OmniSell V3.3 Adds Full Auto Product Info Update Set for Easy Management

Haas Vi Ng Aug 16, 2023 196 views
OmniSell V3.3 Adds Full Auto Product Info Update Set for Easy Management

Learn about the benefits of OmniSell’s Full Push Automation – the better way to work! With advanced automation tools, you can effortlessly push product information across multiple sales channels, revolutionizing your product management. 

Update product information with ease

Managing product information across different sales channels can sometimes feel like a chore, but with OmniSell V3.3, it doesn’t have to be anymore. We are excited to introduce super convenient methods for updating your product information!

Update product information across multiple sales channels

  • Manual update: This lets you update product information across all channels with just one click.
  • Auto-daily update: Say goodbye to repetitive tasks! With the auto-daily update feature, you can schedule automatic updates. Set it up once, and your product information will remain consistent across all channels.
  • Overwrite: Choose from a plethora of essential attributes for auto-daily updates, empowering you to update your products effortlessly:
    • Product Info:
      • Product Title
      • Product Description
      • Product Image
      • Product SKU
      • Dimension
      • Weight
    • Variant Info: OmniSell knows variation management is challenging. We provide you the power to select between Replace and Update.

Replace: When you replace variant information, OmniSell will seamlessly update your existing channel variants with new data sourced from the Product Center. If any issues arise with the latest updates, we will ensure that the previous versions remain intact to avoid disruptions to your sales.

Update: With the update option, OmniSell intelligently modifies your existing channel variant information based on the variant traits (e.g., Color, Size) from the Product Center. Any variants that do not match or have errors will be skipped, ensuring a smooth and error-free synchronization process.

  • Variant Trait
  • Variant Value
  • Variant Image
  • Variant Price
  • Variant Quantity
  • Variant SKU

Auto-modify to avoid losing out on market changes

Adapt quickly to changes in the eCommerce market with OmniSell’s Auto-Modify feature. Our app keeps your product information flawlessly up to date, effortlessly satisfying channel standards. You no longer need to keep track of shifting requirements – OmniSell has you covered! 

But that’s not all: with the auto-modify feature, you’re in control. Take complete control of the changes made to your items. You can customize your strategies from various options.

Don't Lose to Market Changes

Automate and adapt to channel standards effortlessly, leaving you worry-free about changing requirements.


Smart price adjustment across marketplaces

OmniSell empowers you to master your pricing strategy. Our new feature allows you to easily and quickly adjust product prices for each store using the price settings defined in the Product Center. You can change prices based on cost (USD) or apply percentage changes. 

This feature is available for Pro, Plus, and Business plans.

In-app Quick Guide

Update product information across multiple sales channels

We’ve included an in-app quick guide to help you get up and running with OmniSell faster and maximize its features. Improve product management using the in-app guide’s detailed instructions, valuable ideas, and suggested practices.

You work hard, now work smarter

Advanced automation features from OmniSell will transform how you push product information across multiple sales channels, saving you time and effort while maintaining consistency and accuracy.

Take advantage of these cutting-edge features to supercharge your product management workflow. Happy selling!

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