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Top 20 TikTok challenges list 2021

by OneCommerce
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Not all TikTok videos are easy to go viral and reach a ton of viewers, there is a secret behind that.

Following the trending TikTok challenges is one of the simple ways to spice up your videos and engage more audiences.

In this blog today, we’ll give you the top 20 TikTok challenges of 2021.

What are TikTok challenges?

Basically, TikTok challenges encourage people to film themselves dancing, lip-syncing and so on, then post it on the platform, with the hashtags about that challenge on their video’s captions.

These challenges are typically inspired by viral TikTok videos that include a song, dancing motion, movie quotation, voiceover, and so forth.

Top 20 TikTok challenges list 2021

After you’ve got familiar with TikTok challenges, let’s check out the TikTok challenges list 2021 to find the best challenges for your videos.

#01. The ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge

The first challenge of the TikTok challenges list 2021 came along with the song “Wipe it down” by BMW Kenny. 

In this challenge, people will change their appearance as they wipe down something like a mirror with a cloth in their hand. 

Usually, there is a person with their bare face at the beginning, and after some wipes, they will appear with flawless makeup on and stunning dresses on.


my reflection needa chill fr ?? #fyp #foryoupage #wipeitdownchallenge #InTheHouseparty


#02. Fake Window Challenge

During the pandemic, when people were self-isolated and many cities around the world had to be locked down, no one could go out on their vacations.

In this challenge, TikTokers opted to display phony sights on their walls, such as jungles, cityscapes, and more, to make it appear as if they were in a location they were not.


방에서 오로라 보기? #빔프로젝터 #추천 #fakewindow #fakewindowchallenge #asmr #projector #fyp #おすすめ

♬ talking to the moon x play date xxtristanxo – xxtristanxo

#03. DNA Test Challenge

The DNA Test challenge originated from a song by Lizzo. People have been trying to represent their identities and taking stereotypes on TikTok as she rapped the iconic line.

The videos in this challenge usually start with people saying: “I just took a DNA test…”.


My DNA test results ? #ancestorschallenge #ancestorydna #dnatest #dna #ancestry #myheritage #canadian

♬ original sound – amy

#04. “What You Know About Love” Challenge

As many other challenges in this TikTok challenges list 2021, the “What you know about love” challenge came along with a song that has the same name by Pop Smoke.

In this dance challenge, best friends or couples have to complete some simple and quick moves while drawing some hearts with their hands.


#whatyouknowaboutlove #igotwhatyouneed #trend2020tiktok #dance #barcelona #bcntiktok @paupmp_ ??

♬ What You Know Bout Love – Pop Smoke

#05. Perfect Match Dance Challenge

This one is another funny challenge for friends and couples. It is to demonstrate how a couple’s differences complement one another.

In their videos, each person introduces themselves slightly ironically, and then the pair dances in a circle holding hands.


I think we nailed it ? #dancechallenge #merengue #coupleschallenge #teamtelly #perfectmatch #perfectdrink #snowstorm

♬ HOW TO DANCE MERENGUE – Nandy Versátil

#06. I Hate All Men, But… Challenge

Next in the TikTok challenges list 2021 is the touching meme that includes artist Paravi performing a slowed-down version of Beach Bunny’s “Cloud 9.” 

The song begins with “I hate all men,” then it goes on with, “But when he loves me, I feel like I’m floating. When he calls me pretty, I feel like somebody.”

In this challenge, women often show their boyfriends and husbands doing things that make them great mates.


love u ? #fypシ #fyp #love #couple #ihateallmanbutwhenhelovesme @ogradis

♬ paravi das cover of cloud 9 by beach bunny – paravi ???✨

#07. Clown Check TikTok Challenge

This challenge came along with the well-known Psychedelic Clown filter. Although the sounds used in this challenge vary, the most popular one is Firenetics’ “Pan Con Choclo.”

In this challenge, people just simply add text to their TikTok video explaining a moment when they got something so wrong or were deceived while turning on the clown filter.


it was all just a dream :/ (this took a week btw)#foryou#foryoupage#makeup#clowncheck insta-avaannii

♬ original sound – ???

#08. Defrosting Challenge

With this challenge, TikTokers would use text overlay to tell the reason why they need to defrost in summer.

In their videos, they would do a steady and smooth turn that looks like they’re spinning in a microwave.

In addition, the Prime Soundtrack “Microwave,” which sounds like items heating up inside a microwave, is frequently heard in videos regarding this challenge.


When you look like a praying mantis..#YesDayChallenge #boyfriends #flat #fyp #defrosting

♬ No Buns – LFG STATE

#09. Crowd Cheering Challenge

The ninth challenge of the TikTok challenges list 2021 is as straightforward as its name. A cheering and applauding audience sound is played in the background of the TikTok videos.

The idea here is to have this sound play for a ridiculous achievement while using a subtitle or caption to type out what the crowd is cheering for.


Feel me ladies? #crowdcheers #crowdchallenge #crowdcheering #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #girls

♬ Crowd Cheers – Johnny Buchanan

#10. The ‘Unlock It (Lock It)’ TikTok Challenge

This is another funny dance challenge in the TikTok challenges list 2021. In their videos, people dance to the sound Unlock it (Lock it) by Charli XCX. 

