BFCM Checklist 2023: Prepare for The Biggest Shopping Spree of The Year

by Kennedy Vo
BFCM Checklist 2022: Prepare for The Biggest Shopping Spree of The Year

Although the clock is ticking down, there is still time to prepare for your BFCM sales day. 

For customers, this is the highly awaited time for them to become a shopaholic as they could spend more than ever. Meanwhile, it is the best day for all businesses to clean up their inventories and increase sales while treating their customers with fantastic discounts. 

Yet, it can also be one of the busiest and most stressful periods of the year for them since they have a lot to do and prepare to end up with a massive revenue.

Consider this when every business, whether physical or online, is pouring advertising deals over customers across many places and customers are looking for these right now. So how can you stand out in the crowd?

The answer here is to run an effective BFCM marketing campaign. On such a hectic sales day, you can easily become the frontrunner by being well-prepared and implementing our killer strategies.

What is Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM)?

Black Friday Cyber Monday (or “BFCM”) is one of the biggest selling seasons of the year in North America. It starts on the Friday following American Thanksgiving each year and continues to the following Monday.

Retailers advertise discounts using mobile commerce trends in a variety of ways, including influencer marketing, social media, and SMS.

According to BFCM data from 2021, the average cart price for Shopify merchants was $100.70, and the peak sales per minute for all Shopify merchants were $3.1 million

The 2021 US holiday shopping season brought in more than $1.2 trillion, with a growth rate of 16.1% year over year, making it the highest retail growth in more than 20 years. 

Black Friday Cyber Monday is one of the biggest selling seasons of the year in North America.

The Origin of Black Friday

The day following Thanksgiving is Black Friday, a time for in-person and online shopping and it unofficially marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. 

Black Friday’s origins can be traced back to the late 19th century when President Lincoln designated the final Thursday of November as the Thanksgiving holiday. 

There was a misunderstanding, but in 1941, the Congress put an end to it by establishing a law that mandated Thanksgiving always fall on the fourth Thursday of November.

On Black Friday, both physical and online stores offer big discounts, and the majority of them start their offers around Thanksgiving night.

The Origin of Cyber Monday

After Black Friday, this is when the online-only event called Cyber Monday takes place. Cyber Monday sales were then introduced by online retailers in 2005 as a result of the growth of eCommerce. 

Retailers regularly extend Black Friday sales through Cyber Monday. To ensure that customers remain interested, retailers try to keep things interesting by continuing to offer great discounts and deals.

For instance, clothing shops may host a variety of sales only online on Cyber Monday in addition to 50% off everything on Black Friday, 30% off everything on Saturday, Buy one, Get one (BOGO), and 30% off everything on Sunday

BFCM checklist for the next 6 weeks

Now, the clock is ticking down to the sales days with 6 weeks to go. Yet, this is the time to come up with a strategy and kick off your campaign this year. You definitely have a plan for this year’s occasion and start to work on it.

Still, one thing I want to remind you of is the Black Friday inventory. You may have already decided what products to put on for sale and want to make the best out of them. So, you don’t want to discover that all of your inventory has run out on Black Friday or Cyber Monday with no way to restock it. That’s why you need to get ready with the supply chain now!

Besides, you need to build a plan for the products in stock that are recently not in demand. You can offer them big discounts to boost sales, clear inventory, and make room for the new product line to come.

In fact, there are a few tried-and-true tips that will support your BFCM marketing plan. With these tips, even starters can run a successful BFCM campaign!

pdf 1

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6 weeks countdown: Craft your BFCM promotional strategies

Now that you have built a page for BFCM, you need to come up with some promotional strategies that can convince visitors to buy your products. 

Offer discounts

Discounts offer is the best and easiest action that you can take to get more sales during BFCM. There are many types of discounts you can offer to your customers, such as:

  • Discount on cart amount
  • Volume/ Bulk discount
  • Buy one, get one free
  • Free gift with purchase 

And there are more you can apply in your campaign! Yet, these 4 examples are one of the most popular and effective discounts. 

