Ali Reviews V8.11: All Review Widgets are Now Lightning-Fast with Thunder Boost

Haas Vi Ng Dec 14, 2023 729 views
Ali Reviews V8.11: All Review Widgets are Now Lightning-Fast with Thunder Boost

Ali Reviews has recently made a significant improvement to its Review Widgets. They are now faster than ever and load instantly. As a result, visitors and customers can now see star ratings and reviews without any delays, making the shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

About Thunder Boost

Every moment matters in e-commerce. Delays in loading reviews may discourage customers from making purchases because they expect immediate results.

Ali Reviews has developed Thunder Boost, which utilizes sophisticated techniques to make your review widgets load super fast. 

Leveraging metafields

Thunder Boost leverages metafields, Shopify’s built-in storage system, to store review data directly. It eliminates slow API calls and ensures reviews appear immediately, without network or server concerns. 

The integration of metafields not only accelerates loading times but also plays a key role in maintaining the overall smooth operation of your website.

Photos of reviews in WebP format

Thunder Boost optimizes your review widgets with an efficient strategy, automatically resizing, cropping, and compressing photos of reviews into the faster-loading WebP format.

The advantages of these improvements are twofold. Firstly, your customers will have a better user experience as widgets appear instantly on their mobile devices, reducing frustration and increasing engagement. Secondly, WebP images meet Google Page Speed Insight recommendations, resulting in improved SEO and better ranking on Google.

Benefits of Thunder Boost:

  • Instant review loading: Customers see star ratings and reviews the moment they land on your page, leading to faster and more informed buying decisions.
  • Enhanced user experience: A seamless and frustration-free shopping experience keeps customers engaged and coming back for more.
  • Boosted sales: Faster loading times and greater user engagement directly translate to increased sales and conversions.

Thunder Boost is only available for users who have updated the New Widget version. It will be automatically activated to ensure that your review widgets deliver faster and more consistent performance.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact support via live chat or email

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