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8 Awesome Rare eBay CorningWare Patterns And Designs

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CorningWare cooking tools are very famous worldwide. Nowadays, people can get CorningWare products through online channels and markets. They usually buy it for cooking and collecting as vintage decorations.

This post will give you some basic knowledge about this well-known company and its products. Moreover, we highly recommend you eBay CorningWare if you want to get CorningWare items.

What is CorningWare?

CorningWare was introduced in 1958 as sophisticated glass-ceramic cookware. It was made from Pyroceram, a NASA space shuttle cone material. The first CorningWare was created by Corning researchers who were looking for that one convenient solution for cooking.


CorningWare tools were resistant to heat shock, allowing them to be moved from the freezer to the oven, microwave, or broiler without shattering. They may be easily cleaned with any dishwasher.

New CorningWare implements made by Pyroceram

Vintage CorningWare

Many collectors appreciate the value and practicality of vintage CorningWare. Not only is it fun to display, but it can also be used in the oven, freezer, refrigerator, or microwave.

Although CorningWare is still in production, the term “vintage CorningWare” refers to items that were made prior to 1999.

CorningWare was made of Pyroceram a ceramic-glass invention from S. Donald Stookey in the early 1950s. This material could withstand very high temperatures, making it a good choice for kitchenware and other uses.

Vintage Corning Ware Floral Bouquet Saucepan With Lid 1 Litre Capacity FBA 1 1970s

eBay CorningWare

You can source CoriningWare even vintage or modern on plenty of online markets such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and so forth. One of the most prestigious markets for searching CorningWare products is eBay. 

On eBay, you can receive more than 30.000 results for the keyword “CorningWare” with a wide range of patterns, prices, and rarity. 

30000 corningware

It’s more than 19.000 results for the keyword “vintage CorningWare” 

19000 vintage corningware

The price of eBay CorningWare could be up to £16.000 (for a set of 4 pieces) or approximately £6.000 for a dish. 

example foe eBay Corningware

However, some eBay CorningWare items have affordable prices.

affordable price

8 Rarest eBay CorningWare Patterns And Designs

In recent years, vintage CorningWare has become a collector’s item. Some of those mundane little dishes can be worth thousands of dollars now if the condition is good and the pattern is right.

It’s quite easy for you to find some rare eBay CorningWare items with special patterns and designs. Here are the 8 rarest eBay CorningWare patterns and designs that you should have in your pantry right now:

Wildflower Casserole Dish

  • Model: Wildflower
  • Size: 11/2 QT
  • Color: White with orange/yellow flowers

The Wildflower square casserole dishes are classic CorningWare. 

Both the baking dish and casserole dish came in 7-piece sets and stacked into a “wildflower tower.” They took advantage of popular earth-toned designs of the time, with those bright orange poppies to spice up the kitchen circa 1978.

At an auction, one or multiple wildflower casserole dishes complete with the Pyrex lids can sell for $80 or more.

Wildflower Casserole Dish

Renaissance Casserole Dish

  • Model: Renaissance
  • Size: 1.5 Qt – 4 QT
  • Color: Cream

This cream-colored covered casserole dish has a rare “Renaissance” pattern on the side.

The 1.5-QT version featured a detailed drawing of ship masts at a port, with old drawn carriages filing to the left and right in the foreground as people look on. The 4-QT version showed a Renaissance-era city skyline, Stockholm’s seaport to be exact, completely with steeples.

The pen-style sketching certainly sets the Renaissance crockery apart from other CorningWare casserole dishes, which tend to favor more rural decorations.

A stamp on the bottom read “For Range & Microwave.” It frequently sells online for around $100 or more.

Renaissance Casserole Dish

The limited edition of the 4-QT Renaissance casserole dish, which is the most valuable eBay CorningWare product, came with a trivet ware dish holder. It had a round wireframe base with two straight wooden handles so you could easily transport the dish between the stovetop and the table.

Atomic Starburst Black Star Casserole Dish

  • Model: Black Atomic Star
  • Size: 4 QT
  • Color: Black/white

The Atomic Starburst Black Star casserole dish contrasted with the usual floral patterns of these dishes. On the side, it had a single stenciled black star design called the black starburst, like a retro 50s space symbol, and no other markings.

