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eBay VeRo List – Sellers Must Know to Avoid Legal Actions!

by OneCommerce
eBay VeRo List - Sellers Must Know to Avoid Legal Actions - OneCommerce

eBay is very serious about user trust. The company wants customers to have complete trust in the platform and have a satisfying purchasing experience. 

As a result, eBay takes copyright issues seriously and penalizes any seller who infringes on the intellectual property of others.

The eBay VeRO list is a database of brands and intellectual property descriptions. But how can the list assist sellers? What happens if you break eBay’s VeRO policy?

Let’s find out with our article!

What is the VeRO Program?

VeRO is short for Verified Rights Owner Program. It assists intellectual property owners in notifying eBay of any infringement of their rights. This occurs when a seller uploads a listing that contains copyrighted elements, either intentionally or unintentionally.

eBay will review the listings and take appropriate action if the seller is at fault. The actions might range from listing cancellation to suspension of the seller’s eBay account.

As a result, you should always avoid listing copyrighted or fake products. Otherwise, you risk incurring eBay fines.

The first things you need to know about the eBay VeRO list

The first things you need to know about the eBay VeRO list

What is the eBay VeRO List?

To defend their rights, brands and manufacturers can join eBay’s VeRO program. To do so, they can build an eBay profile that includes information about the brand’s intellectual property rights.

The eBay VerRO list includes the names of brands that have built such a profile. You can also check out which companies are on the list by clicking here.

Elements of eBay VeRO List

The eBay VeRO list contains a large number of profiles. Some are well-known companies that we encounter on a regular basis, while others are less well-known.

A profile can be created by anyone who owns copyright or intellectual property. It will contain all of the information regarding the rights and what they entail.

Brand names, artwork, logos, and images, for example, can all be copyrighted and constitute problems.

Sellers can learn what they can list by reading the VeRO profiles. Another option is to use reputable dropshipping software that alerts you whenever you list a VeRO item.


Where to find eBay VeRo list?

The eBay Vero list may be found on this eBay website. Click on the VeRo participant profiles to see an alphabetical list of brands that cannot be sold on eBay.


Otherwise, visit this page to get a list of VeRO participating brands.

A list of firms and brands that are members of the eBay verified rights owner program will appear. Each of the businesses provided a written declaration or a detailed explanation of how they interpret and enforce intellectual property rights.

To view an overview of a brand, click on its name in the following list.


Remember that the eBay VeRo list is always being updated. More and more companies are applying to be a part of this program.

In any case, you must have specific permission to resale their things on eBay. Breaching the Vero program may result in the removal of your listing or the deletion of your account. So it’s better to be careful!

How Do Sellers Break VeRO?

The eBay VeRO profiles give the information you need to understand how you can violate the program. 

Here are some examples of how a seller may violate copyright or intellectual property:

Listing Fake Items or Replicas

If you create listings for counterfeit products, you will be in violation of VeRO policy. It is prohibited in any case, and eBay may suspend your account.

Furthermore, you may face legal issues with the original brand.

Using Copyright Content

Brands create their own product descriptions, photos, and graphics. If your listings contain any copyright-protected material, you may infringe the eBay VeRO list.

Even if the vendor is unaware, they can use copyright items in their listing. For example, you could get in problems if you use identical photographs as the original brand in your offering.


Using Logos without Brand’s Permission

You must request approval before using any brand’s logo. All logos are trademarked and legally protected.

As a result, placing a logo on your product image without permission may also be a violation of VeRO.

Claiming Yourself as an Authorized Seller

Without permission, never claim to be an authorized distributor or agent of any manufacturer. The act may violate eBay VeRO list policies and result in legal action.

Making False Claims

You may not make any incorrect claims regarding a trademarked product. Anything you publish about a branded product should be consistent with the brand’s original promises.

As a result, if a business states that their product has a three-month warranty, you cannot adjust it to six months in your listing.

Sellers on eBay can list branded products as long as they follow stringent criteria. So, first and foremost, familiarize yourself with eBay policies to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

knowingly list things that violate others’ copyright or intellectual property.

How to Avoid eBay VeRO Violations?

Listing genuine products that you have the authority to sell is the easiest way to avoid VeRO infractions. If you want to become an authorized seller, you can also contact the manufacturers.

You should also be mindful of the names on the eBay VeRO list. It will assist you in determining which brands to avoid.

You should also look at the profiles of VeRO participants. They contain vital information on intellectual property and copyrighted things. To keep safe, learn about each brand’s rights and avoid using them.

However, remembering all of the names on the eBay VeRO list is difficult. Furthermore, you may not have the time to browse through all of the profiles.

For them, we have a unique solution to never encounter VeRO hassles.


The eBay VeRO List is missing A LOT of brand names!

The list of brands does not include all brands that have Intellectual Property rights. Neither is this a complete list of all Rights Owners currently participating in the VeRO program.

Actually, no one knows the complete list of brands covered by the VeRO program because it does not exist. Any brand with intellectual property rights can join the program and report you, and eBay does not automatically update the list with each company that joins.

Final Thoughts

The eBay VeRO list contains the profile of all brands that hold intellectual property and copyright. The list provides information on what you can list on eBay without inviting trouble. Every seller should be aware of the copyright materials to stay safe and not violate eBay’s rules.

Hopefully, this blog can help you to gain basic knowledge about the eBay VeRo list. Wish you have a good experience with eBay!


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