  • “Discounts on cart amount” apply to your customer’s shopping cart balance. Discounts in terms of dollars and percentages can be tier-based on the total in the cart or they can add free shipping to a cart. If you apply this promotion to your business, you can decrease cart abandonment at the checkout. Customers are attracted to the benefits once they finish their transactions.
  • “Volume/ Bulk discounts” are discounts on a product purchase based on a specific minimum quantity or volume of products/services. This type of this count can be a good way to help you clear your inventory and boost sales.
  • “Buy one, get one free” is a sales promotion that encourages or rewards the purchase of one unit of the product by offering a second unit of the same product for free or at a significant discount. This can be used to create a sense of urgency in your customers and motivate them to act now rather than wait!
  • A free gift is given to customers who buy a particular product or spend a certain amount, as part of a sales tactic known as “free gift with purchase.” It is a great idea to make your customers feel happier as they all love the feeling of receiving something for free. You can increase customer satisfaction and improve their buying experience, which will encourage them to come back to your store.

Make your BFCM discounts biggerIf you are a Shopify Plus merchant, you can lessen the inconvenience of the checkout process using automated discounts. Without a discount code, you can design and automatically add discounts to a customer’s cart.

In case you are not on the Shopify Plus plan and wondering how to create automatic discounts for your Products details page and Cart page (if selected), OneUpSell will help you with this. 

Below are the instructions of how to create and apply the Volume/Bulk discount with OneUpSell in your campaign with 2 options:

Creating Threshold Spend Discount based on the Percentage Off or the Amount off:

When the total of a transaction surpasses one or more predetermined amounts, customers receive a threshold spend discount. For instance, you can create a discount that offers a flat $25 discount for orders over $200 and a 10% discount for purchases over $100.

To begin, users can access the Volume Discount tab from the Dashboard by clicking on the Bulk Discount section, then hit the Add Discount button.

  • Step 1: Create a discount 
    • Name the Volume Discount
    • Tap Set end date to select End Date, or the campaign will run until you turn it off.
    • Select Threshold Spend Discount and then choose Discount Percentage Off or Discount Amount Off
    • Fill in Threshold 1
    • Add Threshold if you want

Creating Threshold Spend Discount based on the Percentage Off or the Amount off

    • Decide if you want to calculate the cart total spend before or after other discounts apply
  • Step 2: Add products. You have 3 options: Apply to all products, Apply to specific products and Apply to any product in specific collections.
  • Step 3: Customize the design. Here you can toggle on the place you want to announce this discount.

you can toggle on the place you want to announce this discount.

  • Step 4: Activate your discount right away by clicking Save Active. Yet, to make the campaign inactive for the time being, click Save as Draft

Creating Threshold Quantity Discount based on the Percentage off or the Amount off:

When customers purchase a specific quantity of a product, they receive a quantity discount. For instance, a 20% discount may be given for buying two or more T-Shirts from a specific brand.

To begin, users can access the Volume Discount page from the Dashboard by clicking on the Flash Sales section and then, hit the Add Volume Discount button.

    • Step 1: Create a discount 
      • Name the Volume Discount
      • Tap Set end date to select End Date, or your campaign will run until you turn it off.
      • Select Discount Percentage Off or Discount Amount Off at Discount Type
      • Select Volume Type. There are 3 options: Mix Products, Same products regardless of product variants, and Same variant only
      • Fill in the Threshold 1
      • Tick Stackable Discount and Add Threshold if you want
  • Step 2: Add products. You have 3 options: Apply to all products, Apply to specific products and Apply to any product in specific collections.
  • Step 3: Customize design. Here you can select the places where the discount will be displayed, including Volume Discount in Product Detail Page or Volume Discount in Cart Page.

you can select the places where the discount will be displayed, including Volume Discount in Product Detail Page or Volume Discount in Cart Page.

  • Step 4: Activate your discount right away by clicking Save Active. Yet, to make the campaign inactive for the time being, click Save as Draft.

