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eBay Adopt Me Pets Useful Reviews For Players

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“eBay adopt me pets” is a top keyword on Google. Particularly, “eBay adopt me pets” reach 2.140.000 results on this search engine. It’s too obvious to see its virality. For that reason, below we will discuss the popularity of the keyword “eBay adopt me pets” as well as some basic information about this game and related issues such as eBay adopt me pets trading.

What is Adopt Me?

Adopt Me! is a Roblox game developed by Uplift Games. It focuses on adopting and caring for a variety of virtual pets through hatching eggs. Virtual pets are classified into five different groups: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary.

adopt me 1

The game is available free to play on the Roblox website and app for phones, tablets, PC, and Xbox One.

Adopt Me is developed by a diverse team of people living and working in many different countries. Their goal is to create a socially-positive game that adds meaningful value to the lives of millions of players in Adopt Me community.

Here is the trailer of this well-known game:

How many people play Adopt Me?

The game was averaging 500,000 concurrent players as of January 2021, making it one of the most popular and successful games on Roblox. As of 11 January 2022, it has received over 5 million likes and over 27 billion visits plus 23 million favorites.

Pet simulator Adopt Me! was the most popular Roblox game of all time!


What are Roblox Adopt Me pets?

Pets range in rarity from common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare to legendary.

The most common pets are the cat and dog. They are Adopt Me free pets, and anyone who enters the nursery for the first time receives a starter egg that hatches into a cat or dog.

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There are 71 other pets that hatch from eggs. The more expensive the egg is, the better your odds of hatching a rarer pet. Pets hatch from the same category of the egg. For example, a Jungle egg will only hatch a Jungle pet.

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Here are the 21 best and most valuable Adopt Me pets in 2022 (Only Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary pets):

  1. Shadow Dragon
  2. Monkey King
  3. Halloween White Ghost Dragon
  4. Giraffe
  5. Evil Unicorn
  6. Halloween White Skeleton Dog
  7. Owl
  8. Frost Dragon
  9. Arctic Reindeer
  10. Axolotl
  11. Phoenix
  12. Sasquatch
  13. Skele-Rex
  14. Snow Owl
  15. Halloween Golden Mummy Cat
  16. Peacock
  17. Kitsune
  18. Bat Dragon
  19. Parrot
  20. Deinonychus
  21. Ghost Bunny

Community for Fans

There is a community for people who love this game and want to know more information about pets as well as related things called Adopt Me! Wiki.

By joining this community, you can update the game’s new information with the “Latest Game Update” section.

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Lastest Game Update section

Moreover, the newbies can search for pets and related matters such as eggs, rarity, price, and so forth on this site’s “Explore Adopt Me! Wiki” section.

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Explore Adopt Me! Wiki section

One of the most interesting is that you can join and discuss your pets with Adopt Me experts and other players worldwide.

2022 05 10 160953 2

You can discuss with other players from all over the world, ask questions and share your views on Adopt Me! Wiki community

Besides, the site has already had rules or guidelines posts for whom wanna trade eggs on e-marketplaces and how to prevent them from getting scammed or banned.

Buying eBay Adopt Me pets with real money?

Today, it’s too easy to see Adopt Me pets on online platforms like eBay, Amazon, online website shops, etc. One of the most popular marketplaces for players who want to buy pets is eBay.

eBay Adopt Me pets were selling with diverse rarity (from common ones to legendary ones) and a wide range of prices. Sellers also sell eggs in all categories!

Is it worth buying eBay Adopt me pets with your real money?

Is it worth buying eBay Adopt me pets with your real money?

Can you get banned from buying eBay Adopt Me pets?

Adopt Me! trading items for Robux, real money, or “cross-trades” (items in other games) is against Roblox rules, and if you sell or buy Adopt Me items for real money or Robux, your account and all alt accounts will be banned. “Trust trades” are scams. Stay safe!

Here is an example of being banned because of buying pets on eBay:

As you can see The Adopt Me Team regularly track buyers and sellers which can lead to your account and get it banned because it is against their Term of Service.

Buying eBay Adopt Me Pets can get scammed?

You also can get scammed when trading eBay Adopt Me pets with real money. So don’t do this because it’s not worth your money.
Here is a perfect example of being scammed when buying an eBay Adopt Me pet of Cookie Cutter YouTuber:

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you have at least learned some information about Adopt Me!, eBay Adopt Me pets, and its trading rule on the eBay platform. Adopt Me! is an interesting game that everyone should try and start adopting special pets. However, let’s spend money with a cold head when you want to buy an eBay Adopt Me pet as well as prevent scammers.

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