There was a dish version that sat lower to the counter and a tall, 4-QT Dutch oven with the same patterning. These dishes complete with the domed Pyrex lids sell for a couple of hundred dollars on eBay auctions.

CorningWare also sold a percolator with the Black Atomic Star pattern. In fact, most of their patterns came with complimentary percolator variants.

Atomic Starburst Black Star Casserole Dish

Daisey Teapot

  • Model: Daisy
  • Size: Clear
  • Color: $275+

This clear etched teapot by CorningWare was made in 1919 in a limited amount. It’s made completely from Pyrex and features a lovely vintage pattern etched into the side – daisies, including their stems and leaves.

This teapot brought the same heat-resistant performance as the kitchenware to a quiet afternoon with a good cup of tea. At the auction, these rare eBay CorningWare pots sell for around $275.

Daisey Teapot

Range Topper

  • Model: Blue Cornflower
  • Size: 5 QT
  • Color: Blue/white

The coveted Blue Cornflower pattern here decorates a 5-QT range-topper. Over normal CorningWare, this pot has improved heat distribution to be used directly on a heat source. However, like any CorningWare product, it resists thermal stress, which in this case means that it heats up and cools down very slowly.

This sizable eBay CorningWae range-topper with the blue cornflower design sells for $300 or more at eBay auctions.

Range Topper

Le Romarin Spice of Life Casserole Dish

  • Model: Le Romarin Spice of Life
  • Size: 1 QT
  • Color: Multi

This won’t be the last time on this list that we talk about CorningWare’s L’Echalote La Sauge pattern, or “Spice of Life.” It featured a now-iconic design of fruits and veggies on the side of several casserole dishes. 

This one, the Le Romarin 1-QT dish, now sells on eBay for $1,200 or more in eBay auctions. It had a clear lid and a stamp on the bottom that said, “Le Romarin.”

Le Romarin Spice of Life Casserole Dish

Cornflower Casserole Dish

  • Model: Blue Cornflower
  • Size: 11/2 QT
  • Color: Blue/white

Blue Cornflower CorningWare could refer to any of three beautiful, flowered casserole dishes that came in various sizes. The blue flower pattern was the first CorningWare ever released, which raises its rarity, mystique, and value.

They could come in full 13-piece cookware sets that sell for quite a bit. Even the original dish itself with the glass lid can sell for $1,600 or more on eBay auctions.

There were original versions of the original Cornflower Blue CorningWare dishes that had sloped sides. If you see them, then the dishes are even older and (probably) even more valuable than the norm.

Cornflower Casserole Dish

Spice of Life Casserole Dish

  • Model: L’Echalote La Sauge (Spice of Life)
  • Size: 4 QT
  • Color: Multi

The rarest CorningWare pattern is the Spice of Life 4-QT casserole dish. The whole line of L’Echalote La Sauge or Spice of Life pattern CorningWare dishes has become valuable. Mint condition 4-QT casserole dishes with this pattern can sell on eBay for $4,000 or more, making them the rarest pattern out there.

The iconic decoration on the side features fruits and veggies, including garlic, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and artichokes on a field of herbs. For vintage original CorningWare dishes, look for the stamp on the bottom, as well as the original clear lid.

Spice of Life Casserole Dish

Cleaning Tips 

Let’s keep your vintage CorningWare in the best condition by following these cleaning tips:

  • Do not wash in the dishwasher or use dish soap with lemon. It will fade the design and ruin the finish.
  • Baking soda mixed with water is a cleaning option. Just rub it gently and rinse thoroughly for sparkling CorningWare.
  • A denture cleaner may also work for cleaning. Cover the dish with warm water and drop in two or three denture cleaning tablets.
  • If the piece has gray streaks, it means that the finish is wearing off. There is nothing that can be done about that.

Final thoughts

People like using CorningWare because of its unique designs and usefulness. Some collectors want to collect them because they love their patterns and historical value as well as their rarity. Moreover, CorningWare items are a wonderful way to outfit a kitchen.

Finally, you can buy vintage and modern CorningWare on e-markets like eBay. eBay CorningWare items vary from size to patterns, designs, and prices. Hopefully, you can choose your suitable and favorite CorningWare items on eBay for your kitchen.

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