In the end, remember that not just discounts, but big ones regardless of the types you want to offer because most people wait until the Black Friday Cyber Monday occasion to shop for the best prices. 

This occasion offers many of them a special opportunity to purchase something that they otherwise might not be able to afford. Therefore, while a 10% discount may seem appealing on a regular day, people demand more on Black Friday.

Plan to boost sales with upselling or cross-selling 

If all you want is more sales than ever, don’t hesitate to try to upsell or cross-sell your items. There are some ways that merchants can apply to boost sales through these 2 tactics.

  • Curate a bundle of your products: This is one of the simplest methods to provide customers with more value and raise the average order value at your store. You can take this concept a step further by offering a mystery bundle of some of your greatest products at a substantial discount to customers who are prepared to purchase everything. 
  • Facilitate gift giving: Giving gifts to friends, family, and coworkers during this season is customary, which means that your customers are making purchases for both themselves and their loved ones. You can create a gift guide that helps customers to understand and show them why your products make wonderful gifts.

You can learn more about the Black Friday upsell tips if you want to get that chance of earning higher sales this shopping season.  

Expand your touchpoints, sell on multiple channels

Multichannel selling is the most efficient method to grow a business since it helps your business to get in front of as many people as possible and connect with them at various stages of the buying journey.

Merchants can use the insights they gain about their customers as a result of using numerous channels to enhance sales. Tracking their purchases also enables businesses to carry out targeted advertising and build brand recognition.

Everyone will be looking for sales and discounts on Black Friday. You can reach your target market by selling your goods on Google Shopping, Facebook Shops, or TikTok Shop. Customers are more likely to convert when you sell your goods directly to them at a location they often visit.

However, it is definitely a challenge to push product listings to the above channels and get them approved. Moreover, once your listings are live, it’s another challenge to manage multiple stores at the same time.

This is when Socialshop comes in handy. Socialshop is an app that allows Shopify merchants to sync, list, and optimize their product listings on Facebook Shop, TikTok Shop, and Google Shopping seamlessly. 

The app not only helps you sync product information, and manage all your listings in one place, but also gives you recommendations on how you should improve your product feeds to suit the channels’ requirements or policies. 

Here is a quick example of how you can use Socialshop to sync all the products from your Shopify store to Facebook Shop. All it takes is a few clicks. 

  • Step 1: Sign up or log into your Shopify account.
  • Step 2: Choose the Socialshop app after adding it to your store.
  • Step 3: Choose the Feed Center.
  • Step 4: Click “+Add feed” 
  • Step 5: From the pop-up window, choose Facebook Catalog & Shops.
  • Step 6: At this step, another window will show up to ask for permission to use your Facebook (or Meta) account.
  • Step 7: Once confirmed, you can create and name your product feed.
  • Step 8: Choose the products you want to sync to Facebook Shop.

You have the option to sync all of your Shopify catalog’s products or just some selected collections. Then, if you like, you may manually add particular products to your feed or include them by condition.

Bear in mind that regardless of the channels, you always need to run effective BFCM campaigns to maximize your sales. Again, Socialshop can help with that by providing you with the ability to optimize product feed such as editing or adding category-specific data fields, optimizing feed images, etc.

Group 1000005808

With the help of Socialshop, you now have your products promoted on multiple platforms for the upcoming BFCM. However, the next thing you need is to acquire more visitors to your online store to compete with other businesses, and running advertisements is the perfect way to go.

If you want to sell on multiple platforms effectively, you will need a well-built BFCM Ads campaign. This will not only help you build brand awareness, letting more people know about your business, but also attract more visitors to come and see what you will offer during this shopping season.  

Adopt a buy now, pay later (BNPL) service 

Given that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest shopping days of the year, you want to appear savvy to generate more sales. Offering buy now, pay later (BNPL) choices to customers is another technique to attract attention in addition to appealing discounts.

