OneMobile V1.19: Easier App Submission & Ali Reviews Integration

Alexandre Le Oct 04, 2023 381 views
OneMobile V1.19: Easier App Submission & Ali Reviews Integration

Building a mobile app and customizing it can be all fun and game till you have to deal with the app submission process. Well, if you ever try to submit your app to the App Store or Google Play Store, you probably get what we meant– sometimes, the app submission can even take more time than building one.

With OneMobile V1.19, this ends now! We are thrilled to announce that we’ve just simplified the app submission process, allowing you to fill out one form and submit it to both platforms simultaneously.

What’s else? More integrations are introduced! Let’s see all the cool stuff we brought with OneMobile V1.19!

Easier App Submission: 01 Submit Form For 02 Platforms

In OneMobile V1.19, we have simplified the app submission process, enabling you to submit your mobile app to both App Store and Google Play Store by filling out one form only

Another awesome part is that OneMobile will pull data from your Shopify general settings to automatically fill in the app submission form– all you have to do is make some quick edits and hit the submit button.

OneMobile’s simplified app submission form
OneMobile’s simplified app submission form

Submitting your app has never been easier!

Enjoy OneMobile's simplified submission form with auto-filled app information. Now all it takes is a few clicks!

Preview & Submit Your App

Integrations With Ali Reviews, Tidio Chat & AI Chat Bot

With OneMobile V1.19, we are also excited to expand our integration scope, allowing you to fuel your mobile app’s growth with even more third-party apps.

Particularly, here are the new integrations we brought you in this update:

Ali Reviews helps you collect reviews from multiple sources and feature them aesthetically on your mobile app. 

Install Ali Reviews >> 

Provide live chat support to enhance your shopper’s in-app experience, thereby improving your conversion rate.

Install Tidio >>

Final Words

With OneMobile V1.19, submitting your app to the App Store and Google Play Store doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore, as now you can simultaneously submit your app to both platforms with just one single form.

Plus, the new integrations with Ali Reviews and Tidio will help you enhance your store trust, improve your customer experience, and, most importantly, close more deals.

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