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Top 3 Linkedin Competitors You Must Try In 2023

by OneCommerce
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Linkedin competitors are countless in terms of platforms on which job hunters are landing. However, are there any websites big enough to compete with Linkedin? 

The statistics below will astound you due to the scope of Linkedin. 

It has 820 million members from 200 countries and regions worldwide, in which. 49 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week (Source: Hootsuite Digital Trends Report 2022). That’s a lot, right? 

We have to admit that this platform has many outstanding features attracting both recruiters and job hunters such as the wide connection with prospective companies, a sheer volume of suitable jobs, etc.

The overview of Linkedin

The overview of Linkedin

So, why do you have to research other platforms having the same features as Linkedin? Why are you reading this blog post convincing you to seek anywhere else? 

Linkedin seems to be perfect with people all over the world who are hunting for a job, however; it still has some downsides.

Therefore, if you know other platforms and then try to use both Linkedin and another job-posting website that suits you, you will have more opportunities to optimize your time for finding a better job. 

Here’re the top 3 LinkedIn competitors you must try in 2023. 

#01. Xing 

What is Xing?

Xing was founded in 2003 in Hamburg and operates with the same functions as LinkedIn. Although its primary market is Germany, now this website is used by people from over 200 countries.

You can upload your CV to Xing to show your previous jobs, career ambitions, and interests. It can then simply connect you with possible employers. Furthermore, Xing can assist you in expanding your professional relationships with experts or businesses, which can enhance your job opportunities.

The interface of Xing- one of Linkedin competitors

The interface of Xing- one of Linkedin competitors

The pros of using Xing

Basically, Xing offers the same functions as Linkedin. However, its interface is more user-friendly than Linkedin. 

By filtering keywords, work experience, industry, and other factors, Xing can help you quickly find the jobs that are appropriate for you. It will bring you jobs that are similar to the ones you’re looking for.

The cons of using Xing 

Xing targeted the German and Austrian markets, whereas LinkedIn aimed for a global audience. As a result, Linkedin’s customer base will be larger than Xing’s, making it easier for you to find work on Linkedin. 

However, Xing is really effective if you live in the DACH region, which includes Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Because most recruiters on this site prefer German speakers over English speakers.

#02. Fiverr

What is Fiverr? 

Slightly different from LinkedIn, Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with business owners and allows them to collaborate on projects. If you’re seeking freelancing work but aren’t finding them on Linkedin yet, Fiverr is a great option. 

In 2020, Fiverr has 3.42 million active buyers from over 160 countries.  According to statistics, freelancers now make up 35 percent to 40 percent of the workforce. By 2030, this figure could have risen by 80%. 

In addition, 73 percent of these freelancers use freelancing platforms to get employment, such as Fiver. 

The data above illustrate that as society changes, the number of people who choose to work as freelancers will rise.

The interface of Fiverr- one of Linkedin competitors

The interface of Fiverr- one of Linkedin competitors


The pros of using Fiverr

Why do we recommend you try Fiverr?  

You will have more opportunities to find a freelance job on Fiverr than on Linkedin. Because Fiverr existed for more than a decade in the freelance market while Linkedin which rolled out its freelance service in 2021 is just an incumbent disruptor.  

When you work with Fiverr, you will be exposed to a variety of projects that will challenge yourself. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from Fiverr businesses. In the long term,  you can come up with a novel idea for setting up your own business from there.

The cons of using Fiverr

First and foremost, it’s all about the money you have to pay in order to earn jobs on Fiverr. They will charge you 20% per order that you complete and get other fixed service fees. If one of your gigs pays you $5, Fiverr will deduct $1. Isn’t 20% a really high proportion?

Next thing, if you’re new to Fiverr, it’s freaking hard to get the first job. Because you don’t have any customer reviews when you’re just starting out. Besides that, clients don’t want to take risks in hiring you while they have thousands of options from top experienced freelancers on the platform. 

However, as long as you’re patient to get the first job, don’t give up no matter how many declines you received from clients, everything will go with the flow. 

#03. Indeed 

What is Indeed? 

Indeed is the best option for you if you don’t want to spend too much time on Linkedin developing connections and trust with prospective recruiters.

It was created as a job listing board. You only type your dream job in terms of keywords, job title, or industry, and then the site will offer a comprehensive listing of available job openings. 

The interface of Indeed - one of Linkedin competitors

The interface of Indeed – one of Linkedin competitors

Indeed is the #1 job-seeking site in the world. Because…

“According to the data, 65% of all U.S. hires made from online sources in 2017 could be attributed to Indeed, with percentages for each of the other four competitors hovering below 15%.  The gap has widened significantly over the course of five years — Indeed started with a 35% share in 2012, and steadily increased its lead.” (Source: Indeed.com )

Chart shows the popularity of Indeed

Chart shows the popularity of Indeed

The pros of using Indeed 

Indeed is a free service that connects job seekers with employers. It’s simple to find suitable jobs through the filter including keywords, titles, industries, and locations. On Fiverr, you can find internships, freelancing work, and part-time jobs posted regularly. 

This platform is very easy to use. Candidates can upload and save their resumes to apply for positions more quickly. Besides that, it also has a friendly-mobile app interface, so you can easily keep track of available jobs and apply for them at an appropriate time. 

The cons of using Indeed

With over 250 million unique visitors every month, every job posted on Indeed is very competitive. Another point, in some countries, Indeed is not available for job hunters. 


We are not attempting to encourage you to abandon Linkedin in favor of its competitors. Every platform offers unique characteristics that you should make use of in order to land your dream job.

Before you start using a platform, do some research to see if it’s appropriate for the positions you want to pursue or not. From that, you can then better allocate your time to job searching.

Are you ready to try the top 3 Linkedin competitors and alternatives in 2023? 

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