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How To Add Free Shipping On Shopify To Boost Sales (2023)

by Irene Leander
How To Add Free Shipping On Shopify To Boost Sales - OneCommerce

In the competitive world of eCommerce, offering free shipping has become a game-changer for businesses seeking to attract and retain customers. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of how to add free shipping on Shopify, unraveling the numerous benefits it can bring to your online business.

We will walk you through the essential steps and considerations involved in implementing free shipping, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your strategy.

Prepare to unlock the power of free shipping and take your Shopify store to new heights of success. Let’s dive in!

What’s The Point Of Offering Free Shipping?

Rather than going straight into showing you HOW to add free shipping on Shopify, let’s talk about WHY you should do it first.

Free shipping on Shopify has a magnetic effect on customers, drawing them toward your online store. It’s like a captivating spell that instantly captures their attention. But what makes it so irresistible?

Firstly, the allure of “free” is deeply ingrained in our psyche. When customers see the option for free shipping, it triggers a sense of excitement and perceived value. It’s an enticing offer that makes them feel like they’re getting a fantastic deal.

Secondly, free shipping removes a major obstacle to purchase: shipping costs. High shipping fees can be a deterrent for customers, causing them to abandon their carts. By eliminating this additional expense, you remove a barrier and increase the likelihood of customers completing their transactions.

Additionally, knowing how to add free shipping on Shopify gives you a competitive advantage. In a crowded eCommerce landscape, it sets you apart from competitors who still charge for shipping. Customers are more inclined to choose a store that provides free shipping as it saves them money and enhances their overall shopping experience.

Furthermore, free shipping can lead to higher average order values. In certain cases, to qualify for free shipping, customers often need to meet a minimum order threshold. This prompts them to add more items to their cart, increasing the value of their purchase. Consequently, your revenue grows, and customers feel like they’re getting more for their money.

Lastly, free shipping fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty. When customers receive their orders without unexpected shipping charges, it leaves them with a positive impression. It shows that you value their experience and care about their needs. This leads to increased trust in your brand, repeat purchases, and word-of-mouth referrals.

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Things to Think About Before Providing Free Shipping

Right before our instructions on how to add free shipping on Shopify, here is to consider several factors to ensure it aligns with your business goals and remains sustainable.

  1. Product margins: Analyze your product margins to understand if you can absorb the cost of shipping without impacting your profitability. Consider the average order value, product costs, and shipping expenses to determine if offering free shipping is financially viable.
  2. Shipping zones: Evaluate the shipping zones you currently serve and their associated costs. Free shipping may be more feasible within certain regions or countries where shipping expenses are lower or more predictable. Assess the impact on international shipping, which tends to be more costly.
  3. Order frequency and size: Examine the typical order frequency and size of your customers. If most orders are small items and frequent, offering free shipping may have a significant impact on your bottom line. By contrast, if customers tend to place larger orders less frequently, shipping costs could be more manageable.
  4. Minimum order value: Consider implementing a minimum order value required for free shipping. This encourages customers to spend more to qualify for the free shipping offer, helping to offset the costs. Determine an appropriate threshold that balances customer expectations and your profitability.
  5. Competitive analysis: Research your competitors to understand their shipping policies. Offering free shipping can give you a competitive edge, but it’s essential to evaluate if it’s a standard practice in your industry. Adjust your strategy accordingly to remain competitive.
  6. Shipping carriers and rates: Assess your shipping carriers and their rates to determine if you can negotiate better terms or find more affordable options. Explore discounted shipping programs, or consider passing on a portion of the shipping costs to customers through a flat fee or shipping rate adjustments.
  7. Marketing and communication: Plan how you will communicate the introduction of free shipping to your customers. Use effective marketing channels to promote the offering and emphasize the value customers will gain. Clear messaging and prominent placement of the free shipping offer can help drive conversions.
  8. Profit optimization: Explore strategies to optimize profits while offering free shipping. For example, you can upsell or cross-sell complementary products to increase the average order value, which can help cover shipping costs. Calculate the potential impact on profitability and adjust pricing if necessary.

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How To Add Free Shipping On Shopify?

Implementing free shipping on your Shopify store is a strategic move that can attract more customers and increase sales. By following these key steps, you can effectively offer free shipping to enhance your customer’s shopping experience and boost your business’s success.

Step 1: Include shipping costs in your budget planning

In the first step of our how to add free shipping on Shopify tutorial, it’s crucial to carefully consider the cost of shipping and how it fits into your overall expenses.

