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How To Change Currency On Shopify: Best Practices [2023]

by Amelia Pahm
How To Change Currency On Shopify: Best Practices For 2023 - OneCommerce

Did you know changing your Shopify store currency can have a significant impact on your business?

By displaying your product prices in the local currency, you can provide a more personalized shopping experience for your customers and create a sense of familiarity and trust.

So, how to change currency on Shopify? Let OneCommerce take you through the ultimate guide and practices for 2023 with today’s article.

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When Should You Change Your Shopify Store Currency?

Before diving into how to change currency on Shopify, keep in mind that changing your store’s currency may have an impact on your search engine rankings and SEO efforts.

Search engines may perceive the change as a new website or business. Therefore it’s important to know when should you decide to customize your Shopify store pricing.

Here are some purposes to consider:

  • To cater to customers in different regions or countries
  • To increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction for global customers
  • To avoid currency exchange fees for customers
  • To ensure smooth payment processing
  • To remain competitive in the local market
  • To comply with accounting standards and avoid any financial issues
  • To communicate clear pricing to customers in their local currency
  • When your payment gateway doesn’t support your current currency or if you’re experiencing payment processing issues

Once you determine the reason, the rest of the way is to learn how to change currency on Shopify.

💡 Reminder:

  • Changing your store’s currency can impact your search engine rankings and SEO efforts.
  • It can also influence your financial reporting and accounting.
  • Remember to consider exchange rate fluctuations and how they may affect your business.
  • Communicate any changes to your customers and keep them informed of the new currency and pricing.

shopify free trialHow to Change Currency on Shopify? (Manually)

Before starting the process, double-check whether you’ve added currency to your store. We have the full instruction on how to set up Shopify store currency.

1. How to Change Currency on Shopify: Store Currency

The currency in your Shopify admin is the same as your store currency. It is used in your reports and the one in which you set the pricing of your goods.

To change your Shopify store currency:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings → choose Store details from your Shopify admin.
How to change currency on Shopify - Shopify Store Details

Shopify Store Details

  • Step 2: Choose your new currency from the list in the Store currency section.
How to change currency on Shopify - Shopify Store Currencies

Shopify Store Currencies

  • Step 3: Save to finalize the changes.

  • After your first sale, the currency is locked in and can’t be changed. You will need to contact Shopify support for help in advance.
  • If you run into a problem, remember to ask Shopify experts for support.
  • If you are using Shopify Payments, you can also sell in multiple currencies.

2. How to Change Currency on Shopify: Currency Formatting

Shopify allows you to customize the currency symbol, decimal separator, and thousands separator for each currency in your store.

To change your Shopify store currency display format:

  • Step 1: Simply visit Store Currency in the Store Details section.
How to change currency on Shopify - Shopify Store Currencies Change Formatting

Access Change formatting from Shopify Currency

  • Step 2: Click Change Formatting and you’ll see the Currency Formatting section expanded out.
How to change currency on Shopify -Change Shopify Store Currency Formatting

Change Shopify store currency formatting

  • Step 3: You can choose whether to display prices with or without decimals, and whether to show the currency symbol before or after the price.
Currency Format Rounded Example
{{amount}} 3,999.99
{{amount_no_decimals}} 3,000
{{amount_with_comma_separator}} 3.999,99
{{amount_no_decimals_with_comma_separator}} 3,000
{{amount_with_apostrophe_separator}} 3’999.99

In addition to the variable, you can use any custom currency symbol or text and place it before or after the variable as desired.

For example: ${{amount}} USD = $3,999,99 USD

3. How to Change Currency on Shopify: Payout Currency

Payout currency in Shopify refers to the currency in which you will receive your payments for all orders and settlements from Shopify.

This currency is typically set based on the location of the merchant’s bank account and can be changed under the Payouts section in the Payment Providers settings.

❗You can also set the payout in multiple currencies if your store location supports it. However, you must have separate bank accounts.

For example: If your store locates in Australia but you want to be paid in USD, you will need a USD account that is based in Australia.

To change payout currency on Shopify, go to Store Admin → Payments → Banking information.