Buy now pay later

Buy Now, Pay Later

Amazon is a great example of an eCommerce platform partnering with other financial companies to launch its Amazon BNPL service to bring a more comfortable payment method to their customers.

For example, you want to buy a TV costing $800 through the Affirm BNPL service. You can choose to spread your purchase into installments over 3 to 48 months, with interest ranging from 0 to 30% annual percentage rate. Specifically, if you decide to divide your purchase into 12 monthly payments, you will pay $72.21 at 15% APR each month, or 4 interest-free payments of $200 every 2 weeks.

By incorporating this payment method into your eCommerce website, you can offer your customers the choice to purchase a product now and pay for it over time in a series of payments. Besides, there are some additional advantages of employing this payment method:

  • Higher rate of conversion: By providing them with affordable payment options and the ease of making installment payments using the Pay Later feature on your eCommerce website, you can retain these customers.
  • Increased order value: Customers can purchase expensive goods from you and pay over time in installments. They can make a purchase without having to make a sizable payment all at once thanks to this, enabling your business to place larger purchases.
  • Purchasing flexibility: Shoppers have more freedom and flexibility in their purchasing selections.

These are the most crucial things you need to do 5 weeks before BFCM. Nonetheless, you and your business can get really sweet results later on with the above practices.

5 weeks countdown: Prepare your BFCM flash sale landing page

It’s a good idea to have a special page for Black Friday at this stage because you are now full of terrific ideas and shoppers start looking for offers on this occasion very early. 

Your flash sale landing page should be in the “coming soon’’ status with a countdown timer ticking down to the day in order to increase their expectation.  

There are plenty of tools that can help you build a stunning BFCM flash sale landing page, and even the eCommerce platforms themselves also offer this functionality.

For merchants who are not using Shopify Online store 2.0

If you are now running an online store and plan to create a sales landing page dedicated to BFCM, you can opt for OneUpSellthe all-in-one flash sale and upsell solution. This app allows you to instantly build a flash sale page with battle-tested templates and schedule discount campaigns that will attract your potential customers.

Group 1000005804

Once you install the app to your Shopify app store, here is what you need to do: 

  • Step 1: Create new campaign
    • Select Flash sale
    • Tap Add campaign

Create a sales landing page dedicated for BFCM

    • Name and fill in the Start date and End date

Choose the start date of your BFCM campaign

  • Step 2: Select only the products you want to run flash sale campaigns: 
    • To add products: Tap Add product -> Tick box to select products (You can also tick the button next to Product to select all available ones) -> Apply filters by Collection or Product name/ ID -> Tap Add to finish.
    • To add variants: Tap down the ⬇ next (on the right-hand side of Product) to select which variants should be added -> Tick box the variants and tap Add.

Select only the products you want to run flash sale campaigns

  • Step 3: Select the template for the landing page that suits your storefront’s style.

Select the template for the landing page that suits your storefront's style.

  • Step 4: Design the custom template for each sales tool as you desire. Then, you can tap Save & Active to complete the campaign.
  • Step 5: Adjust the Campaign status and Delivery status. There are 2 Campaign status (ON / OFF) and 3 Delivery status (Coming soon, Active, Completed) on each campaign.
  • Step 6: You can start to add your landing page to Shopify via your Shopify Admin homepage.
    • Go to Online Store Navigation → Tap a menu you want to add the pages → Add Menu items → Fill in the Name and Link of your current campaign → Apply changesSave menu

You can start to add your landing page to Shopify via your Shopify Admin homepage.

For merchants who are using Shopify online store 2.0

If you are now using the Shopify theme 2.0, you can use OneSection to enhance your storefront even more for higher conversion rates.  

Come on, it’s BFCM season, you must take action to make your store stand out among competitors to gain an advantage. Some of the keys to win are: 

  • Ensure your customers have the easiest checkout process with the fastest shipping procedure.
  • Build store trust right on product pages. 
  • Create a sense of urgency, and encourage customers to check out before the sales end.  

