search. 

Clearly, SEM can drive traffic to your Black Friday OneUpSell flash sale landing page. It’s a breeze to look into promotions and make a buy.


Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your Inspiration

Stackla reports that 55% of customers have bought a product after viewing it on social media. In particular, Facebook paid advertising is a fantastic way to skyrocket sales during Black Friday.

As a result, Airbnb has heavily utilized user-generated content to market and promote its Facebook-sponsored posts.

During the holidays, Facebook advertising almost always leads to a spike in sales volume.


Black Friday Campaigns To Fuel Your InspirationWalmart was the game-changer for the other giants. Walmart created Black Friday campaigns using TikTok filters called #UnwrapTheDeals to convey discount offer information.

With 5.5 billion views, the campaign not only increased awareness of Walmart’s Black Friday campaigns but also broke a new record for traffic for a digital sales event. That’s amazing!

Walmart is also a finalist in the Retail & eCommerce and a winner in Filter/Lens categories.

Get your Black Friday campaigns ready

There are numerous strategies to design your Black Friday campaigns and ways to maximize their exposure.

Mixing up your marketing strategies by offering flash sales, freebies, or discount codes through social media is a great way to boost sales.

No matter what strategy you choose for your Black Friday, always consider your target audience, available budget, and the timeline for putting it into action.

What Black Friday campaigns did you notice most? Post your thoughts below!

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