OneMobile V2.2.1: Unveiling 5 New Blocks For Superior App Optimization

Alexandre Le Dec 28, 2023 436 views
OneMobile V2.2.1: Unveiling 5 New Blocks For Superior App Optimization

With OneMobile V2.2.1, we’ve focused on enhancing the usability and customization options of your mobile app with five new functional blocks.

These additions are designed to offer more flexibility in how you set up and manage your app’s interface and features.

For your better visualization, here is how these five blocks display on your customers’ mobile screens:

  1. Before & After: This feature can do great help for your conversions if you are selling products that bring visible changes, such as beauty products, home improvements, etc. For example, you can show a picture of a person before and after using your aging cream.
  2. Blog Posts: Introduce new products, share usage tips, highlight customer stories, etc., to engage with your customers and educate them about your products and brand.
  3. Rate Us Banner: Feature a prominent but non-intrusive banner on your mobile app to encourage users to rate their experience on the App Store & Google Play Store.
  4. Cart Page: Tailor the looks and feel of the cart page to your brand style to reduce cart abandonment and improve your customer checkout experience.
  5. Account Page: Customize your customers’ account page, enabling them to manage their orders, shipping addresses, and personal information with ease.

All in all, that’s everything we’d love to bring you in this latest version. If you have any questions or concerns, live chat with our support team or email us at

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