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15 Brilliant Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

by Alexandre Le
15 Brilliant Instagram Feed Ideas For Business - OneCommerce

If curating Instagram feed is an art, let’s be a self-made artist with 15 brilliant Instagram feed ideas for business we compiled just for you!

Best Instagram feed ideas for businesses regarding Grid Layouts

Because Instagram is a visual-centric social platform, to impress the audience there, you need to be clever with organizing your feed.

That’s because Instagrammers are more likely to have a good impression of brands with a well-organized grid over those throwing inconsistently styled images and turning their feed into a complete mess.

So we’ll show you 5 Instagram feed ideas to play with grid layouts for your business!

Instagram Feed Idea #1. Horizontal Instagram Feed 

This feed idea is rather easy to execute: you post 3 consecutive photos that give the same objects or vibes then another 3 consecutive photos that give a different feeling (e.g: different color, vibe, etc.)

Want some inspiration? Check out the classicism and simplism Instagram feed of  @Chanel.

One row for black & white follows up by one row for light yellow, simple but eye-soothing!

Chanel’s feed is so simple and eye-soothing

Apart from that, the horizontal Instagram feed can also be of great help if you want to show potential customers your products from multiple angles. @tomford got it there!

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Tomford showcased their products from different angles 

Instagram Feed Idea #2. Vertical Instagram Feed

Of course, when we mentioned horizontal feed, it’s time to leverage the marvelous effects of vertical Instagram feed ideas for your business.

@diormakeup utilizes the middle line of their feed for the foundation & powder compact products and the two sideways for visuals of the stunning models using those products to achieve flawless looks.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

A beauty guru or not, one will be enraptured by this PRO feed

Many brands use this grid layout idea just like Dior does and bring it to a whole new level as well.

@bitis.hunter arranged the brand’s quotes in the middle and played with sneakers of dancing colors on the two sideways. Put together, the brand’s Instagram feed is absolutely a masterpiece.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

This brand savagely turned ‘vertical’ into ‘magical’

Instagram Feed Idea #3. Puzzle Instagram Feed

Want to go some extra length to make your first impression count? Puzzle feed should be your go-to choice then.

Certainly, you’d be impressed by  @riverburn.official outstanding puzzle feed.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

This puzzle feed is what you call it? Yeah, sophisticated!

Instagram Feed Idea #4. Chessboard Instagram Feed

When gambit is your passion but you’re forced to be a merchant, choose this theme then. (#J4F)

Basically, this feed idea allows you to alternate 2 differently themed photos/videos so that when they’re displayed side-by-side on your Instagram account, it looks cool like this:

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

We bet most of ladies will splurge on those bags of this shop

@thecollectclubvn switches quite smoothly between pictures of products and minimalist white background photos. That makes their feed look quite sleek and professional.

Instagram Feed Idea #5. White border Instagram Feed

When you add Instagram pictures that have white borders, it will make the followers to feel like your Instagram feed is more spacious, which is a top design trend in 2022.

@charcoal.official really makes their feed stand out by simply outlining every picture with a white border. 

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Charcoal’s Instagram feed is just calm to look at

Best Instagram feed ideas for businesses regarding Colors

We are living in a world that is colorful, the romantic red of roses, the peaceful pastel blue of the coastal line under the golden sunshine, or the gorgeous green of the massive mountains looming in the mist.

Therefore, colors have a thorough impact on our emotional facets.

And by taking into account the way how colors make us feel, you can use your Instagram feed in a way that boosts your desired effects.

It’s high time to define your brand’s spirit with 5 Instagram feed ideas for business regarding colors.

Instagram Feed Idea #6. Dark colors

Stars can hardly shine without the darkness of a night sky. Therefore, if your products are in their most stunning looks in the absence of sunlight, try dark colors for your Instagram feed.

Clearly, @danielwellington accentuates their fashion wristwatch quite well with the dark, cool color palette. 

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Want to evoke a sense of mystery & luxury? Seek the dark!

Instagram Feed Idea #7. Core colors

To come up with an Instagram feed that showcases some specific colors only requires your brand to define your core values in a crystally-clear manner.

