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How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

by Irene Leander
how to cancel Linkedin premium

LinkedIn Premium enhances LinkedIn with features such as unrestricted InMail communications with Linkedin members who haven’t been in your private contacts, availability of internet training programs, depth insights about who is visiting your account, and much more.

However, it is somewhat pricey, commencing at $29.99 monthly, so you should only enroll if you are looking for employment.

Here are some critical considerations that you need to take into account before making the decision and the guideline on how to cancel your Linkedin Premium Subscription.

LinkedIn Premium – The Outstanding Capabilities

The major distinction between LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Basic is the extent to which your network is extended. Hence, you will be able to obtain accessibility to individuals beyond your connection, online professional training, and analytics on your personal action with a Premium subscription.

Additionally, you can also deliver InMail conversations rather than merely getting them if you have LinkedIn Premium. This is similar to a direct message in that it is delivered to the recipient’s email address as well, providing it a larger presence than the Basic messaging option, which can be accessed on the platform.

Furthermore, subscribers can also see the previous five persons who accessed their page, and so is anyone who browsed their portfolio over the last 90 days, with LinkedIn Premium.

Finally, Premium customers may see their whole platform’s top 100 contacts, and how these people compare to other users.

The most significant disadvantage of LinkedIn Premium is the cost. Based on the bundle you choose, it ranges from roughly $30 monthly to nearly $120 a month for a yearly subscription.

As a result, it’s only a good idea to pay for LinkedIn Premium if you’re actively looking for work or candidates. To lower the expense, you might take into account deactivating LinkedIn Premium once you’ve finished.

LinkedIn Premium Subscription – The 5 Critical Packages for Your Trial

Holding a Premium LinkedIn Profile comes with several benefits. Premium exposure and insights are exactly what they mean. To be more specific,  LinkedIn offers five different Premium options for Premium Career and Premium Business:

  • Premium Essentials
  • Premium Pro
  • Premium Sales Navigator Core
  • Premium Recruiter Lite
  • Premium LinkedIn Learning

The basic (free) account simply empowers you to receive messages; otherwise, you must be linked first, and you can also see who has viewed your biography in the last five days.

You can carry at least 5 messages every month with Premium, enabling you to initiate dialogues with possible customers or clients, among other things, based on the package you choose.

Check LinkedIn Premium Plans features differentiation at LinkedIn Premium Features.

Canceling LinkedIn Premium – Key Considerations

Because a LinkedIn Premium subscription can be costly, many people sign up for it but then quit before using all of its capabilities. Thus, you should take into account several considerations before making a final decision:

  • After canceling a subscription, your spending will halt instantly, and you will lose exposure to Premium capabilities when the late subscription cycle finishes.
  • At the expiration of the payment period, you will also lose accessibility to all earned InMail credits. It will not be returned.
  • Thirdly, strictly scrutinize whether you have completely leveraged all capabilities provided by the premium services? Did you beat all the targets that you expect to acquire through purchasing LinkedIn Premium Plans? Or whether you used the innovative search engine to its full potential? Admittedly, the sophisticated search option isn’t adequate on its own to help you identify like-minded people to collaborate with.

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium on Your Computer?

Your options for canceling LinkedIn Premium depend on the method you used to get a subscription.

If you bought your LinkedIn Premium subscription while you were using the LinkedIn desktop site, then you can cancel your subscription from a desktop browser, a mobile browser, or the mobile app.

Follow the steps below to cancel your Premium subscription from a browser:

  1. Select the “Me” symbol from the upper-right side of the LinkedIn website.
  2. Choose “Access My Premium” from the resulting dropdown list.
  3. Press the “Manage Subscription” option on the right section of the window.
  4. Select “Cancel Subscription”, which is located beneath the “Manage subscription” attachment.
  5. To cancel, click Continue.

Prompts will appear asking you to affirm your termination for the reasons indicated below. Don’t worry; even though your explanation isn’t provided, you could include it by selecting the “other” option.

  • I upgraded for a one-time use/project
  • I didn’t intend to be billed after the free trial
  • It’s too expensive
  • I found a job and don’t need this subscription anymore
  • I didn’t use or don’t understand my Premium features
  • Other Please describe…

Click the Confirm Cancellation button.

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium on Your iPhone?