Shopify Payments support the following country and currency pairings:

Store location Available payout currency (bank account currency)
Australia Australian dollars (AUD)
Austria Euros (EUR)
Belgium Euros (EUR)
Canada Canadian dollars (CAD) or United States dollars (USD)
Czechia Czech Koruna (CZK) or Euros (EUR)
Denmark Krone (DKK) or Euros (EUR)
Finland Euros (EUR)
France Euros (EUR)
Germany Euros (EUR)
Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong dollars (HKD)
Ireland Euros (EUR)
Italy Euros (EUR)
Japan Japanese Yen (JPY)
Netherlands Euros (EUR)
New Zealand New Zealand dollars (NZD)
Portugal Euros (EUR)
Romania Romanian Leu (RON) or Euros (EUR)
Singapore Singapore dollars (SGD)
Spain Euros (EUR)
Sweden Swedish Krona (SEK) or Euros (EUR)
Switzerland Swiss Franc (CHF) or Euros (EUR)
United Kingdom Pound sterling (GBP)
United States Dollar (USD)

4. How to Change Currency on Shopify: Billing Currency

Billing currency is the currency in which merchants are charged for their Shopify subscription and any additional fees, such as transaction fees or app fees.

❗The billing currency cannot be changed and will be set as USD by default.

💡 According to the Shopify Help Center, if you’re located in an eligible country or region, you can change your billing currency.

This includes the United Kingdom, India, and the 19 European countries where the Euro is the local currency.

Changes to your billing currency are applied on your next billing cycle. 

  • Any outstanding charges are billed in your original currency
  • Any remaining credits are converted to your new currency.

If you’re currently located in the mentioned regions, here are the steps to change your billing currency on Shopify:

  • Step 1: From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Billing.
How to change currency on Shopify - Change Shopify Store Billing Currency

Navigate to Billing currency from the Billing tab

  • Step 2: In the Payment Methods section, above Billing currency, click the “…” button > Change billing currency.

    How To Change Currency On Shopify - Access Billing Currency

    Locate the … button to access Billing currency settings

  • Step 3: Select your new billing currency from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4: Click Save.

shopify free trial

How to Change Currency on Shopify (with Transcy)

If learning how to change currency on Shopify may occur you difficulty, third-party apps might be your hero to save the day. Shopify App Store offers various currency converters on the market.

⭐ Among all the options, Transcy stands out as one of the best applications.

Transcy is a leading Shopify translation app that allows you to effortlessly translate your store into 111+ languages and 166+ currencies, expanding your reach to global audiences.

With its advanced currency converter feature, Transcy makes it easy for you to display prices in your customers’ local currencies and increase global conversions.

The app is easy to install and comes with a free trial period. We also published a video on how to add currency to Shopify store using Transcy that you will definitely love:

play btn

If you prefer to read, here are the easy steps that you can take to change currency on Shopify using Transcy:

  • Step 1: Install Transcy from the Shopify App Store via this link.
Install Transcy from Shopify App Store

Install Transcy from Shopify App Store

  • Step 2: From your Shopify admin, go to the Transcy app dashboard > Currency section > Click Add Currency.
Transcy Add Currency

Select Add Currency in the Transcy dashboard

  • Step 3: Select the new currency you need and then click Add.
Add target currency in Transcy

Select target currency and click Add

❗Before going to the next step, add the language switcher to your store by going to the Transcy app dashboard and selecting Language Switcher from the menu.

  • Step 4: Turn on your new currency to publish it on the Language Switcher.
Publish the currency to display on Language switcher

Publish the currency to display on the Language switcher

In addition to currency conversion, Transcy also includes features like language detection, language switcher, and multi-currency support to help you provide a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

031122 Transcy CTA Block

Expand your store to global market with Transcy

Change your Shopify store into 166+ currencies without breaking a sweat! Get Transcy Free

Final Thoughts

In today’s global market, providing a localized shopping experience for your customers is essential. This includes offering multiple currencies in your store to cater to customers from different regions.

Therefore, learning how to change currency on Shopify is an advanced skill for business owners.

Shopify currency converter apps like Transcy can help you achieve this goal by allowing you to translate your store into multiple languages and currencies.

As usual, stay up-to-date with eCommerce news and insights on OneCommerce Blog!

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