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10 Brilliant Instagram Themes For Your Shop

by Alexandre Le
Instagram themes

Picking brilliant Instagram themes for your brand can be a crucial task since it will decide how your followers and many other Instagram users perceive your business.

In this article, we’ll show you the 10 best themes so you could achieve an Instagram feed that looks outstanding and communicates your brand voice.

Is Instagram an important sale channel?

If you’re wondering which social commerce is rocking in this era, besides TikTok Shop or Facebook Shop, Instagram should be your top choice as well. Here’s the reason why:

  • Instagram has a large number of highly engaging users

The social networking site now accommodates more than a billion users who are reported to spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the app.

Plus, 9 out of 10 users on Instagram follow at least one business account and over 80% of them use Instagram to research, discover and buy new items.

But the awesome part is Instagram has a relatively higher engagement rate (1.60%) compared to other social media platforms, powered by thousands of influencers on the platform.

  • Introducing new Instagram Shops

Instagram Shop is a brand-new feature that has just been launched in the US and some other countries. Technically, Instagram Shops are connected to Facebook Shops to empower merchants to create their customizable storefronts on Instagram. This cool new feature allows you to:

  • Create your own customizable storefront
  • Create multiple product collections 
  • Your customers can use the Checkout feature to buy directly on Instagram
  • Share products in Instagram stories or feeds
  • Use Instagram Livestream to promote your products  

PRO TIP: You can use the Socialshop app to live sync your entire product collection from Shopify to Facebook for free, and Instagram Shops shortly. 

Instagram Shops enables you to create your customizable storefront with stunning collections

Instagram Shops enables you to create your customizable storefront with stunning collections

Though Instagram Shops have not been introduced to all countries yet and only a few eligible businesses can use them, this great feature is expected to be launched to all countries soon. That’s why getting a head start on Instagram Shops will give you a cutting edge over your competitors later on.

Tips for selling on Instagram

Now that Instagram is turning into one of the global largest eCommerce discovery engines, here are some simple tips to optimize your conversions on this huge social commerce channel: 

  • High-quality photos: If you want to grow sales on a visual-centric social platform, ensure that your photo is stunning and professional. It’s not rocket science. 
  • Post consistently: don’t ghost your followers, put yourself on the radar every day to increase the chances that customers see your posts
  • Use story ads: investing in Instagram paid ads is a must if you want to maximize your reach on this fiercely competitive platform
  • Keep a unique theme: don’t post photos with random themes, instead, you should only go with one theme for your Instagram feed, making it easier for customers to recognize you

PRO TIP: Embed a shoppable Instagram widget on your website using Socialwidget

If your website has lots of traffic, this tactic can help direct many visitors to your Instagram account, thereby increasing your engagement on the social platform. Not to mention that showing a stunning Instagram feed on your website can also help give your store a visual edge,

It only takes minutes to embed a stunning shoppable Instagram feed on your website. So why not?

It only takes minutes to embed a stunning shoppable Instagram feed on your website. So why not?

10 brilliant Instagram themes for shops

Your Instagram feed reflects your brand itself, it’s what people see first when they visit your profile and judge you on. Therefore, here are 10 recommendations for your brilliant Instagram themes:

1. Product-centric

With this theme, you only have to post images of your products along with appealing captions and a link for customers to buy. The most straightforward theme I’ll offer is still a legitimate Instagram feed if used consistently.

For non-modelable products, this theme works well. You may easily learn how to use an iPhone to shoot the images yourself without having to invest in a professional photographer.

10 brilliant Instagram themes

This theme is easy to execute and combine with other themes on the list

2. Lifestyle Instagram feed

We bet you’ve seen lots of businesses using the ‘lifestyle feed’ theme on their Instagram accounts. Well, there’s no surprise since it’s an effective way to contextualize how your products should be used – a key to converting more sales once customers find the context you gave relevant to themselves. 

The lifestyle feed focuses on showing pictures of models using your products in real-life situations – think the tattooed guy on a motorbike wearing your brand’s backpack. This style of Instagram feed can show off the practicality and aesthetic of your products in a way that the traditional white-background product image can’t get across. 

The lifestyle Instagram feed concentrates on showcasing pictures of models using your products in a real-life setting. Think of a cool tattooed guy riding a motorbike wearing your jean jacket. This theme can show the usability and aestheticicity of your merch in a way that traditional white-background product photos cannot replace.

Hence, this theme best suits apparel brands. However, it can also be used for anything if you put some thought into it. Since most products impact people’s lifestyles – think about how yours does and bring that into your photos.

