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Google Shopping Seller Rating: A Complete Guide in 2023

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What You Need to Know About Google Shopping Seller Rating in 2022

Google Seller Ratings might help your advertising stand out in the SERPs, but they aren’t your typical ad extensions. In this post, we’ll guide you to basic things you need to know about the Google Shopping seller rating, like what requirements your business must meet to qualify for Google Seller Ratings, as well as how to check if they’re showing up on your ads.

What is the Google Shopping seller rating?

What is Google Shopping seller rating?

What is the Google Shopping seller rating?

If you’ve ever typed into Google’s search bar, you’ve seen Google Shopping Seller Ratings. 

Google Shopping seller rating is an automatic Google Advertising extension that provides a star rating from one to five stars on search ads. It’s an automatic extension that’s calculated by combining consumer reviews from trusted sources.

When you activate seller ratings, Google shows the following information below your text ad:

  • A star rating ranging from one to five stars.
  • The amount of feedback received by your shop.
  • Additional qualifiers accompanying the store’s rating, if available. 

Benefits of Google shopping seller ratings?

Seller rating is a must for brands that advertise on Google. Having a high Google Shopping seller rating can help your business achieve:

Higher click-through rates

According to Google, they can boost your advertisements’ click-through rates (CTR) by up to 10%. This is important since a higher CTR indicates a higher quality score, which lowers your CPC (cost per click) and boosts your ad rank.

Increased visibility

The stars next to your ad help it stand out from the crowd.

Google Shopping seller rating helps your ad become more visible

Google Shopping seller rating helps your ad become more visible

Signals of trust

In 2021, 90% of UK buyers reported that they read internet reviews before purchasing from a brand. Meanwhile, according to Google statistics, 88 percent of respondents trust internet ratings as much as personal recommendations.

Your seller ratings are determined by the total number of reliable customer reviews. They are a clear representation of your customer’s interactions with your business.

Therefore, having seller ratings provide social evidence for your brand right on Google search results pages, increasing consumer trust and giving them the confidence to go through to your website.

Other benefits:

  • Seller rating is a tool used by Google to reward marketers with positive customer feedback, allowing them to reach more customers and get more quality leads. 
  • Seller ratings assist customers in discovering companies that provide high-quality services.
  • Advertisers may use seller ratings to boost ad effectiveness and get more quality leads.

How to set up Google Shopping seller ratings

Businesses with an online marketplace or that provide paid services to their customers can use seller ratings. To activate the Google Shopping seller rating on your ads, you must satisfy the following requirements:

One of the requirements to activate the Google Shopping seller rating is that you must meet minimum total rating of 3.5 stars

One of the requirements to activate the Google Shopping seller rating is that you must meet a minimum total rating of 3.5 stars

  • Meet minimum total rating of 3.5 stars
  • Run an ad using a URL related to the domain used by Google to track your ratings.
  • Your reviews must come from Google Customer Reviews or an approved review partner list.
  • Generally, ads will only show seller ratings if Google has gathered enough unique reviews in the last 12 months. To appear in the shopper’s findings, these must be obtained from the same nation.

Seller ratings are an automatic addition inside Google Ads that will begin to appear if you match the requirements specified above. Don’t expect this to happen immediately; it might take weeks for them to start showing up.

You must ensure that the relevant structure is applied to your website for your review ratings to appear naturally as a rich result.

Check my Google Shopping seller ratings

Use the following URL to discover your site’s Google Shopping seller rating for a specific country. Simply replace “{yourwebsite}” with the URL of your homepage:


You’ll be able to see information about your store and its seller rating once the page appears. You may view this information by region using a country selector. If your website domain differs by nation, follow the steps above for each change.

Can I turn them off?

To turn seller rating off, Google provides straightforward steps for removing extensions. As follows:

  1. Login to your Google Ads account
  2. Select Ads & Extensions from the menu, then click Automated Extensions
  3. Right-click the three-dot menu button and choose Advanced settings
  4. Click Turn off specific automated extensions and select the seller rating extension
  5. Enter your reason for deactivating the extension, then click Turn off.

How to improve your Google Shopping seller ratings

To maximize the benefits that Google Shopping seller rating brings, you need to improve it. Improving your seller rating also brings more customers to your store because most customers look for reviews when they are shopping online.

Here is how you can improve your Google Shopping seller rating.

Provide a good customer experience

The purpose of customer reviews is to give honest “social evidence” or recommendations to help other consumers make decisions. So concentrate on your consumers, and you will enjoy the benefits.

Ask for reviews

Although some consumers are extremely eager to share their thoughts with the world, this is not the case for others. Many people have a positive view of your brand but need some encouragement to spread it further. As a result, asking the proper question at the right moment is crucial.

Optimize your survey

You can examine feedback from reviews to better understand consumer satisfaction and areas for improvement. It gives your consumers a voice and helps to increase not just customer loyalty but also brand exposure by allowing future customers to read honest comments.


Google Shopping Seller Ratings are an important part of the purchasing experience for businesses. Having a good Google Shopping seller rating can also help you stand out from the competition, bring more potential customers to your site, and ultimately drive more revenue for your business. 

In this post, we have shown you what you need to know about this amazing tool, it’s time for you to apply it to your business.


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