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TrueProfit V50: Customize Profit Analytics Dashboard & 8 New Metrics!


In TrueProfit V50, you can customize your Profit Analytics dashboard, have more metrics to better understand your store performance, and more!

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SubBox V2.0: Retry Failed Payments & Fulfillment Schedule

In SubBox V2.0, we're so excited to bring you two big updates that will help reduce your churn rate and manage your subscription' fulfillment better!

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Transcy Metric


Transcy V4.26: Transcy’s Metric Reveals Profitable Languages in Your Store

Global customers bring global insights. We are delighted to announce the official release of Transcy’s Metric. This feature will reveal the languages most frequently used by your customers, the languages that make the most revenue, and potential languages you may be overlooking. Gain the information you need to grow Most orders & Total pageviews by […]

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Swift V3.5.1: Boost Google PageSpeed Insights Score With Optimize Theme

If you run a business and know how important it is for your website to load quickly, you have one obvious goal: to keep improving your page’s performance. Using Swift’s newest Optimize Theme engine makes speed-optimizing your store’s theme contents easier. Why you need an Optimize Theme tool Boost store speed and increase Google PageSpeed […]

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