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The 2023 Guide on How to Delete Etsy Accounts

by OneCommerce
How to Delete Etsy Accounts - Onecommerce

Do you want to know how to delete Etsy accounts? What does it take to move away from the platform? In this article, you will find all your answers.

As an Etsy member, you have the option to permanently close and delete your account with a few clicks. Before that, make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements to be allowed to take that action.

Is it the right time to quit Etsy?

Quitting Etsy can affect you and your business in certain ways. Therefore, when you are not sure whether it is the right time to leave it, check if you are in the following situations. As a result, this will help you avoid regretting your decision.

Platform preferences

You’re not alone if you’re considering closing your Etsy business because you’ve grown bored of the platform.

Many Etsy sellers decide to move on to another place where they can get rid of some annoying rules, enjoy new benefits, and have more chances for their businesses to grow.

For example, Etsy has a smaller customer base than its competitor – Amazon Handmade. That’s why many stores with an ambition to scale up leave for Amazon Handmade.

It is essential to compare both options to see what is good and bad about each of them. Read more!

Failing business

Some Etsy businesses get discouraged by a lack of sales and profits streaming into their accounts. Hence, they may feel their Etsy stores are no longer what they want and they would give up on keeping the business alive.

If you really feel that Etsy can’t help you earn money, closing your shop permanently may be a smart idea. As a result, you can avoid Etsy listing fees and other costs when your business doesn’t generate profits.

Personal goals

You have other goals for your future and an Etsy business is not of your interest anymore

You have other goals for your future and an Etsy business is not of your interest anymore

Another reason to delete Etsy accounts is that you may be looking for a new challenge. Alternatively, you have been offered a job by another company or no longer feel interested in doing online business.

In that case, leaving Etsy might be the first step toward your personal goals and long-term planning.

Requirements before you can delete your Etsy account

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill before you know how to delete Etsy accounts.

For sellers:

  • There is no balance outstanding in your payment account.
  • You have completed all of your orders.
  • You have finished solving all of your cases.
  • You have saved all of the information you’ll need for taxes or record keeping.
  • You should not use the account’s email address in another Etsy account.

For buyers:

  • All of the cases you started have been settled.
  • You don’t want to open any new cases since you won’t be able to use the case system after your account is closed.
  • You have saved all of the data you’ll need for your records.
You need to fulfill some requirements before you permanently delete your Etsy account

You need to fulfill some requirements before you permanently delete your Etsy account

The permanent deletion process will begin only after you have resolved all of your concerns, such as missed payments, unfulfilled purchases, or unsettled disputes. This process might take up to two weeks.

Etsy will preserve some information for legal, regulatory, tax, security, or compliance reasons for a limited length of time. Its action depends on which of the services you have used or if your account violated its policies, after which it will be deleted.

Learn how to delete Etsy accounts

After carefully considering your decision on deleting your Etsy account, here is how you do that:

  • Step #1: On Etsy.com, click You.
  • Step #2: Head to Account settings.
  • Step #3: Select Privacy.
  • Step #4: Choose Request deletion of your data under Permanently close and delete your Etsy account.
  • Step #5: You will receive an email with details on how to complete your deletion request.
Note: You must make the deletion request while being signed into the Etsy account you want to cancel and delete because of security and verification matters.

What happens after you delete Etsy accounts?

Are you curious about what will happen in the aftermath of having your Etsy shop deleted? Let’s take a look at the following events.

  • Your store and all of its contents will be permanently erased if you delete your Etsy account. 
  • Your shop’s URL will be deactivated.
  • Any orders that have been placed will be ignored
  • Importantly, once you permanently delete your Etsy account, you won’t be able to reverse your action

Therefore, you must make sure that this is what you truly want for your account.

Other alternatives 

After you have assessed all the impacts of your Etsy account deletion, you hesitate to go ahead with the decision on deleting your account. If that is the case, we recommend some “Plan B” for your consideration.

There are other alternatives besides deleting your entire Etsy account

There are other alternatives besides deleting your entire Etsy account

If you do not want to permanently delete your account, you may wish to explore the following options:

  • Closing your Etsy account: When you close your Etsy account, it remains dormant, and you can reactivate it at any time.
  • Closing your Etsy shop: You can close your shop instead of your entire Etsy account if you wish to keep shopping on Etsy. You have the option to reopen your store whenever you want.
  • Unsubscribing from Etsy emails: You may keep your account active and make changes to your email subscriptions. You will not get marketing emails if you unsubscribe, but you will continue to receive notifications such as when you make a purchase, when Etsy updates its Terms of Service, or when required by law.


Learning how to delete Etsy accounts is as easy as creating your Etsy shops. However, we suggest you’d better ponder carefully about your decision as you won’t be able to undo your deleting action. Moreover, you and your handmade business may somehow be affected.

For better or worse, it is certain that once you close your door with Etsy, you may open another chance for yourself.

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