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Upgrade Your Store with WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

by OneCommerce
WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator - Onecommerce

Being able to interact directly and personalize products greatly influences a buyer’s purchase decision when shopping online. With WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator, you will bring the best experience to your customers and help them choose the most suitable products.

What is WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator?

If you enjoy shopping online regularly, you may have visited or experienced some e-commerce websites that allow customers to customize the color and size of products to match their preferences. That is an example of the 3D Product Configurator. 

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurators are plugins that help customers interact and customize products to meet their needs when purchasing online. 

With 3D Product Configurators, you can change color, size, drag and drop, zoom or rotate a 3D product model to see this item from multiple viewpoints. It provides customers with a more detailed perspective of complex products. 

As a famous e-commerce platform, WooCommerce always wants to give customers the best experience. Including the feature of using the 3D Product Configurator to help buyers choose the most suitable product. 

Now, store owners can take advantage of this feature by installing the 3D Product Configurator plugin on their WooCommerce webshops. 

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator Example

This is an example of WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator when changing the floor’s color, adjusting the angle, and adding seats to a sofa. 

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator will help you build trust with your customers and give you a competitive advantage against many competitors in the same industry.

Why you should use WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator has a great influence on customers’ purchasing decisions. It helps your brands offer the right products that meet their needs and increase sales. Let’s take a look at the lots of advantages that a 3D Product Configurator can provide for your business. 

  • Improve customer experience

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator boosts customers’ interaction by allowing them to complete and check their adjustments on products. They will have good experiences when shopping on your website because they can visualize and personalize their favorite items easily. 

  • Increase conversion and retention rates 

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator – Onecommerce

According to 66% of online shoppers, 3D and virtual graphics on product pages enhance confidence in what they are buying. 

Everyone enjoys buying and creating unique products that match their preferences. Therefore, the 3D Product Configurator will help you convert more visitors to customers.

According to Deloitte, 41% of customers demand customization when purchasing a unique product. As a result, a 3D Product Configurator improves conversion and customer satisfaction while also lowering client acquisition costs.

  • Sets your WooCommerce store out from the competition 

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform, with 26% of all online stores using it. It may be difficult for you to do business in such a competitive market. If you don’t make a difference, you could lose market share to your competitors. 

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator – Onecommerce

When you use a 3D Configurator, you’re assisting your customers in making better purchases and selecting the best product for them. You will have a better competitive advantage by allowing your customers to co-design products with WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator.

Providing custom-designed options on your website sets you apart from the competition, resulting in increased business growth, brand awareness, revenue, and so on.

  • Minimizes misunderstanding and customization errors

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator helps customers have a holistic view and configure complex products. As a result, you can minimize product misunderstandings that make customers unhappy.

The majority of online shoppers are often worried about the actual product not being the same as the picture on the website. With 3D Product Configurator, they will have a better overview and confidence when making a purchase.

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

Custom and Co-design the Product

For example, you can custom and design your unique item with Lindsey Scoggins studio before making a purchase. 

  • Generate sales

According to a Deloitte survey, 57.2 percent of millennials globally are willing to pay more for a high-end fashion or luxury item that was customized to them. 

Customized products can be sold for a higher price, helping your online store to generate more revenue. Most customers would willingly pay extra for items that are one-of-a-kind or unique.

Top 5 WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator Plugin

You can now easily create 3D images of your products using the 3D Product Configurator Plugins. These are 5 popular Plugins you can apply to your WooCommerce store.

  • Threekit

Threekit provides an exceptional product experience that is both visually appealing and scalable for your online store. With Threekit, your customers can personalize materials, features, colors, and more.

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator



  • Expivi

Expivi is a simple interactive 3D configurator that’s easy to integrate with a WooCommerce store. Expivi now is natural integration with Augmented Reality (AR) allows for a direct transfer from online commerce to Augmented Reality.

It also offers four license plans from Freemium to Enterprise for users to choose the most suitable one. 

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

Expivi license plans


  • Havi Propel

Havi Propel is a tool for designing and visualizing 3D products. It is a fully responsive product configurator that interacts smoothly with WordPress and WooCommerce.

You can try the product for free for 30 days to see how it works and what features it has. The product can then be purchased as an enterprise license or as a subscription service on your server.

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

Havi Propel


  • WP Configurator

WP Configurator allows you to imagine any product that you may provide your consumers and customize it to suit their needs.

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

WP Configurator

The WP Configurator Plugin allows you to do more than just change the colour of a product. You can provide texture adjustments or components to your consumers. The possibilities are unlimited if you work with layered PNG pictures.

  • WooCommerce Product Configurator

WooCommerce Product Configurator helps you save time by allowing you to use image layers to create the final product image. The product image will refresh with a new layer when shoppers select each product choice, giving them a far more comfortable experience.

This plugin offers 3 plans which cost from 79 to 489 dollars. Here are some good reviews of WooCommerce Product Configurator.

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator

WooCommerce Product Configurator Reviews

Final Thoughts

According to Epsilon research, 32% of customers demand personalized experiences, and 80% prefer to buy from businesses that offer customized options. 

WooCommerce 3D Product Configurator is an effective solution to improve customer experience and increase sales for your online store.

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