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7 Weird Halloween Dropshipping Products To Sell For 2023

by Irene Leander
7 Weird Halloween Dropshipping Products To Sell For 2023 - OneCommerce

Halloween unleashes our wildest dreams and allows us to indulge in our darkest cravings. It’s also a prime opportunity for dropshipping entrepreneurs to make a fortune, as the demand for Halloween products skyrockets.

However, to outshine your competitors, you must offer something extraordinary and unexpected. Fret not! We have the perfect solution for you!

In this article, we’ll disclose 7 of the most bizarre and awesome Halloween dropshipping products to sell in 2023. These products are not only fun and spooky, but also easy to source and ship from reliable suppliers.

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Why Should I Dropship Halloween Products in 2023?

Before we show you the product lists, let’s explore why it is a good idea to sell (and dropship!) Halloween products in 2023.

Halloween is an exciting time for many families, and that enthusiasm is reflected in the number of Americans who plan to celebrate the holiday this year.


Matthew Shay, NRF President and CEO

As the quote above from Matthew Shay – NRF President & CEO – suggests, Halloween is a huge festival for Americans. Halloween is the fourth largest holiday shopping day for online retailers and wholesalers, with a total spending of $10.6 billion in the US in 2022.

Halloween contributed to total spending of $10.6 billion in the US in 2022

Halloween contributed to total spending of $10.6 billion in the US in 2022 – Credit: NRF

This is a lucrative opportunity for dropshippers to boost their sales, as there is a high demand for Halloween products, such as costumes, decorations, and candy.

1. Some specific reasons why you should dropship Halloween products in 2023:

  • Halloween is a popular holiday with a large spending potential. According to the NRF (National Retail Federation), 69% of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween in 2023 and are expected to spend an average of $100.45 per household.
  • Halloween products are in high demand and are easy to sell. Halloween shoppers are often looking for unique and creative products, so there is a wide range of products that you can dropship. Additionally, Halloween products are typically seasonal, so they are less likely to go out of style.
  • Dropshipping Halloween products is a low-risk and low-investment business model. You don’t need to carry any inventory, so you can start a dropshipping business with very little upfront investment.

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2. How do people celebrate Halloween?

In 2022, based on the same NRF’s report, the most popular ways to celebrate Halloween included handing out candy (66%), decorating the home and yard (52%), dressing in costume (46%), carving a pumpkin (44%), and throwing or attending a party (25%).

Halloween decorations and costumes are expected to remain the best-selling products for Halloween 2023. On average, consumers plan to spend more than $100 for their Halloween items.

3. Total expected spending by Halloween category

The data for 2023 isn’t out yet, but in 2022, consumers spent the most on costumes at $3.6 billion. Most of these came from Adult costumes.

Halloween costumes contributed $3.6 billion in sales in 2022 in the USHalloween costumes contributed $3.6 billion in sales in 2022 in the US

Halloween costumes contributed $3.6 billion in sales in 2022 in the US – Credit: NRF

And the total spending on decorations reached the highest of $3.4 billion this year, much higher than pre-pandemic levels. But there was a sight drop in spending on greeting cards.

4. When do consumers plan to shop for Halloween?

Halloween is a seasonal event that lasts for a short period. Therefore, it is important to plan and start selling your Halloween products at the right time. You don’t want to miss the peak demand or end up with unsold inventory.

According to the NRF, consumers are shopping for Halloween earlier and earlier, especially online. In 2020, 45% of consumers planned to shop in September or earlier, and another 39% planned to shop in the first two weeks of October.

Consumers usually seek Halloween products early

Consumers usually seek Halloween products early – Credit: NRF

Following this trend, some consumers may have already started shopping for Halloween at the end of August. So, now is the perfect time for you to sell for Halloween!

Top 7 Weird & Best-selling Halloween Dropshipping Products

Every year, Halloween shoppers are looking for unique and creative products to help them celebrate the spooky holiday. This is where weird Halloween dropshipping products come in.

These products are sure to turn heads and get your customers talking. And because they’re in high demand, you can make a good profit on each sale.

Last year, consumers primarily sought Halloween inspiration online. With the increase in social media users and the rise of online shopping, more consumers are expected to find inspiration for Halloween on social media platforms.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are all potential sources of inspiration this year. As an online retailer, staying active on social media and showcasing your Halloween products is advisable.

To stay ahead of your customers, you should seek Halloween product inspiration early on. We have some of the weirdest and best-selling Halloween products on Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, and various social platforms. Hope these will inspire you:

  • Halloween floating LED candles
  • Halloween luminous eyeball doorbell
  • Witch hand candle holder
  • Halloween neon mask:
  • Halloween fairy wing for kids
  • Halloween metal candle holder
  • Raven statue Halloween décor

Let’s get into the details:

1. Halloween Floating LED Candles

  • Product cost: $5.5 – $11
  • Suggested selling price: $30 – $40

The first shoutout in weird best-selling Halloween dropshipping products is Halloween Floating LED Candles

Candles are a top choice for Halloween, as they bring a cozy and mysterious vibe to any home or party.

