Our Story

On a gloomy Friday in 2016, a team of aspirational entrepreneurs set out to make it big in the eCommerce world. We generated a good deal of traffic but still couldn’t make a profit after months of trying. In hindsight, getting an online store up and running was the easy part. The truly hard part was converting visitors to customers and keeping them for life. We did focus on boosting sales and enhancing customer experience, yet having customers around the globe also meant an uphill struggle to handle manually.

“Are there some ways we can make online selling simpler, more effective and automated?” we asked ourselves. The answer took us the next 7 years to work on, one e-com aspect after another. Over 13 tools have been born to power the entire customer journey, maximizing sales and saving merchants tons of time and effort.

“Excellent technological expertise fused with a strong business mindset, the end result is fascinating.”

What we’ve done

From a small team of 5, today we’ve grown into a leading tech company with over 200 talented employees. By 2022, we’ve gained the trust and satisfaction of the most sophisticated clients all over the world, spanning across the top platforms of the eCommerce industry.

Still an authentic Vietnamese team with growth in mind and innovation at heart.


merchants globally


Shopify app installs


positive reviews

  • 2022

    Launch OneCommerce, the leading eCommerce Solution Platform

    Launch OnePixel, OneSection, SubBox

  • 2021

    Transcy ranks #2 Translation app and #3 Currency app on Shopify

    Transcy gets featured in Shopify Global Staff Picks, Shopify Staff Picks Japan and SEA countries

    Ali Reviews gets featured in Shopify Staff Picks France and India

    FeedHub gets featured in Shopify Staff Picks Hongkong

    Flowio gets featured in Shopify App Challenge

    Launch Flowio, OneUpSell

  • 2020

    Ali Reviews gets featured in Shopify Staff Picks China

    Messent gets featured in Shopify Global Staff Picks and Shopify Staff Picks India

    Launch Transcy, Messent, Socialreply, Socialwidget, FeedHub, Socialpublish, Swift

    Launch Socialhead’s WooCommerce plugin

    Socialhead becomes Facebook’s Marketing Partner

  • 2019

    Ali Reviews ranks #2 Review app on Shopify

  • 2018

    Ali Reviews community reaches 10,000 users

    FireApps is shortlisted as one of Top 30 leading developers

  • 2017

    Launch our first app: Ali Reviews

    Launch Sales Box

  • 2016

    Work on our very first ideas about Shopify apps

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