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Langify App vs Transcy: Best Shopify Translation Tools Compared

by Irene Leander
Langify App vs Transcy: Best Shopify Translation Tools Compared - OneCommerce

Shopping across borders is quickly gaining popularity. According to a recent Shopify report, 57% of consumers buy goods from sellers overseas. This implies a clear readiness on the part of digital customers everywhere to extend their purchasing power abroad. 

Shopify merchants who want to improve their performance in international markets should be considering giving their businesses multi-language support through an app, especially as Shopify’s built-in multi languages features are very limited.

The fact that there are thousands of translation apps in the market for you to choose from is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time when it comes to finding the right one for your Shopify store.

That’s why in this blog, we want to put into comparison the top 2 most popular Shopify translation apps which are the Langify app and Transcy. We will highlight and compare every aspect of these apps to help you decide on your best fit!

Transcy vs Langify app: Overview

Before we dig into the details of these apps, we want you to have an overview of what Langify and Transcy have to offer as translation tools to localize your Shopify business.

1. Transcy by OneCommerce

Shopify Rating: 4.9 stars

Transcy is the #1 Localization Solution for eCommerce platforms and website builders

Transcy is the #1 Localization Solution for eCommerce platforms and website builders

Transcy is the #1 Localization Solution for eCommerce platforms and website builders that aims to create an international sales market without language barriers.

Regardless of the subscription plan you choose, Transcy from OneCommerce is a powerful tool that can automatically translate your whole Shopify store into more than 100 languages with no word count restriction.

With Transcy, you can start translating right away thanks to its user-friendly interface. Every aspect of your Shopify store, including third-party apps, photos, and media like the homepage banner, reviews, notifications, pop-ups, and even the currencies, can be translated instantly with Transcy.

Besides, Transcy provides a more thorough method of language translation. The app ensures that your translations are accurate and true to your original message by not only translating your text but also analyzing it for meaning and context.

In case you are not satisfied with the auto-translated texts, the app allows you to edit them to make the languages sound more natural and professional, especially to meet your intentions.

If you need to sell internationally, Transcy will take care of everything. In terms of functionality, speed, and customer support, it performs better than all other tools.

2. Langify 

Shopify Rating: 4.7 stars

Langify is a favorable and reasonably priced app that offers Shopify merchants a user-friendly interface

Langify is a favorable and reasonably priced app that offers Shopify merchants a user-friendly interface

Langify is a favorable and reasonably priced app that offers Shopify merchants a user-friendly interface. With the Langify app, Shopify merchants can translate their online stores into more than 100 different languages almost instantly without breaking a sweat. 

Your entire shop, including the content, currencies, and even third-party apps, can be translated with the Langify app. The tool will automatically update any changes Shopify makes because it is 100% compatible with the native Shopify translation API.

Moreover, with the Langify app Shopify merchants can utilize the automatic translation tools and easily adapt to all Shopify enhancements and modifications. With a few clicks, you can simply handle elements like the language switcher, redirection, and currencies in addition to editing the autotranslation.

When compared to other well-known Shopify multi-language apps, the Langify language app offers exceptional value for the money because there is no cap on the number of languages you can translate your store to.

3. The verdict 

  • Transcy, in our opinion, is a great choice for all businesses, ranging from small stores to famous brands, from individuals to big companies. Whoever you are, the app provides you with an excellent experience based on your business’ capacity.
  • Langify is suitable for you if you have a certain and stable budget for the translating task since its pricing plan is not diverse, which you can learn more in the next part. For example, small businesses with weak financial capacity should be carefully thinking about this option.

Transcy vs Langify app: Pricing comparison 

We must proceed with considerable caution as pricing is a crucial factor. Considering whether a product’s pricing is reasonable is definitely a wise move. 

Therefore, let’s have a look at the differences between their pricing plans to see which option would fit in your budget plan.

1. Transcy

Unlike the Langify app, Transcy has more diverse pricing plans to choose from. There are 4 pricing plans and a 14-day free trial, including: 

  • Free: 2000 words, 1 translated language, 1 currency with Al neural machine translation, unlimited words & pageviews, basic switcher settings, and Shopify Payment integration.
  • Basic: $9.90 per month with all the features in the Free plan, plus the ability to add 167 currencies, edit translation for 1 language, multilingual SEO, currency redirection, and 24/7 live chat support.
  • Growth: $19.9 per month, 100,000 words, 5 translated words with all features from the Basic plan, plus Glossary, Basic Auto update translation & Replace image feature. 
  • Premium: $39.9 per month, 250,000 words plus 50,000 free words/month with all the features in the Growth plan, plus priority server, the ability to edit translation for 20 languages, advanced auto update translation, and customer success manager.

Transcy gives you more options based on the requirements and size of your business. 

2. Langify app

Since its launch in 2014, the Langify app has only offered a single subscription plan, priced at $17.50 per month, with a 7-day free trial. This sole pricing package includes unlimited manual translations and SEO support. 

Besides, you can purchase optional auto-translation for 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 words at the price of $4.99, $8.99, and $19.90 respectively.

You will get all the app’s features at this price but you should take this into consideration because it is not suitable for small businesses.

Transcy vs Langify app: Features comparison

With tons of amazing features, each of these translation apps will offer you more than just converting currencies or languages. There are many more you can do to localize your Shopify store to the maximum, ensuring your business is competitive in the international market.

1. Transcy’s key features

The developers of Transcy have done a great job in building this translation and currency converter app full of outstanding features. From the very beginning of their visit to your store, the app can give your visitors information in their local tongue.

