TrueProfit V45: ‘Bundling Analytics’ – A Key To Your BFCM Campaign Success

Alexandre Le Oct 17, 2022 666 views
TrueProfit V45: ‘Bundling Analytics’ – A Key To Your BFCM Campaign Success

BFCM is rolling in, to prepare you for the upcoming ‘sale battle’, in TrueProfit V45, we’re so excited to release a big update we know you’ll love- it’s the Bundling Analytics

In addition, to help you calculate your COGS more accurately, also in this version, you can set the COGS of each product by tier.

Let’s see in more detail what TrueProfit’s latest version has to offer!

Run BFCM effectively with ‘Bundling Analytics’

To help you identify which bundles to cross-sell, upsell and promote in the upcoming BFCM, we’re delighted to finally made it in time and bring you the Bundling Analytics

As you’ve logged in to your account, click on Dashboard > select Product Analytics. Herein, you can see the Bundling tab that has just been added for you.

Here are the bundling metrics you could see:

  • For each best-selling product, you’ll see 5 products that are most frequently bought together with it
  • Top 10 best-selling products
  • Top 3 best-selling combos

💡 The 3 metrics above can be calculated on your store’s historical data within 4 time ranges. If you want to see which products are currently trending, you could select “Last 3 months”. For more info on which products generate steady income, pick “Last 6,9, or 12 months”.

Now that you know which products and bundles are working, we hope you could leverage these valuable insights to run sales campaigns effectively this BFCM!

Discover your best-selling bundles in minutes!

Effectively cross-sell your customers with the bundles that work!


Calculate COGS more accurately with tiered settings

Another big update we want to bring you with TrueProfit V45 is Tiered pricing COGS. To be more specific, you can now set COGS by tiers. With this important update, we hope to better track your exact COGS, and most importantly, show you more accurate profits & losses

Take a look at the example below for a better understanding:

  • Unit 1:      $150
  • Unit 2-5:   $125 per unit
  • Unit 6-10: $100 per unit

If your order has 6 products, the COGS is then: $150 + $125×4 + $100 = $750.

Try TrueProfit V45 Today!

And that’s all the bits and pieces of TrueProfit V45, should you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team at 

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