@skii’s skincare products are well-reputed to rejuvenate aging skins like a panacea. Therefore, the brand’s Instagram feed is largely in passionate red, which represents a youthful, powerful active woman who is unafraid to take risks.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

skii’s Instagram feed is all about RED

Another skincare brand that sticks to a single-colored Instagram feed style is @kylieskin. Scrolling up and down the brand’s Instagram profile, you may be enraptured by their pastel pink feed.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Kylieskin’s Instagram pink feed is so sweet and calm to look at

Instagram Feed Idea #8. Pastel colors

Pastel colors are usually ascribed to delights and joys. Thus, let’s spread those positive feelings to every corner of your feed!

@gongchavietnam succeeded in highlighting the brand’s optimistic characteristics. Honestly, we feel an urge to take a sip of their positivi-tea.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

The pastel colors make the brand feed looks so cheerful 

Instagram Feed Idea #9. Bold and vibrant colors

This Instagram feed is similar to the pastel theme we mentioned above. But this time, we pick bold and vibrant colors to make your Instagram feed shine bright.

@dior again impressed us with their creativity. Those bold and vibrant colors are really well-aligned with each other on their feed and on their high-fashion clothing items as well. 

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

We see a sense of feminism from these eye-catching colors

Instagram Feed Idea #10. Vintage colors

The fact is vintage colors usually give a vibe of high fashion.

@louboutinworld’s Instagram feed combines nostalgia and modernity perfectly to promote their fashion line. The brand put a vintage filter on their Instagram photos and videos so their overall feed look like this:

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Are you selling a fashion line like this? Go vintage!

Best Instagram feed ideas for businesses regarding content

You can draw people’s attention with stunning visuals, but it’s your content that decides whether your audience wants to engage further with your brand or not.

Therefore, your Instagram feed needs to reflect your brand identity besides creative grid layouts and exploding colors.

Now let’s take a look at 5 business content ideas to level up your Instagram feed. 

Instagram Feed Idea #11. Instagram video 

Instagram is no longer a photo-centric platform. Therefore, the brands that know how to make an Instagram video that stands out for their business can have more chances to boost engagement and grow more sales on the platform. 

If you’re familiar with Lush’s Instagram, perhaps you know that most of their feeds are in video format. And @lush uses Instagram videos for several purposes- BTS, tutorials, telling a story, etc.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Spice up your feed game with Instagram videos!

Instagram Feed Idea #12. Lifestyle Instagram feed

This type of feed is used by quite a lot of fashion shops on Instagram.

By posting about real models mixing and matching the brand’s clothing items, @gucci shows their target audience how chic and high-fashion their clothes are. 

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Lifestyle is the most popular Instagram feed for apparel stores

Instagram Feed Idea #13. Monotheme

As its name might suggest, this kind of theme is all about achieving a simple and elegant look.

If the only thing you want to post on your account is about your products, this theme should be your top choice.

@theyenconcept posts about one thing only on their Instagram account, which is their potted plants! 

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

A fresh monotheme for nature lovers

However, be noticed that this theme might not be suitable for brands with a wide range of totally different product lines.

Instagram Feed Idea #14. Flatlays

‘Do your products look LIT when you take pictures of them from the top angle?’  If your answer is a hell YUP then Flatlay can make you from a zero to a hero!

@cakedelightstore’s Instagram feed is all about pictures of their delicious cakes, which were all taken from the top.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Flatlays are old but gold

Instagram Feed Idea #15. Play with Quotes

By adding meaningful quotes, you can not only encourage your audience to engage more but also build up your brand’s image, which is of significant importance for businesses, especially large ones.

@nike has such a noticeable Instagram feed when the apparel & footwear giant usually posts about inspiring quotes and uses their feeds to communicate their core values.

Instagram Feed Ideas For Business

Inspiring quotes will never go out of style.

Final thoughts

That’s it! We hope our 15 brilliant Instagram feed ideas for business can help you create stunning feeds to boost engagement and more importantly, drive more sales. 

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