Furthermore, if you acquired your membership through iTunes or the App Store, you will not be able to disable it simply from LinkedIn. This is due to Apple’s Privacy Policy, which prohibits it.

As a result, you have no alternative but to discontinue the membership on your iPhone via iTunes or on your laptop. To deactivate your premium subscription, complete the following steps (all guidelines are focused on purchasing via iTunes, not LinkedIn.com):

  1. Navigate to the Settings Program. As users are aware, your name will appear at the edge of the window.
  2. Tap on your username to display the “Apple ID” screen that appears in the pop-up menu.
  3. Select “Subscriptions” once you’ve entered your Apple ID,
  4. Look for “LinkedIn”.
  5. Click Cancel Subscription and after that press Confirm to verify your deactivation.

LinkedIn Premium Cancellation – Most Common Issues

Yes and no; ultimately, it depends on you for determining all of the benefits and drawbacks before making a selection. And yet, at the very basic level, you now have stronger insight into all the functionalities you can foreseeably use to come up with a knowledgeable choice. The below details are some commonly discussed inquiries about canceling your LinkedIn Premium membership.

1. What Occurs If You Deactivate Your LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

When you discontinue your LinkedIn Premium subscription, you are promptly relegated to LinkedIn Basic. You will not suffer any data leakage. You will be able to preserve your biography and several of your links. You will indeed lose the extra benefits that come well with the premium version, including the ability to browse with an infinite amount of individuals or accessibility to greater specialists who are not in your connection.

2. When Should You Remove Your LinkedIn Premium Subscription To Not Cause Extra Fee?

Although you may cancel a LinkedIn Premium registration whenever you want, you must do so at a minimum of one day until the expiration of the recent subscription period to prevent getting charged for using a Premium membership.

It doesn’t issue if you’re just a paying customer or if you took advantage of an offer or a trial period. If you do not withdraw it a day sooner than it ends, you will be reimbursed.

Take notice that all LinkedIn subscription periods and timeframes are in the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) timeline.

3. What Options Do You Have Instead of Canceling LinkedIn Premium?

If you don’t need to discontinue the LinkedIn Premium subscription completely, you also have a couple of additional choices.

Initially, downgrading your LinkedIn Premium account: as there are many sorts of additional features, thus, you might be able to select a relatively inexpensive Premium plan.

Secondly, relying on your LinkedIn profile’s objective, switch to Sales Navigator or Recruiter Lite. Sales Navigator is used to administering your LinkedIn connections, which includes customer relationship management as well as finding and monitoring openings. Recruiter Lite, on the other hand, is used for system integration.

To render the expenses worthwhile, assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each preceding plan and how they might be applied to the use of your LinkedIn profile is critically needed.

4. Is it possible to drop LinkedIn’s yearly membership?

Yes, you may discontinue LinkedIn Premium when invoiced yearly, however, they don’t usually issue returns. You will have accessibility to all Premium capabilities until the end of the paying period. Remember that LinkedIn predicts a 20% savings on yearly memberships.

5. Is it possible to terminate LinkedIn Premium before the trial period expires?

Yes, you may deactivate LinkedIn Premium before it finishes by removing your registration at minimum a day sooner it expired.  Remain aware, though, that “if you terminate a free Premium trial, you will not be allowed to register up again for the trial version for a minimum period of 12 months.”

6. Is it possible to receive a reimbursement for LinkedIn Premium?

According to the LinkedIn Consumer Refund Policy, Premium memberships are non-refundable. If you unsubscribe, nevertheless, the Premium features will remain accessible by the end of your monthly period. Please keep in mind that if you ordered using the iOS app, you must “contact Apple for canceling and reimbursements.”

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium: Conclusion

Finally, your LinkedIn profile is a networking profile. You must properly maintain your registration to handle your virtual networking opportunities. Your membership will be determined by how and for what objectives you use your profile.

If you’re merely seeking employment right now, it’s best to terminate your membership as soon as you are employed so that you can administer your career connection in daily life. This is especially true if you are solely using the websites to find candidates to apply for a current position in your business.

Nevertheless, if you work as a recruiter, your membership is part of the work. Attracting and maintaining potential customers and relationships beyond your community, as well as routinely publishing positions and searching for applications on LinkedIn, necessitate more than simply the fundamental functions. You must select whether to enroll and when to cancel LinkedIn Premium account based on your budget level.

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