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Blind Dropshipping and Everything You Need to Know

by OneCommerce
Blind Dropshpping

Along with the development of e-commerce sites, Blind Dropshipping offers a solution for SMEs or individual who wants to sell products on E-commerce platforms in a risk-free opportunity. 

In the next part, we are going to learn what exactly Blind Dropshipping is, and how it helps you to gain profit without any risks. Moreover, we are also going through the pros and cons of this model, things you need to know, and the initial steps to set up a brand new Blind Dropshipping store. 

Definition of Blind Dropshipping

Blind Dropshipping

Blind Dropshipping

Blind Dropshipping is a well-known method for its privacy and convenience. Moreover, it is an activity in which you receive the order from customers, and transfer it to a third-party firm. They will handle all the necessary parts and directly deliver that product to your customers and there will be no information related to that third-party firm left on the final products.

Dropshipping and Blind Dropshipping: What’s the difference

In general, the two models are similar but not identical. From both models, you will handle all the activities to third-party units and you just receive the final profit

The sole difference is the customers of the Blind Dropshipping model will not know about the origin of the product but the customers of Dropshipping do.

Why should you use Blind Dropshipping?

You might be wondering: why should I use Blind Dropshipping instead of Dropshipping although they two are similar. Here is the answer

Imagine that the cost you paid for the product is much smaller than your customer does, says 3$ compared to 10$. What will happen if they find out that fact? They will be upset and tag your business as untrustworthy. How would you deal with it? Blind Dropshipping can help you

Why is Blind Dropshipping

Why is Blind Dropshipping

Even though people tend to seek a product that costs a lower price, they will not care about the price difference – unless they are aware of it. 

Blind Dropshipping will not reveal the identity or any information related to them. Therefore, you can feel assured that your customers cannot trace the origin or real price of your products. Thus, your store can normally operate and won’t be involved in any disputes or complaints from furious customers. 

Blind Dropshipping: Pros & Cons

Blind Dropshipping: Pros & Cons

Blind Dropshipping: Pros & Cons


  • Your business can prevent your suppliers and customers from having direct contact with each other. 
  • It is a risk-free opportunity for your business when you do not have to handle all the processes to produce a product such as manufacturing, hiring employees… It will help you save a bunch of costs and still gain profit in the end. 
  • Your brand still can gain more loyal customers when the dropshippers will send the product on your behalf. Thus, the customers will keep purchasing products from your brand.
  • Credible distributors can offer you a higher speedy delivery to your customers meanwhile SMEs cannot. The faster transit time will be an advantage for your business compared to other competitors


  • Because the transaction between your firm and customers can take place domestically or internationally. The shipping fee would be very high if the third-party firm is in an international nation (mainly China). Thus, it leads to the Cart abandonment and low sale conversions
  • If you can order products from a third-party firm, your rivals can do the same thing. It means you have to work hard on the marketing strategy, find out the unique point of your brand and become outstanding from your rivals even your and your rival’s products are coming from the same place. 

How to set up a Blind Dropshipping store

How to set up a Blind Dropshipping store

How to set up a Blind Dropshipping store

There are numerous E-commerce sites such as Shopify that provide this feature. On these websites, you can freely get access to various kinds of product lines and suppliers. Your job is to establish your own store, find a trustworthy partner, fulfill products and run advertising campaigns for these products. 

The crucial thing you need to do first is to contact your supplier and ask them to blindly dropship the products. 

There are four initial steps 

  • Step 1: Find the credible suppliers and put their product lines in your store
  • Step 2: Receive orders from your customers and transfer them to the supplier
  • Step 3: They will prepare the order
  • Step 4: They will directly send it to your customers

Once you have done all of these, Congratulations, you have just established a store of your own. 

Bottom line

You have just gone through all the necessary information on Blind Dropshipping, and the steps to set up a blind dropshipping store. In order to be successful in this model, the most crucial part is your marketing plan. You can consider different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok to get the maximum leads from these platforms. 

I hope you found all the relevant information before deciding whether should you choose blind dropshipping or dropshipping models. 

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