10 brilliant Instagram themes

The lifestyle theme is cool to give your products a context, making them appear more relevant to your potential customers

3. Drawing Instagram theme 

The drawing theme is undoubtedly the most creative one we cover today. This theme may require you to outsource a professional artist to draw per your request, which you can then post onto your feed.

Since this theme looks both aesthetic and authentic, once done correctly, it’s a perfect match for beauty products. 

Although you’ll have to put a bit more effort than the rest Instagram themes on the list, the payoff is worth it.

10 Brilliant Instagram themes

The drawing theme is suitable for brands in the cosmetics and beauty niche

4. White spaces Instagram theme

Compared to the drawing theme, this theme is very simple and thus, doesn’t require you to pre-plan it. All you have to do is add a plain white border around your photos’ edges. This will give your photos more room to breathe and makes your Instagram feed look more delicate. 

Plus, adding a white border also enables you to show your whole photo on your Instagram feed instead of wide-angle photos getting cut off to fit in with Instagram’s square resolution.

One of the brilliant Instagram themes

This theme works well for both images and videos on Instagram feed

5. Puzzle Instagram theme 

Puzzle Instagram theme is a creative theme, but you might need help from a good application. To execute this theme, you need to turn your photos into smaller pieces and combine them into a complete picture on your feed.

However, the biggest drawback of this theme is that it looks stunning when someone visits your Instagram profile but confusing for your followers to come across your individual photos on their main feed.

The puzzle theme really makes you look like an Instagram connoisseur

The puzzle theme is so soothing to look at

6. Middle-line Instagram theme

As its name might suggest, this theme is all about posting images in a way that you always have lifestyle product photos on the left and right of your theme and some text color in the middle.

A huge benefit of this theme is that it’ll make people want to scroll through your feed to see more of it.

A key benefit of this theme is that it tends to make people scroll further through your feed. You might love to include quotes or helpful tips in the middle line, for example, if you’re a cosmetics brand then how about sharing relevant tips on skincare? 

A stellar combination of line-in-the-middle theme and puzzle theme

A combination of middle-line theme and puzzle theme

7. Tile Instagram theme

Basically, this theme has the same concept as the middle-line theme above, but with a tiled design. It’s easy-peasy, just post a product or lifestyle photo following a quote, tip, etc. next.

By doing this, you might be amazed by how professional and consistent the final result turns out.

The cool thing is you can leverage this theme for any type of product, making it one of the most versatile and brilliant Instagram themes for your brands.

An instance of a visually exploding and highly informative tiled Instagram theme

An instance of a visually exploding and highly informative tiled Instagram theme

8. Mono-color Instagram theme

The main color you use on your social media channels does say a lot about your brand. Therefore, try to use just only a few core colors consistently to make your brand materials more recognizable in the wild.

Though maintaining a mono-color theme takes some effort, once you’ve sorted things out, you can mix and match it with any other theme to spice up your Instagram feed even more.

By using mainly objects with blue and white, this feed is highly sleek and relaxing

By using mainly objects with blue and white, this feed is highly sleek and relaxing

9. Flatlay Instagram theme

The Flatlay Instagram theme is the one that works perfectly well with small to mid-sized products that can hardly be modeled. The meaning of flatlay is simple: you lay out your products flat on a surface then shoot a photo from directly above. 

This is a highly effective way to make your product list theme more interesting, which you could totally combine with the tile or mono-color theme for extra effect. 

This theme accentuates the product in your photo and you can use other items to decorate the background.

The glasses are centered in this flat lay photo. Notice how it also brings in some lifestyle elements

The glasses are the main charecter in this flat-lay picture. plus, it also brings in some lifestyle vibes

10. Analog Instagram theme

Have you ever noticed how most Instagram filters are based on different film types? So why not shoot all of your feed on a specific film? If you’ve never used a film camera before, this can get pricey and requires some skill.

Using film to photograph your products gives your feed a truly retro vibe and can greatly increase your engagement. It shows that you possess creativity and know how to employ it.

There are numerous various film kinds available for photography, and each one produces a special result. For starters, we advise using Kodak Ultramax 400 or Kodak Gold 200. Depending on where you reside, having your images developed and scanned in a professional photo lab will cost you a lot.

Fashion labels, handmade items, and anything else with an analog feel is ideal for the lifestyle feed and the analog Instagram theme.

See how effective this mix of analog and mono-color themes is

Check out how well this blend of analog and monochromatic elements works.

Final thoughts

You’ve probably seen how simple it is to combine many of these excellent Instagram themes to make your Instagram feed more engaging should create a cloned account to experiment with several approaches and determine which one is most effective for you.

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