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Shopify Embedded App: What It Is, Pros & Cons [+5 Examples]

by Amelia Pahm
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Looking to expand your Shopify store’s functionality? Shopify embedded app might be what you need!

A Shopify embedded app is a third-party application that integrates into your Shopify admin and enhances your store’s features, improve its performance, and streamline your workflow.

However, before you start, take some time to explore what a Shopify embedded app is, its pros and cons, and as a bonus, 5 recommendations to get you started.

Let’s discover how embedded apps can take your Shopify store to the next level. Scroll on!

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What Is Shopify Embedded App?

Shopify embedded app is a third-party application that is designed to seamlessly integrate into your Shopify admin dashboard. This integration allows you to access the app’s features and functionality without leaving the Shopify.

On the Shopify App Store, there are two types of applications available: embedded apps and standalone apps. But what exactly are they, and how do they differ?

Fortunately, the answer is relatively straightforward: The main distinction between a Shopify embedded app and a standalone app lies in where their user interfaces are located.

In contrast to standalone Shopify apps that operate on external websites (which is why they’re called “Shopify web apps”), embedded apps function within the Shopify admin panel.

Now, the decision on which type is better depends on various factors. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of using the Shopify embedded app for your online store.

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Pros & Cons of Shopify Embedded App

Though Shopify embedded apps are more convenient for merchants to use and navigate around, embedded apps still have some certain drawbacks compared to standalone ones.

Here are all the pros and cons of a Shopify embedded app we have wrapped up:

Pros of Shopify embedded app

  • Improved user experience:  Embedded apps in Shopify allow merchants to access them without leaving the admin dashboard, improving user experience and store management.
  • Faster development and publishing: Embedded apps are built using the Shopify App Bridge, which provides a set of standard UI components and APIs. This can speed up the development process and make it easier to publish apps.
  • Enhanced security: Embedded apps are subject to Shopify’s security standards, which can help to protect merchants’ data.
  • Better rankings: Shopify hasn’t publicly announced anything related to rankings for embedded apps. But from our observations, embedded apps tend to have better search engine rankings than standalone ones.

Cons of Shopify embedded app

  • Increased reliance on Shopify: Embedded apps are hosted by Shopify, so merchants are reliant on Shopify for uptime and performance. If there is a problem with the Shopify platform, it can also affect the embedded app.
  • Limited customization: Embedded apps are more limited in terms of customization than standalone apps. Merchants cannot change the look and feel of the app, and they have less control over the features that are available.
  • Higher fees: Shopify charges a higher fee for embedded apps than for standalone apps.

Pros & Cons recap

Pros Cons
For merchants
  • Improved user experience
  • none
For app developers
  • Faster development and publishing
  • Better rankings
  • Higher fees
For both
  • Enhanced security
  • Limited customization
  • Increased reliance on Shopify

How To Make Shopify Embedded App Load Faster?

If you want to boost your app loading speed, here are some of our trust-and-tried tips:

  • Use App Bridge authentication. App Bridge authentication is a new method of authenticating embedded apps that is significantly faster and more reliable than the previous method. To use App Bridge authentication, you must update your app to the latest Shopify App Bridge SDK version.
  • Minify and gzip your JavaScript and CSS files. Minimizing and gzipping your JavaScript and CSS files can significantly reduce their size. This can improve the loading speed of your app, especially for users with slower internet connections.
  • Use lazy loading for images. Lazy loading is a technique that defers the loading of images until they are visible on the screen. This can help improve your app’s loading speed, especially for pages with many images.
  • Avoid using large images. Large images can slow down the loading speed of your app. If you need to use large images,  remember to optimize them for the web by reducing their file size.
  • Use a CDN. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers that can deliver your app’s files to users from a location close to them. This can improve the loading speed of your app for users all over the world.
  • Test your app on different devices and browsers. Make sure your app loads quickly on other devices and browsers. You can use a tool like Google Lighthouse to test your app’s performance.

5 Must-Have Shopify Embedded Apps To X3 Profits

Here is a list of the top Shopify embedded apps that hit all the right notes– ease of use, lightning loading speed, and, most importantly, robust features to amplify your sales effort.

#1. Transcy – Real-time currency conversion & Auto-translation

Ratings: 4.9/5 ⭐ | 5,200+ reviews

Pricing: Free plan available | $11.90/month – $59.90/month

Transcy - shopify embedded app

Highlight features of Transcy:

  • Translate your store effortlessly into any language and implement real-time currency converters to drive worldwide sales.
  • Enjoy unlimited word translations powered by AI, making your store content resonate with local customers.
  • Transcy goes beyond the text, seamlessly translating images to bridge the language gap and enhance customer engagement.
  • Choose manual, AI, or Expert translation to cater to your unique store needs, while the customizable language and currency switcher with auto-detect simplify the shopping experience.
  • Benefit from multi-currency conversion based on real-time exchange rates, ensuring transparent and accurate transactions.