With OneSection, you can add a shipping info section on your product pages which allows your customers to see how much and how long it takes for an order to be brought to their house. Click to learn How to Show Shipping Info By Auto-tracking Customer’s Geolocation!

With OneSection, you can add a shipping info section on your product pages

Besides, you can polish your brand and boost the conversion rate by adding testimonials which are written statements from your past customers describing how a particular product or service helped them. 

The “Testimonial Slider” feature provided by OneSection allows you to collect and display your best-performing testimonials authentically & aesthetically. Learn how to create testimonial sliders that go with your brand theme and establish greater trust with your customers now!

The “Testimonial Slider” feature provided by OneSection allows you to collect and display your best-performing testimonials

Furthermore, this app helps you leverage social proof from Instagram to boost credibility and reinforce your brand image or touch up your storefront with a stunning media gallery. 

Now, we will show you how to create a media gallery for your website within a few seconds.

  • Step 1: Tap Template
  • Step 2: Hit Create Section button at Media Gallery

how to create a media gallery for your website with OneSection

  • Step 3: Fill in Section Name
  • Step 4: Select Page and Position
  • Step 5: Click Style to add media type for the section
  • Step 6: Tap Create

Touch up your storefront with a stunning media gallery with OneSection

Note: The section will limit to a maximum of 50 images. Only JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF files with a maximum size of 5 MB are allowed to choose when uploading photos.

You can also customize your Media Gallery to whatever you want in terms of Cover height, Layout, Image background, etc. All of these components contribute to making browsing and conversion much faster.

Finally, OneSection allows you to add a countdown timer – a great tool that helps to create an urgency for buying and selling. You want your viewers to act and buy right away. Not later today, not in five minutes, but right now. You need to instill a sense of urgency in order to make that happen. 

Read our guide to create one for your page!

Group 1000005807

In addition to an outstanding and user-friendly page, merchants need to implement a transparent policy for shipping and payment methods. This action will offer a seamless checkout experience and payment process for your customers and increase their satisfaction.

4 weeks countdown: Segment & prepare email content

Email is the most successful medium for generating sales, outperforming “banner advertisements, social media ads, organic posts, and SMS by up to 108%,” according to CheetahDigital’s 2022 Digital Consumer Trends Index

With 1 month away from BFCM, you should start creating an email marketing campaign since people may enjoy daily discounts and offers in their inbox tabs. 

Segment your email recipients

Your BFCM emails will produce more revenue per recipient if they are more segmented and targeted.

We recommend 10 email segments below that you can use as a reference: 

  • Seasonal shoppers
  • Recent openers
  • VIP customers
  • Product browsers
  • Product category buyers
  • The one who hasn’t purchased (but is engaged)
  • Email ignorers
  • Almost purchasers
  • Geographic targets 
  • Gift givers

It’s crucial to customize offers for the recent openers, browsers, ignorers, the one who hasn’t purchased and almost purchased segments in order to encourage them to complete their purchase—or at the least, to open your emails.

You should only send an email to consumers who received their morning email but did not read it or place an order that day if you want to reach the segment of almost buyers.

Consider offering free shipping or a bonus gift with purchase to entice email ignorers. Meanwhile, to convert subscribers who didn’t open an email on the day of the sale, you can send them a “free shipping’’ plus a “free product’’ offer at 7 p.m. the day following Black Friday.

Once you have segmented your email recipients, all left to do is start sending out these messages. However, you cannot just send each email to each segment in your list. 

So, you should try Flowio – an app that allows you to create better-targeted campaigns with segmentation based on your customers’ information and behaviors with just a few clicks.Group 1000005806

Create email content 

Now, you need to come up with appealing and targeted content to focus on each type of customer. You should include some elements below to get more attention from your customers:

  • A clear message of the purpose of the emails
  • A strong and comprehensive description of your product or service
  • Good quality product photos
  • A sense of urgency (deadlines, CTA phrases, etc.)