111 languages are available in Transcy’s library. All of your store’s pages, such as the home page, product pages, checkout pages, and about us pages, will be translated by AI technology. It also enables the translation of text from third-party applications.

The translation process is carried out in real-time, which means that every newly added or updated information is translated at once. Real-time automatic back-end processing takes place for everything.

You can link banners to certain languages to demonstrate your appreciation of the regional context. Besides, even the look of your website can be changed depending on the language of your visitors. For instance, various visuals can be shown for various languages.

With Transcy, various visuals can be shown for various languages

With Transcy, various visuals can be shown for various languages

Transcy allows you to manage all of your translations from a single dashboard if you’re not satisfied with the translation’s quality.

Below are some of the key features offered by the Transcy app:

  • Automatic SEO optimization for search engines
  • Manually edit content and centrally manage content
  • Utilize the Shopify APIs & Google APIs for the best translation quality
  • Content in front-end apps like Product Reviews, Sales Pop-up, Information Box, Widgets, etc. can be translated using third-party app features for smarter and quicker translations
  • Geo-location Auto Detection helps ensure translations are accurate and relevant to the user’s context.
  • Add a specific image for each translation and translate the homepage banner and product photos
  • Automatically update language translation to the most recent new information for your goods and collections
  • Integrated search functionality to quickly and easily find the translated text you’re looking for
  • Customize language switcher to fit your store themes and have great website looks
  • Provide the Currency converter for free
  • The media replacement feature allows you to add a specific image for every translation, and translates the homepage banner, and product images, e.g to give your store the best look possible
  • Flexible translation configuration makes it simple to manage the correctness and intelligibility of your translations by allowing you to define individual translations or groups of translations 
  • Customize the language switcher to your store’s themes for website design

2. Langify’s key features

With the Langify app for Shopify, only 20 languages are supported but it does its best to provide the correct translation in those languages, especially those that are required to be done from right to left. 

All of your shop’s pages and components, including the home page, collections, navigation, blogs, title and description tags, etc., can be translated.

Customers can choose their preferred language using a dropdown menu in the navigation bar, or translation can be done automatically using the plug-automated detection capability.

With the Langify app, translation can be done automatically

With the Langify app, translation can be done automatically

For Shopify merchants, finding and translating any section of their website is simple thanks to the Langify app’s user-friendly dashboard. Even while it takes more time than other apps, this one allows businesses more control over their translations and increases accuracy.

Below are some of the key features offered by the Langify app:

  • Utilize the Rich-Text-Editor to translate the content
  • Image translation
  • Checkouts and notifications translation
  • Monitor the translation progress for each individual item.
  • Automatic tags and hreflang optimization.
  • A brand-new domain created for each language.
  • Index translations by all major platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • All pages have dedicated, language-specific URLs
  • Translation import and export options, including CSV, JSON, XLIFF, and get text.
  • SEO optimization for each language.
  • RTL translation support.
  • The Auto Translations tool automatically translates the content of your website.

Transcy vs Langify app: Customer support

The Langify app and Transcy app both offer round-the-clock customer service. They all assign a team to support and help customers to fix their issues as soon as possible.

The Langify app and Transcy app both offer round-the-clock customer service

The Langify app and Transcy app both offer round-the-clock customer service

For the Langify app’s Shopify users, the paid version of the app provides premium email assistance that is accessible every day of the week and all day long.

Meanwhile, the committed support team at Transcy is available via chat and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with your business issues. Whether you opt for a free or a paid plan, the app always ensures that you will receive the proper support from its devoted team.

Transcy vs Langify app: The pros and cons

To be honest, nothing is perfect and neither are these 2 apps! Each of them has its own strengths that may outshine the other. However, at the same time, there are some downsides from them that both customers and retailers are worried about. 

Now, let’s have a look at the below table of the differences between the pros and cons of Transcy and the Langify app Shopify users must pay attention to.

Pros  Cons
Transcy app
  • User-friendly platform with a sleek, modern interface. 
  • Support for almost every language in the world
  • A powerful system that can cope with a lot of content
  • Your translations are consistently updated.
  • Auto Translation is available
  • Easy to handle translations from one single page
  • Customer support is highly responsive
  • Only stores opened within 60 days and with no more than 5 orders are eligible for the free plan.
  • There are some troubles related to the Autotranslation feature
  • Once Transcy is uninstalled, your store may experience issues.
Langify app
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient navigation
  • Import and export of the content in various  formats
  • Different supported translation languages
  • Compatible with the native Shopify translation API
  • Setting up Langify requires much time
  • You may experience slow operation.
  • Sometimes, the customer service is unresponsive
  • It offers only a single pricing plan, not ideal for all sizes of businesses
  • Some retailers struggle to manage all the features
  • You cannot translate pages automatically with Langify. As a result, it could take a lot of effort for the average person to create a multilingual page
  • The items on the checkout page, alerts, and personalized shipping messages cannot be translated. These will always be displayed in the base language of your store

The decision is yours!

After reading our summary of the key features of the Transcy app and Langify app, we think you already have a better grasp of each option. Obviously, both of them have strengths and weaknesses that can affect your decisions.

In our opinion, any type of business can choose Transcy to kick in the international market without the worry of escalating your budget. Meanwhile, if you are running a new or small business, you should opt for Langify since this app will offer you a set of useful features at reasonable prices.

Remember that whatever you choose, by allowing your international customers to shop in their native tongue, you can remove obstacles to your Shopify store’s success on a global scale. So don’t wait; try one of these apps right now.

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