By factoring the cost of shipping, you ensure that offering free shipping remains financially sustainable for your business. It allows you to provide this appealing perk to your customers while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Calculate shipping costs: Determine the average shipping costs for your products by considering factors such as weight, dimensions, and place of destination. Take into account the shipping carrier rates and any additional handling fees.
  2. Evaluate profit margins: Assess your profit margins on each product to determine if they can absorb the cost of shipping. Consider the impact of offering free shipping on your overall profitability and adjust your pricing if necessary.
  3. Adjust product pricing: If the shipping costs are significant, you may need to adjust your product prices to incorporate these expenses. Strike a balance between offering free shipping and maintaining a profitable business model.
  4. Monitor and optimize: Regularly review your shipping costs and adjust your pricing strategy as needed. As your business grows or shipping rates change, reevaluate the impact of free shipping on your profitability and make necessary adjustments.

Step 2: Promote your free-of-charge shipping option

Now that you’re ready to offer free shipping on your Shopify store, it’s time to let the world know about this exciting deal. With some online marketing, you can maximize the impact of your free shipping offer and entice customers to take advantage of it.

For instance, you can leverage the power of social media to spread the word about your free shipping offer. Otherwise, you can use email marketing campaigns to inform your existing customers about the new free shipping offer.

Remember to craft persuasive messaging, leverage social media and email marketing, collaborate with influencers, and showcase customer testimonials. With a well-executed marketing campaign, your free shipping offer will capture attention, drive traffic, and ultimately increase conversions on your Shopify store.

Step 3: Pay attention to up-sells and cross-sells

Third step of how to add free shipping on Shopify is to make the most of your free shipping offer, you should focus on cross-selling and up-selling techniques. These clever techniques not only boost your sales but also enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

  • Cross-selling: Go beyond just selling a single product. Introduce your customers to related or complementary items that enhance their purchase. Show them the perfect pairings and irresistible combinations that take their experience to new heights. Picture this: a customer buying a stylish dress is enticed to also add a matching handbag or a statement necklace to complete the look. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers!
  • Up-selling: Don’t settle for just meeting customer expectations; exceed them with up-selling techniques. Present higher-priced alternatives that provide superior features, enhanced performance, or greater value. Paint a vivid picture of how these premium options will elevate their experience to new heights.

Offering free shipping as an incentive when shoppers buy additional products through cross-selling or up-selling can work wonders. Thus, this boosts your sales and ultimately increases the value of each transaction.

When Is It Appropriate to Provide Free Shipping?

Determining when to offer free shipping is crucial for small businesses to balance customer satisfaction and profitability. Ultimately, the decision of when to offer free shipping will depend on your business goals, profit margins, and understanding of your target audience.

Experimentation, analysis of customer behavior, and tracking the impact of free shipping on sales and profitability will help you determine the most effective times to implement this strategy in your Shopify store. Here are 3 common approaches to consider:

1. Promotional Basis

Using free shipping as a promotional tool can be effective during specific periods or for specific customer segments. Here are a couple of promotional strategies:

  • Limited-time offers: Create time-limited promotions where customers can enjoy free shipping for a limited period. This could be during a seasonal sale, a special event, or a specific marketing campaign. Limited-time offers create a sense of urgency, motivating customers to make purchases.
  • Customer segments: Offer free shipping to specific customer segments, such as new customers or loyal customers. Providing free shipping to new customers can incentivize their first purchase and help convert them into repeat buyers. Offering free shipping as a reward for loyalty can strengthen customer relationships and encourage repeat business.

2. Conditional Basis

Offering free shipping based on specific conditions helps ensure that it aligns with your business goals and financial capabilities. Some common conditional strategies include:

  • Minimum order value: Set a minimum order value that customers must reach to qualify for free shipping. This encourages them to add more items to their carts to meet the threshold, increasing their average order value and offsetting the shipping costs.
  • Select products or categories: Choose specific products or categories on which you offer free shipping. This can be helpful when you have excess inventory or want to promote certain products. By providing free shipping on these items, you incentivize customers to make purchases and help clear out stock.