The video can be shot anywhere, but it has grown in popularity since some users shoot it while on vacation, at work, or in large groups.


Good morning everyone!?☀️

♬ Unlock it (Lock It) [Jeff Prior Mix] – Charli XCX

#11. The Renegade Challenge

The “Renegade” is a 15-second dance that has  become a viral sensation on the TikTok platform.

For this challenge, TikTokers will film themselves doing a series of choreographed arm and upper body movements.

Originally, Jalaiah Harmon, a 14-year-old teenage girl, created the dance and shared it on her Instagram account in October 2019.


If you meet @charlidamelio on a red carpet, you ask her to do the #renegade dance ?

♬ Lottery – K CAMP

#12. ‘Obsessed’ Challenge (Mariah Carey’s 2009)

With the ‘Obsessed’ Challenge, TikTok would make a video of themselves doing a mini dance to the song “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey.

The performance combines some dancing and hand gestures with the music video and includes the well-known lyric line, “Why you so obsessed with me?”


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 7M followers ?❤️ I had to learn @addisonre ‘s music video for my 7M??? this dance is insane?✨ #obsessed #addisonre

♬ Obsessed – Addison Rae

#13. ‘Me Versus’ Challenge

For this challenge, TikToker would make a comparison between themselves at the moment and in the past. They use pictures to show how much they’ve changed over time.

Some do this challenge as a way to show how they lose weight or to show their appearances after puberty hit.


I EXPOSED MYSELF BUT I WIN LOL #niktok #transformation #mevsme

♬ MotorSport – Migos & Nicki Minaj & Cardi B

#14. The First Name Challenge

Next in the TikTok challenges list 2021 is a really amusing duo task. 

It begins with filming a partner’s response when they are addressed by their first name rather than their pet name or whatever they are usually called.

This challenge reveals several funny ways in which individuals respond when hearing people call their first name.


Calling my mom by her first name #mom #callingmymombyherfirstnamechallenge #callingmom #filipinomoms

♬ original sound – Moira Samson – Moira Samson ✨

#15. Reese’s Puffs TikTok Challenge

The sole requirement for this challenge is that you dance to a humorous beat that simply says “Reese’s Puffs” repeatedly.

The text should also be added on your video to depict the amusing circumstance in which you are not paying attention when you should be.


try me dance and tag me? #reesespuffschallenge #newdance #tagme #yasclean #FreeFreeDance

♬ Hmu if you simp for Updykke – haha

#16. “Yah Trick Yah” Dance Challenge

Following the TikTok challenges list 2021 is the funny dance “Yah Trick Yah” challenge.

In their videos, users simply bust some moves to the sound of  “Yahh!” by Soulja Boy while doing a simple lip-sync to “Yah Trick Yah”, the first line of the song.


Yah trick yah ?

♬ YAA TRICK YAA – казуха симп

#17. The ‘Get Up’ Challenge

This is also a dance challenge with the song “Get up” by Ciara featuring Chamillionaire as the background music. 

TikTokers are expected to complete this dance challenge in an energetic way although there are some skillful steps in the dance exercise.


payton said: ?‍♂️#fypシ #on #yeawike #addisonrae #avanigregg #paytonmoormeier

♬ Get Up (feat Chamillionaire) – Ciara

#18. The Flip The Switch TikTok Challenge

The Flip The Switch Challenge was created by Dallin and Bella Lambert. The challenge is completed with Drake’s song, “Non Stop.”

In this challenge, one individual begins dancing while the other observes behind him. And then, while dancing, the individual shuts off the light.

When the light comes back on, the roles should be reversed, as should the players’ clothes and postures.


I just flipped the switch… #oldtrend @hjerteface

♬ Nonstop – Dallin and Bella

#19. “Waking Up In The Morning” TikTok Challenge

This challenge came along with the viral sound from a clip of Real Housewives, New Jersey’s., where Teresa Guidice’s daughter sings the original song lyric.

“Waking up in the morning thinking about so many things … I just wish that things would get better.”

With the song in the background, TikTok users will talk about the embarrassing moments in their life that they still cannot get over.


??? nononononooooooo #fyp#wakeupinthemorning#thinkingaboutsomanythings

♬ original sound – Amir Yass

#20. “Tell Me Without Telling Me” Challenge

“Tell Me Without Telling Me” is a meme in which social media users convey their personal ideas and beliefs without mentioning the issue directly.

On the TikTok platform, people will create a video about themselves but will not outright say it; instead, they will leave hints for other viewers to find out for themselves.


#greenscreenvideo #fyp @nikk.chikk #viral #fypシ #xyzbca #tellmewithouttellingme

♬ original sound – Jose

In short

TikTok challenges encourage users to make videos of themselves dancing, lip-syncing, sharing stories, and so forth. 

Following these challenges will be beneficial for broadening your audiences and advertising your company.

We believe that the top 20 TikTok challenges list 2021 have helped you a lot in choosing a challenge for your video and make it go viral. Ready to try 20 TikTok challenges above and go viral? 

However, it’s no use if you just follow a challenge without using TikTok hashtags featured in that specific challenge in your videos’ captions, check out our blog about best TikTok hashtags now.

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