Swift V3.4.1: New Smart Booster for High-Accuracy Action Prediction

Haas Vi Ng Nov 03, 2022 914 views
Swift V3.4.1: New Smart Booster for High-Accuracy Action Prediction

Swift is delighted to announce Smart Booster, a new and advanced feature. The Smart Booster predicts your customers’ next move accurately. It helps improve page performance and provide a better user experience.

Meet the new Smart Booster

Boost Speed (Simple Preloading method) is a Swift feature that improves page speed instantly. It will predict resources based on mouse movement and make your site’s pages appear fast.

And Swift’s new Smart Booster feature is a big step up from the Boost Speed feature.

Connectivity to Google Analytics is a big differentiator between Boost Speed (the Simple Preloading method) and Smart Booster. Smart Booster requires that you connect it to your Google Analytics account before you can begin using it.

Google Analytics has a wealth of data about user paths. By analyzing Google Analytics data, Smart Booster can forecast customer behavior accurately and deliver materials before the customer requests them. It helps customers’ satisfaction increase since they are no longer disappointed by the site’s slow loading time.

One Click Page Speed Optimizer

<p>Boost your page speed and conversion rate in seconds!</p>

Boost speed now

Where can you find Smart Booster?

Access your Shopify Admin through the Menu and choose the Swift App to activate it. Smart Booster is on the left sidebar.

Smart Booster Preloading

To connect with Google Analytics, please read: How to get Smart Booster set up.

Smart Booster Preloading

Thanks to the straightforward one-click process, even inexperienced merchants can get up and running quickly.

To sum it up

Swift’s developers work tirelessly to enhance the app daily so that any merchant, regardless of their level of technical expertise, can use Swift’s features to their fullest potential, speeding up their site and increasing conversions. 

Stay tuned for further updates!

If you run into trouble during setup, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or email us at support@onecommerce.io.

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