OneMobile V2.3: AI-Powered Push Notifications, New Blocks & Analytics

Alexandre Le Jan 11, 2024 498 views
OneMobile V2.3: AI-Powered Push Notifications, New Blocks & Analytics

In 2024, the OneMobile team remains dedicated to our core mission: empowering merchants to excel in mobile commerce with innovative features. And today, we’re thrilled to start the year by introducing you to OneMobile V2.3, packed with these brand-new, exciting updates:

  • Integrated ChatGPT in the push notification module 
  • 2 new blocks: Recently viewed product, Product reviews 
  • 6 new analytics reports: Top Share Product chart; Repurchase Rate chart; Average Session chart; Monthly active user chart; Total count of session chart; Lifecycle of order finalization chart

Let’s explore what OneMobile’s latest version has to offer.

Create Push Notifications More Efficiently With ChatGPT

Simply input your prompt, choose your desired tone, and let ChatGPT craft compelling push notifications. Afterward, choose Use to apply the suggestions.

The ChatGPT integration will help make your communication more effective, saving you time while engaging your customers like never before.

02 New Blocks To Improve Your Product Page Conversions

In addition to the AI-powered push notifications, with OneMobile V2.3, we’re also glad 

  • Rating and reviews: Instill more trust among your shoppers to help them make more confident purchases
  • Recently viewed products: Make it easy for your customers to revisit their potential choices, simplifying their decision-making process.

06 New Reports: Unlock More Insights Into Your App Performance

In this version, we also bring you six more reports within the analytics dashboard so you can have more valuable insights and make impactful optimizations for your app:

  1. Top Share Product Chart: Identify which products are your best performers.
  2. Repurchase Rate Chart: Understand how often customers are returning to make another purchase.
  3. Average Session Chart: Dive into how users interact with your app.
  4. Monthly Active User Chart: Keep track of your growing user base.
  5. Total Count of Session Chart: Get a comprehensive view of overall app engagement.
  6. Lifecycle of Order Finalization Chart: Streamline your sales process with valuable insights.

Ready To Try OneMobile V2.3 Today?

And that’s all the juices of OneMobile V2.3. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to live chat with us or contact us at 

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