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Never Miss Great Deals with Google Shopping Alert Price (2023)

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Never Miss out on Great Deals With Google Shopping Alert Price

Google Shopping is an online shopping engine that allows users to look for products on shopping websites and compare prices from multiple retailers. This engine offers many helpful tools and cool features to users, such as Google Shopping alert price.

It’s simple to get started with this Google Shopping feature. This article will explain what this tool is and how to use it.

What is Google Shopping Alert Price?

Google Shopping alert price is a new Chrome feature that notifies users when the price of a wishlist or recently viewed product changes. While on other platforms, you may go to the original site to see if the price has dropped. Google, on the other hand, will directly display an item’s available price by implementing a new overlay on the browser’s tab grid.

Google Shopping Alert Price features

Google Shopping Alert Price features

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This feature works by tracking the price of a product in a user’s open tabs. It has been confirmed that if a price drops, the feature will send a message to the notification bar. The alert will also appear when the user launches the Google Chrome app.

On Google, the “Track price” option can be found on many product modules and pages both on your computer and mobile device. When there is a significant price drop, your Google app sends you a mobile notification. You may also receive an email summarizing recent price drops on the products you have tracked.

Why should you use Google Shopping Alert Price?

It is a convenient and easy-to-use tool. It offers a way to save every time you buy something online. 

In addition, this feature helps users stay abreast of price fluctuations. Besides, it also saves you much effort since you don’t have to always check for the product you like whether it is having a sale.

How to set up Google Shopping alert price?

On Google Shopping

Google Shopping alert price set up

Google Shopping alert price set up

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Open the Google app or your mobile browser to access Google. Then search for something you’re interested in purchasing and select a product from the Shopping tab. 

After you’ve agreed on your result, scroll down and click “track price.” There will now be a timetable for when it will be available and how much it will cost.

On Google Search

Set up Google Shopping Alert Price on Google Search

Set up Google Shopping Alert Price on Google Search

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To receive price drop alerts, you can open Chrome’s recent tabs switcher interface and select the vertical three dots menu. A new Track price option will now be available. By tapping on the notification alert button, you can access it.

How to turn off Google Shopping alert price?

You can enable price tracking one product at a time or all of your products at once.

To turn off price tracking for individual products, follow these steps:

  • View all of your products that have been tracked.
  • Find and delete the product you want to stop tracking.

To turn off price tracking for all of your products, follow these steps:

  • View all of your products that have been tracked.
  • In the top right, select Stop tracking all products.

Notification & email settings

How to turn off Google Shopping alert price notification & email settings

How to turn off Google Shopping alert price notification & email settings

Turn off mobile notifications

On Android, here’s how to turn off price drop notifications:

  • Open the Google app on your Android device and navigate to Settings.
  • Turn off “Price drop updates” in Notifications.

To turn off price drop notifications on iOS, you’ll have to turn off all notifications from the Google app. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to your Settings and select the Google app.
  • Go to Notifications and turn off “Allow Notifications.”

Turn off price tracking emails

Open any Google Shopping price drop email.

At the bottom of the email, choose Unsubscribe.

Activity-based notifications

Based on your Google Activity, you may receive price drop notifications on products you’ve shown an interest in. Therefore, you can follow the instructions in the “Notifications and email settings” section to stop receiving these notifications.

How to update Google Chrome on Android devices

According to Google Support’s official website, Chrome should automatically update based on the Play Store settings. However, you can check to see if the app has been updated on your smart devices by simply following the following steps:

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Store app.
  • At the top left, tap Menu or the three horizontal lines in My apps & games.
  • Under “Updates,” find the Chrome icon
  • Tap Update next to Chrome.

If you are using Chrome 76 or higher, you can check for updates in your Chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome on your Android devices.
  • At the top, tap More or three vertical dots and choose ‘Update Chrome.’
  • Restart Chrome when prompted.

Other Google Shopping Tools

As helpful as the alert price feature is, this isn’t Google’s only online shopping tool. In the same Shopping tab from a usual Google search, users can select the “Nearby” filter at the top of the page. 

This will show the users where they can look for an item close to their location before deciding to buy it. Of course, there is no requirement to buy in-store, but seeing it first can help potential buyers decide on a purchase.

Other tools from Google Shopping

Other tools from Google Shopping

Additionally, consumers can compare hours, locations, and inventories of specific products in the Shopping tab before leaving their homes and going out in search of an item. Google also makes it simple to decide which local businesses provide curbside or in-store pickup for those who want to keep their shopping trip quick and convenient. 

Moreover, the app also provides direct links to navigation for precise directions to a person’s chosen business.


Google allows you to search further afield. Its online shopping tool price alerts offer even more powerful options for product hunting during the holiday season, helping you decide whether something is a good value or not. 

It’s worth tracking a few items of interest so you can get notified when they go on sale.

If you don’t have Google Shopping Alert Price set up yet, you can take a few minutes to start tracking your items.

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