Ali Reviews V8.15: Review Widgets Upgraded! Your Guide to Migrating to the All-New Widgets

Haas Vi Ng Jun 26, 2024 697 views
Ali Reviews V8.15: Review Widgets Upgraded! Your Guide to Migrating to the All-New Widgets

Important update: We encourage you to update and migrate your store to the all-new review widget version. Our new widget version, designed to align with Shopify’s standards, will effortlessly speed up your website, and refresh, and modernize your store’s appearance.

We’ve also launched a stunning new review carousel to showcase customer reviews you’re proud of on key pages throughout your store.

New Review Widget Migration

We have upgraded to a new version of our widgets. These new widgets are designed to load faster and look more elegant, with outstanding customizability and multi-language support. This ensures your store stays current with modern trends and Shopify standards. 

  • Stunning new widget styles: Discover new widgets, including Review Badges and Review Tabs, designed to improve customer engagement and available only in the latest version.
  • Built for speed: Optimized with WebP image format and metafields for lightning-fast performance.
  • Exceptional customizability: Tailor the widgets to perfectly match your brand with extensive customization options.
  • Multi-language support: Enjoy seamless multi-language support to create localized review widgets that resonate with global audiences.
  • Exclusive updates: Future releases and optimizations will be exclusive to this new version. Update today to ensure continuous improvement and innovation.

Initially, we released this new version only for new users to avoid disrupting existing users. After thorough testing, we are now confident in offering an upgrade path for all customers. Existing users of the old widgets can now seamlessly update to the new version.

We understand the value of your time and the effort you’ve invested in your current setup. That’s why we’ve designed a simple upgrade process. Start the update, which takes seconds, and preview the new widgets live.

Lightning-Fast, Customer-Focused Review Widgets

All set! Preview your Shopify Review Section in a whole new light with our redesigned reviews widget.


Migrate to the new review widget version

Explore how it works here.

In the “Show Review” tab, you will easily find the migration review banner.

You can choose “Start update steps” to begin the migration process and update your existing review widgets. Or, choose “Preview on storefront” for a risk-free look at how the new widgets will appear in your store before making any changes.

Note: Previewing the new widgets will not affect your current settings.

When you click “Start update steps,” you’ll be guided through previewing the new version of each type of review widget you have set up. 

After you have reviewed the types of review widgets, click “Confirm” to complete the upgrade.

We’ve preserved nearly all of your previous settings, ensuring a consistent look and feel for your store. While the designs have been updated, your content remains untouched. Update new review widgets now. 

Important Note: If you are using multiple product templates or a Page Builder, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

New Review Carousel in the Carousel Widget Family

We’re also excited to share our new and improved Review Carousel. It’s not just for photos anymore – now you can highlight products you want to promote or showcase those with glowing customer reviews. You can even customize it to match your store’s look and feel.

Add the Review Carousel to your most important pages, like your Home, Product, or Cart pages. It’s a great way to provide customers with the information they need for faster, smarter buying decisions.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact support via live chat or email

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