But these ain’t no average candles – they’re floating LED candles that can be stuck to the wall or ceiling with suction cups. They give off a flying illusion, adding a magical and eerie touch.

These candles run on batteries and come with a remote control to adjust brightness and flickering. Plus, they’re safe and smoke-free, unlike regular candles.

If you want to target Halloween enthusiasts looking for unique and attention-grabbing decor, these candles are perfect!

2. Halloween Luminous Eyeball Doorbell

  • Product cost: $8.6 – $13.6
  • Suggested selling price: $30 – $45

The second shoutout in weird best-selling Halloween dropshipping products is Halloween luminous eyeball doorbell

This spooky yet entertaining doorbell is a great way to greet your guests or trick-or-treaters. Perfect for Halloween enthusiasts who love pulling off hilarious pranks!

With its realistic eye that lights up and moves and an alluring message “push to ring”, it’s sure to give everyone a pleasant fright.

Made of durable plastic, this doorbell can be easily installed on any door using screws or adhesive tape. This convenience will instantly convince any potential buyers & make your dropshipping sales rocket.

3. Witch Hand Candle Holder

  • Product cost: $6.9 – $11.9
  • Suggested selling price: $34 – $37

The third shoutout in weird best-selling Halloween dropshipping products is witch hand candle holder

The witch hand candle holder is an excellent choice for those seeking a sophisticated and eerie product to sell this Halloween.

This item appeals to fans of witchcraft and dark aesthetics, as it is a resin sculpture of a witch gripping a candlestick. It can accommodate any standard taper candle and comes in black or white.

With its lifelike details and textures, this 9-inch tall and 4-inch wide centerpiece is perfect for tables or shelves.

300x250 copy

4. Halloween Neon Mask

  • Product cost: $1 – $4
  • Suggested selling price: $27 – $30

The fourth shoutout in weird best-selling Halloween dropshipping products is Halloween neon mask

A simple but effective product to dropship this Halloween is the neon mask, a plastic mask with LED lights that create a glowing effect in the dark.

With various designs available, including skulls, clowns, and animals, there’s something for everyone. You can observe the most trending characters in the year to choose suitable designs that will surely go viral.

As one of the best-seller items in recent Halloween, this mask is designed to fit most head sizes with its elastic band and comes with a convenient battery pack that can be clipped to your clothes or pocket. It also offers three lighting modes – steady light, slow flash, or fast flash.

Whether it’s for Halloween parties, festivals, concerts, or cosplay events, this neon mask will surely be a hit!

5. Halloween Fairy Wings For Kids

  • Product cost: $13 – $18
  • Suggested selling price: $45 – $55

The fifth shoutout in weird best-selling Halloween dropshipping products is Halloween fairy wing for kids

These flappable butterfly-shaped wings are perfect for costumes or dress-up play! Crafted from soft fabric with glittery details and colorful patterns, the wings are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the elastic straps around the shoulders and arms.

With dimensions of 18 inches wide and 15 inches long, they are suitable for children aged 3 to 8. Whether it’s Halloween or any other occasion, this adorable accessory is a must-have for parents looking to add fun to their kids’ outfits.

6. Halloween Metal Candle Holder

  • Product cost: $3.85
  • Suggested selling price: $15 – $20

The sixth shoutout in weird best-selling Halloween dropshipping products is Halloween fairy wing for kids

Our next Halloween dropshipping product is the metal candle holder. This versatile item can hold one or more pillar candles of different sizes and colors. It comes in various shapes and styles, such as pumpkins, spiders, bats, skulls, or haunted houses.

When the candles are lit, the cut-out patterns on the holder cast beautiful shadows. It is perfect for any table, mantel, or shelf with dimensions of approximately 10 inches tall and 6 inches wide. A perfect choice to sell to Halloween enthusiasts who want to create a cozy and spooky atmosphere in their homes!

7. Raven Statue Halloween Decor

  • Product cost: $3 – $6
  • Suggested selling price: $15 – $25

The seventh shoutout in weird best-selling Halloween dropshipping products is raven statue Halloween decor

As the final item on our list, this gothic masterpiece will transport you into the world of Edgar Allan Poe’s haunting poetry and the symbolic realms of death and wisdom. Crafted from resin or metal, this sculpture features a majestic raven perched atop a skull, book, branch, or pedestal.