You can also leak your deals early in your emails. For example, you can tease your biggest deals to your loyal customers and tell them the exact time when the deal is live. 

By doing that, they won’t just visit your website to explore but they will be aware of what they want when they come to you, which helps translate into faster sales.

Again, Flowio is a great tool for you in an email marketing effort since it offers a library of pre-built templates that can give your email a professional look. Besides, you can personalize your emails by adding personal information (e.g. first name) or order information (e.g. product name) using Content variants

If you need more BFCM email marketing ideas, kindly visit this blog for reference.  

3 weeks countdown: Double-check your website performance 

After you finish your preparation for the 2022 BFCM campaign, you need to test your website in order to see if there is anything wrong. It would be useless if you have everything set up but customers cannot place orders or proceed to the checkout. 

Try to replicate the problem (if any)

Maybe someone is experiencing problems adding a credit card because the payment information page won’t load. Find out what kind of device they are using, along with the browser and version.

Obtain screenshots to assist your team in replicating or reverse-engineering the issue being experienced. Additionally, you will need to eliminate “local” problems that might not be related to your website or servers.

By doing this, you will put yourself in your customers’ shoes and know exactly about their problems so that you can ultimately find ways that are best to help them.

Optimize website loading speed for mobile

Mobile sales from smartphones will total $432.24 billion in 2022, predicted by eMarketer. And there are even more several fascinating statistics:

  • In 2021, mobile devices accounted for 71% of BFCM purchases, while desktop computers accounted for 29%, according to Shopify.
  • Mobile push alerts surged by 114% during Cyber Week 2021, while email volume increased by 25% year over year, according to Salesforce.

bfcm statisticAs you can see, there is a significant demand for mobile online shopping. As a result, any e-merchant must optimize their website for mobile devices. Here are a few quick tips: 

  • Choose mobile-specific responsive themes and plugins for your website.
  • Personalize pop-ups, floating banners, sticky banners, or notification bars if you have any for mobile devices.
  • Give mobile-first customers the option of one-click purchases.
  • Utilize third-party Shopify page speed optimization apps like Swift

Group 1000005809

Simplify the checkout and payment process

It’s 3 weeks left, you might also want to ensure all of your customers have no issues while checking out and proceed with payment. Otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of money. 

You need to find ways to facilitate your customers’ checkout process and reduce cart abandonment. You can try using one of the Autofill Checkout Address tools in the market which shortens the number of keystrokes required and lowers the chance that the billing information may contain a typo.

This speeds up the online buying and checkout process and guarantees that orders are consistently delivered to the right addresses.

Simplify the checkout experience and payment process to boost BFCM sales

Besides, you can include dynamic checkout buttons to promote mobile transactions. 

2 weeks countdown: Start sending out your email, SMS, and activate promotion campaigns

Now, it’s time to send your promotional emails or SMS to your segmented customers. At the same time, you can start kicking off your campaign on other platforms. 

It’s highly recommended to leverage social media to promote your BFCM deals. Your checklist could be: 

  • Post a picture or a video to your profile on social media encouraging people to visit your BFCM page. 
  • Include a link to the BFCM landing page in your social bio so that people can quickly find it. 
  • Regularly update your Instagram or Facebook Story to let fans know that you’re having a Black Friday promotion. 
  • Changing your cover photo to highlight your Black Friday campaign as well since it is the first thing people see when they visit your social media page.

On your website, popups or other types of banners could help you spread your campaigns to as many visitors as possible. These pop-ups should be stunning and responsive to draw attention, and they need to show up at key moments like when customers are about to leave without making any purchase. 

7 days countdown: Last-minute checkup!    

At this point, you should be checking if everything is working fine. Again, you can send some announcements to your customers through Black Friday emails or other channels but this time, you need to convey a better sense of urgency to get them more aware of your campaign.

Fortunately, one of the best options for increasing the visibility of your campaign is to run Facebook and Google Ads. Try conducting some keyword analysis and running some short-term advertising with search terms like “black friday sale” for your promotions.