#2. Ali Reviews – All-rounder review solution

Ratings: 4.9/5 ⭐ | 13,300+ reviews

Pricing: Free plan available | $9.90/month – $49.90/month

Ali Reviews - shopify embedded app

Highlight features of Ali Reviews:

  • Boost your credibility and revenue with product reviews. Easily collect, organize, and display reviews in one app.
  • Automate review requests via email and SMS, generating a consistent flow of valuable user-generated content.
  • Showcase reviews on crucial pages using eye-catching widgets without compromising site speed.
  • Display star ratings on Google Shopping, along with review-rich snippets, attracting more traffic to your site and ultimately driving sales growth.
  • Deploy multilingual review widgets on any page, bolstering customer assurance. Leverage pre-designed templates to auto-collect reviews and images via email and SMS.

#3. FeedHub – Multichannel product feed solution

Ratings: 4.9/5 ⭐ | 600+ reviews

Pricing: Free plan available | $9.90/month – $49.90/month

FeedHub sync product to google shopping facebook tiktop shop

Highlight features of TrueProfit:

  • Seamlessly sync and automate Google Shopping, Facebook, and TikTok product feeds for hassle-free management.
  • Elevate your listings with error-free, refined titles, descriptions, and images tailored for optimal advertising and sales.
  • Expand your market reach with localized product feeds in various languages and currencies, targeting diverse audiences.
  • Customize your feeds effortlessly by filtering products using rules based on collections or variants.
  • Keep your feeds up-to-date across all channels with automatic adjustments reflecting any changes made in your store.

#4. OneMobile – E-commerce app builder

Ratings: 4.6/5 ⭐ | 100+ installs

Pricing: Free plan available | $29/month – $99/month

OneMobile - shopify embedded app

Highlight features of OneMobile:

  • Craft your iOS & Android app in 30 minutes with our Mobile App Builder, tapping into full sales potential.
  • Choose from top-industry themes and customize extensively for a unique brand identity.
  • Sales Amplification: Utilize countdown timers, announcement bars & endless push notifications for enhanced sales.
  • Integrate analytics, and marketing tools seamlessly for a comprehensive mobile app experience.
  • OneMobile team provides free app submission support to help merchants publish their mobile apps to App Store and Google Play Store without technical difficulties

#5. PageFlyCustomizable landing pages

Ratings: 4.9/5 ⭐ | 8,100+ reviews

Pricing: Free plan available | $24/month – $199/month (Additional charges apply per exceeding published page)

PageFly - shopify embedded app

Highlight features of PageFly:

  • Craft captivating web pages without coding. Customize visuals and functionality effortlessly to boost conversions.
  • Bring ideas to life with an array of elements. Ideal for beginners, growing merchants, and expert agencies.
  • Create SEO-friendly pages without compromising speed.
  • Enhance Shopify themes flexibly for a unique touch.
  • Enjoy mobile and tablet compatibility with tailored customization for each screen size.

Shopify Embedded App FAQs

1. What is an embedded app on Shopify?

An embedded app on Shopify is an app that is integrated into the Shopify admin dashboard.

This means that merchants can access the app without having to switch to a separate website. Embedded apps are a great way to provide merchants with additional functionality and features without having to leave the Shopify platform.

2. Can you integrate Shopify into an app?

Yes, you can integrate Shopify into an app. This is done by using the Shopify API. Shopify API allows you to access data from your Shopify store, such as products, customers, and orders. You can then use this data to build your app.

3 . Where is the app embedded on Shopify?

App embed is located in the Theme Settings section of the Shopify admin dashboard. To find it, go to Online Store > Themes > Edit > Theme Settings > App embeds.

4. How do I embed an app in Shopify admin?

Follow the steps below to embed your app in Shopify admin:

  • From your Shopify partner dashboard, click Apps
  • Find your app name, and click App Setup.
  • Navigate to the Embedded app section, and hit Manage.
  • On the Embed your app in the Shopify admin section, click the Enable button.

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Final words

All in all, a Shopify embedded app is an app that can be used and accessed right within the Shopify admin dashboard, allowing merchants to use the app more conveniently compared to standalone applications.

We hope after reading this article, you can get a better understanding of what a Shopify embedded app is, its pros & cons, how to supercharge your app’s page speed, and more!

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