This versatile piece is perfect for dropshipping, as your buyers will be pleased to showcase it on a desk, shelf, or even mantel! Not to mention, you can surely have a hit product when targeting fans of Halloween who adore literature, artistry, and all things macabre!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best niches to sell during Halloween?

Some of the best niches to sell during Halloween are:

  • Halloween costumes: The top-selling niche for Halloween, offering a wide range of costumes for all ages and even pets. Accessories like masks, wigs, hats, and makeup can also be sold to complete the look.
  • Halloween decorations: This niche includes decorations such as pumpkins, spiders, ghosts, skeletons, candles, lights, or banners. To create a scary atmosphere, you can also sell props, such as fake blood, cobwebs, or tombstones.
  • Halloween candy: This niche includes candy corn, chocolate bars, and gummy worms. To add fun and surprise, you can also sell novelty candy like eyeballs, teeth, or fingers.
  • Halloween games: Games are played at parties or gatherings to entertain and challenge the guests. You can sell games such as board games, card games, puzzles, or trivia. You can also sell accessories, such as dice, timers, or buzzers to enhance the gameplay.
  • Halloween party supplies: This niche includes plates, cups, and napkins. These are essential for hosting a successful Halloween party.
  • Halloween makeup and accessories: This niche includes face paint, wigs, and masks. These will complete any costume.

2. When should I start selling Halloween products?

As mentioned earlier, some customers have already started shopping for Halloween weeks or months ahead. Therefore, it is advisable to begin selling Halloween items early, typically in August or September.

Depending on the location of your supplier and the shipping method used, it may take several days or even weeks for products to reach customers. To ensure timely delivery, we advise you to maintain clear communication with your supplier and customers, track orders diligently, and provide tracking information.

Moreover, by starting selling Halloween products early, you can take advantage of the early demand and increase sales while avoiding competition and price wars later on.

However, it is essential to be well-prepared and organized. We’re talking about operations and marketing efforts: you should make sure you’re doing well on these to fully capitalize on the profitable opportunity during the Halloween season!

3. Is it better to have a 1-niche or a general Halloween dropshipping store?

This is one of the most common dropship questions we’ve observed for the Halloween season. Here are some pros and cons of each store type:

1-Niche stores:

  • Pros: 1-Niche stores can be more profitable because they cater to a specific target audience.
  • Cons: These stores can be more difficult to market because they have a smaller target audience.

General stores:

  • Pros: General stores are easier to market because they have a larger target audience.
  • Cons: These stores can be less profitable because they cater to a wider range of customers.

So, which one is better? There is no definitive answer, as both options have advantages and disadvantages.

For beginners, we recommend starting with a 1-niche Halloween dropshipping store. This will allow you to test and learn – you’ll always be able to switch to another niche if the first one is not successful. Also, the advertising cost for 1 niche is much lower than it is for various niches. Once you understand the market better, you can sell for more than 2 niches.

How to find the best winning products for this Halloween?

⭐ Here are a few tips on how to find the best winning products for Halloween:

  • Use a product research tool like Ali Hunter. Ali Hunter is the ultimate dropshipping tool that has everything you need to find your next winning product. You can filter products on AliExpress based on categories & sales data, and get to see which products are trending & how many suppliers are selling them (+ their sales prices) as well. It also comes with a Chrome extension that allows you to see product data and do research right on AliExpress.
  • Look at social media. Social media (like TikTok, Facebook, etc.) is a great way to see what kinds of Halloween products are popular. Pay attention to the products that are being shared and liked the most.
  • Read Halloween blogs and articles. Halloween blogs and articles are a great source of information about the latest Halloween trends. You can also find product recommendations in these blogs and articles.

Once you have a list of potential products, it’s important to evaluate them carefully.

⭐ Consider the following factors:

  • Demand: Is there a high demand for the product? You can use Google Trends or browse TikTok Creative Center to find inspiration & gauge demand.
  • Competition: You should do some spy work on other sellers and Ali Hunter can also help you with that. The tool can literally show you everything from how many sellers are selling it, where their stores are based, and even their real-time sales data for that particular product.
  • Profit margin: Based on your research about how much your competitors are selling the product and how much you plan to sell that product, you can estimate the profit margin. Remember that you should not aim for at least 20-30% profit margin.

Once you have evaluated all the factors, select the products you think have the best chance of selling well.


Halloween is a time for both fun and spookiness, but it’s also an opportunity to make money through dropshipping. With the high demand for Halloween dropshipping products, selling them can bring a good profit.

In this article, we’ve provided some top Halloween dropshipping products to sell in 2023 and answered some of your most frequently asked questions. We hope you found this article helpful and are now prepared to make the most of this festive season.

Have a happy Halloween and successful dropshipping! 🎃

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