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Etsy Logos & All You Need to Know About in 2023

by OneCommerce
Etsy logos

Etsy is one of the largest marketplaces that sell handmade, jewelry, clothing, art, and more. Most of the sellers on Etsy are artists, crafters, and collectors. Therefore, if you are one of them, you should have good-looking Etsy logos for your own store.

A good-looking logo helps you separate from the competition and stand out. A good-looking logo also makes a strong first impression and is a way to communicate ownership over the products you sell. 

Now, let’s find out what a logo really is!

A logo is a vital element made of text and images that identifies a business. In particular, a logo is a combination of a brandmark, a logotype, and a tagline.

The logo of Etsy. Source: Etsy.com

The logo of Etsy. Source: Etsy.com

So, how does a good logo help your store stand out? 

A good logo can make your customers easily recognize your Etsy shop. Moreover, good Etsy logos show what the store is about and what the brand value. 

What makes good Etsy logos?

A good Etsy logo consists of many things, and there are 3 important elements that you should know.

Appropriate fonts and typography

Choosing suitable fonts for your logo is important because they build harmony, establish visual hierarchy, and define your brand’s overall tone. 

Choosing the right font for your Etsy logos is important

Choosing the right font for your Etsy logos is important

For example, a serif font is elegant, while a san-serif font gives your logo a modern look. 

Flexible scalability

Sometimes, you need to shrink your logo to fit into a smaller space. In this case, your logo should be simple enough to be understood and recognized in small sizes.

Simple color scheme

If you add too many colors, your logo will distract your customers. Therefore, you should avoid using multiple colors in your Etsy logos.

Top 3 visual elements of building a brand on Etsy

Visual elements are the foundation of art and design. They consist of line, shape, color, etc. However, this blog is about Etsy, so most examples of visual elements will relate to it.

Etsy listing graphics

Usually, customers will see your listing images first when they are browsing. As a result, it’s crucial to catch their first attention so that they will click and hopefully purchase something from your store. Besides, your listing images could be a good place to showcase your brand personality.

So, how do you create eye-catching listing images? Actually, you can follow these steps below to make some appealing listing images:

  • First, you should have a clean background that doesn’t distract from your product and avoid a messy background.
  • Second, you should check your competitors to see what they’re doing with their backgrounds. Let’s say everyone in your niche is using a dark background. It would be a fantastic idea to try something different and use bright colors.  
  • Third, you should add some important information to your product images. This listing image from ElizbStudio includes some information that shoppers are looking for. 
Source: ElizbStudio - Etsy logos

Source: ElizbStudio – Etsy logos

Etsy branding kit

You can not customize your entire Etsy store, but you can change these 2 things to showcase your brand:

  • Shop Banner & Cover Image: This is a great place to showcase your popular products. Therefore, you should use your brand’s font and colors in the design. 
Source: YourDesignerAsh - Etsy logos

Source: YourDesignerAsh – Etsy logos

  • Shop Icon & Profile Picture: You can use the shop icon in places like the shop home page, messages, and order receipts. Additionally, having a shop icon is part of being a professional and reputable Etsy seller. 
LunaTideDesigns features their jewelry in the cover image and uses their brand font in the shop icon

LunaTideDesigns features their jewelry in the cover image and uses their brand font in the shop icon

Social media

Many handmade businesses use social media as a popular tool to promote their Etsy stores because it offers chances for branding.

Social media - Etsy logos

Social media – Etsy logos

The critical features include things like your profile photo, Facebook page banner, highlights from your Instagram story, etc.

On top of that, you should keep your brand’s personality and target audience in mind while developing content for social media. Besides, using typefaces and colors that match those of your brand is a good idea. 

Intangible elements of your brand

Intangible elements are the beneficial elements that provide a personal connection to the product. These 3 factors below will help you promote your store. 

Brand story

To engage your customers, you should tell them an interesting, meaningful, and unique brand story. You have different ways of telling your story. 

A brand story is the most important factor to connect your customers to the products

A brand story is the most crucial factor to connect your customers to the products

For example, you can share important details about your business’s history. You can also include some funny moments, such as how many Etsy logos you have declined before choosing the current one. 

If you have an engaging story, your brand will successfully show your personality to shoppers, making you more approachable and personable. 

Product descriptions

Product descriptions are a good area to show your brand voice as it tells stories and explains the details. Moreover, your customers want to know, love, and remain loyal to your company’s personality, as they would an old friend through the stories. However, product descriptions are often overlooked.

Product descriptions are a good place to show your brand voice - Etsy logos

Product descriptions are a good place to show your brand voice – Etsy logos

As a result, you should pay more attention to your product descriptions. If you’re writing them with your brand voice, you will stand out from most of your competitors. 


The last intangible element of your brand is marketing. 

The marketing goal is to “help businesses grow effectively and reach their highest potential for ROI by promoting brands, products, and services” – Indeed.

Make sure your promotional material is consistent with your brand voice

Make sure your promotional material is consistent with your brand voice

You should note that all your promotional material should be consistent with your brand. For example, the caption of your social media post should reflect your brand voice.

Final words

Designing Etsy logos for your own store can be challenging. However, if you can create your logo with the top 3 tips above, and most importantly, your brand voice, you will succeed in attracting your customers. 

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