3. Seasonal Basis

If you run a Shopify store, learning how to add free shipping on Shopify at the correct time can be a highly effective sales technique. In order to increase sales, you may want to offer free shipping on the following occasions:

  1. Payday: Consider launching a promotion that encourages people to treat themselves after a long month by offering a discount or freebie to customers on their paychecks. Customers will be more likely to make purchases during this time frame because they won’t have to worry about delivery expenses. This can be used covertly or integrated into overt marketing efforts.
  2. Celebrations and holidays: Surveys have found that one of the main reasons people choose to shop in stores rather than online is to circumvent the hassle and expense of shipping during the busy Christmas season. To alleviate these worries and entice more customers to order on your website, you can offer free shipping and prompt delivery.
  3. Signups or information submissions from new visitors: Free shipping is a great incentive to get first-time visitors and consumers to register on your Shopify store and make a purchase. While this strategy may not bring in the most money right away, it can help you develop a dedicated clientele and attract new clients to give your offerings a shot.

How To Create Automatic Free Shipping On Shopify?

As a Shopify merchant, you have the power to customize your shipping rates and provide the enticing option of free shipping to your customers. Shopify offers different types of shipping rates, including flat rates, calculated rates, and free shipping rates. Here’s how you can offer free shipping on your Shopify store:

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1. Flat Shipping Rates

With flat shipping rates, you can set a fixed shipping cost for your products, regardless of the destination or order value. This provides a straightforward and consistent shipping experience for your customers.

2. Calculated Shipping Rates

Utilize third-party shipping calculators that seamlessly integrate with Shopify. These calculators automatically calculate shipping costs based on factors such as package weight, destination, and shipping provider. This ensures accurate shipping rates and helps you charge customers accordingly.

3. Free Shipping Rates

Shopify allows you to offer free shipping based on specific conditions. You can set conditions related to geographic locations, specific products, order values, weights, or customer categories. By strategically defining these conditions, you can encourage customers to meet certain criteria to qualify for free shipping.

To set up free shipping rates on Shopify, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Shopify admin dashboard.
  2. Go to “Settings” and select “Shipping and Delivery”.
  3. Choose the shipping profile you want to modify and select “Manage” rates.
  4. Add a new shipping rate and set the price field to 0, indicating free shipping.
  5. Save the changes.
how to add free shipping on shopify

How to add free shipping on Shopify

If you wish to add additional conditions for free shipping, you can do so within the shipping profile settings. For example, you can set a minimum order value or weight requirement for customers to be eligible for free shipping.

By offering free shipping on Shopify, you can simplify the checkout process for your customers and provide them with a compelling incentive to complete their purchases. Remember to optimize your free shipping offer by promoting it on your website, email campaigns, and social media platforms to attract more customers and increase conversions.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Shipping Promotion

By eliminating the extra cost of shipping, you can entice potential buyers, increase conversion rates, and build customer loyalty. However, implementing free shipping requires careful planning and consideration to ensure it aligns with your budget and business objectives.

In this section, we will show you some valuable tips and advice to help your small business offer free shipping effectively while optimizing profitability.

  1. Factor in shipping costs: Before offering free shipping, carefully consider your profit margins and overall expenses. Make sure to account for shipping costs and incorporate them into your pricing strategy.
  2. Limit Shopify free shipping zones: To manage shipping costs effectively, consider limiting free shipping to specific zones or regions where it is feasible for your business. This allows you to control shipping expenses while still offering the perk to a targeted customer base.
  3. Enable free shipping for certain products and order values: Instead of offering free shipping across the board, you can selectively apply it to specific products or order values. For example, you can set a minimum order value threshold for customers to qualify for free shipping. This encourages customers to add more items to their cart, increasing their average order value.
  4. Offer options of free shipping and express shipping: Give customers the choice between free shipping and expedited shipping at an additional cost. This provides flexibility and caters to customers who value faster delivery and are willing to pay for it. Offering both options can help balance shipping costs while meeting customer preferences.
  5. Offer holiday and event-based promotions: Take advantage of seasonal holidays or special events to offer free shipping promotions. This not only attracts customers during peak shopping periods but also creates a sense of urgency and encourages them to make purchases.
  6. Shopify free shipping with membership: Consider implementing a membership or loyalty program that includes free shipping as a benefit. Customers who join the program can enjoy free shipping on eligible orders throughout the year, encouraging repeat purchases and fostering customer loyalty.


In conclusion, understanding how to add free shipping on Shopify is a huge selling point for every online store, and Shopify is no exception.

You can improve your consumers’ purchasing experience, earn their trust, and stimulate sales growth by offering this appealing incentive on your Shopify site.

With the knowledge and advice in this tutorial, you can implement free shipping on Shopify and put your company on the road to success.

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