OneEtsy V3.0: Sync Shopify Products to eBay in Clicks!

Alexandre Le Apr 07, 2023 898 views
OneEtsy V3.0: Sync Shopify Products to eBay in Clicks!
📢 From 13th June 2023, OneEtsy will be OmniSell. The rebranding is to better reflect our app’s vision and mission.

Today, we are so excited to bring a huge update to OneEtsy – you can now sync all your Shopify products to eBay Marketplace in just a few taps of your fingertips.

With this brand-new feature, we hope to help simplify your product listing management on eBay- a top global marketplace with 132 million shoppers.

Let’s discover: 

  • Why you shouldn’t miss out on eBay?
  • How does OneEtsy simplify your eBay’s product listing management?

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On eBay

If you’re not on eBay yet, let’s explore the top reasons why you should expand to eBay – a potential marketplace filled with endless sales opportunities:

  1. eBay has a vast customer base with 132 million active buyers. (Statista, 2022)
  2. Recent stats show that eBay is the second most visited eCommerce marketplace in the world with 590 million visits (Statista, 2022)
  3. Creating an eBay seller account is as easy as pie. You can set up an account and start selling within minutes.

Another big reason: We’ve just brought a big update to OneEtsy – you can now optimize and sync thousands of Shopify products to eBay effortlessly.

OneEtsy V3.0: Selling on eBay Made Easy!

OneEtsy now enables you to take your existing Shopify product data, bulk edit them to eBay format, and automatically sync them to eBay.

Particularly, with OneEtsy V3.0, you can now:

  1. Filter and sync Shopify products to multiple eBay stores with automatic updates.
  2. Assign eBay policy templates (shipping, payment & return policy) to similar products.
  3. Map Shopify product attributes to corresponding eBay attributes for all products at once.

Start Selling on eBay in Minutes, Not Months!

OmniSell seamlessly syncs your Shopify products to eBay and keep your product data real-time updated!

Sync Products To eBay

Try OneEtsy V3.0 Today!

With OneEtsy V3.0, the most boring and exhausting task – managing and updating product listings on eBay has never been simpler. So whether you plan to expand to eBay or are already selling on the platform, OneEtsy is sure to make your life easier!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team at 

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