It’s BFCM time! Let there be a Shopping Spree!

The BFCM is happening now! And you want every customer coming to your site to have the best experience ever. Therefore, it is important to keep your eyes on the website all the time so that you can address and fix any customer problems as soon as possible.

To make it easier, there should be a Live chat that offers instant support to visitors. It will take a lot of their time to search around for the items they want or the support to their problems on their own. In the worst scenario, when they cannot find anything, they will leave and may not come back! 

Hence, you need to be always available along their buying journey in your store to help them out and lead them to the final stage of their journey. 

Create the FOMO effect on your customers and urge them to act now

Beware of the unexpected during BFCM

If you are at this stage, you definitely prepare well for your BFCM campaign. However, problems during this occasion are inevitable! Here are some of the problems you may encounter. 

Lagged or even timed out website 

During this occasion, your website can be flooded with people visiting. It is obviously a good sign but, on the other hand, it can cause the website to be lagged or even timed out. Customers cannot access the website, load the product page or do anything on your page. 

Payments errors 

This issue can be attributed to both customers and merchants. For customers, they may enter the wrong information or their bank service does not support the selected payment methods. Meanwhile, the checkout page can crash due to different technical problems.

Out of stock

Merchants will normally get into this situation as we’ve just mentioned above. Maybe, the sales are beyond their expectation or they run into trouble managing inventory, and the supply is halted for a while. 

Ready to act fast!

No matter which problems you will be facing, it is always a must to act as fast as possible to solve the problems and get your website back on track. Yet, prevention is better than cure. So, after you finish reading this, you’d better have yourself a backup plan or prepare some solutions for any hard situation you may encounter on that sales day.

The rush for BFCM is over. What’s next?

It is fantastic because the BFCM occasion allows you to make a lot of sales. However, a customer’s worth to your brand increases with time. Maybe, you want to convert those one-time buyers into devoted, lifelong clients

Send review request email for customer retention

After 3 days or 1 week of the sales day, you can send emails to customers who have purchased from you for product feedback. This is not only a method to gain insights but also a form of after-sales service that you can use to take care of customers and impress them with a positive image. 

By making the effort to get in touch with customers, you demonstrate that your brand genuinely values their purchase and is dedicated to offering a pleasant customer experience.

And you can always rely on Avada Email Marketing to prepare such review request emails. With its tons of pro prebuilt templates at your disposal, you can create stunning emails that truly reach your customers’ hearts for any campaign.

Analyze your BFCM campaign performance

It is necessary to reflect on your BFCM campaign performance after the occasion ends. You can gather data about your customers, sales, and turnover during the campaign to help you plan and run a better BFCM campaign in the future.

Analyze your BFCM campaign performance to prepare a better plan

Big brands usually have a team to conduct this task for them but for small businesses and individuals, you may be struggling a lot to find what you need and how to collect them, let alone how to break them down.

That’s when you can turn to TrueProfita tool that will track and analyze the value of each order and offer you the Profit and Loss Report of your Black Friday campaigns precisely. Besides, you can easily obtain information of all types of costs so that you will be able to calculate your revenue and profit.

Group 1000005805

Moreover, if you use Flowio in your email marketing campaign, you can access the report & analysis functionality to see in-depth insights into your audience’s behaviors.

Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers

In the end, you can send a quick thank-you email with a coupon for the next purchase to your customers who previously bought from you. This effort is focused on convincing them to return to your brand in the future and turn them into your loyal customers.

Ready, set, and prepare for BFCM!

The year’s greatest retail event is about to begin. Although it is anticipated that online holiday sales will rocket, there is no assurance that your website will benefit. 

Therefore, you need a solid strategy that accounts for everything, including mobile site performance and speed, multichannel promotions, shipping, and backup plans for stockouts and unforeseen problems.

Overall, we have outlined all the steps to help you in preparing for the BFCM in 2022. We wish you success in making your store as profitable as possible for this year’s shopping festival.

pdf 1
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