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The Amazon SEO Strategies to Rank Up Your Product Listings

by Annie Myers
The Amazon SEO Strategies to Rank Up Your Product Listings

We all know more or less about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. So, what about Amazon SEO? It is the process of improving the quality of the Amazon webpage to increase its visibility, driving more traffic to the platform.

And, just like Google SEO, merchants can have great advantages once they have optimized their product listings for Amazon SEO. Therefore, it is important to take time and learn the Amazon SEO strategies to rank up your products on the Amazon search results.

Here are some of the most important ones that you should consider optimizing from the beginning. 

Write product listings that sell

Without a doubt, your product sales copy is one of the things to determine whether you will make sales or not. If your descriptions aren’t persuasive enough, customers can move to other sellers. As a result, a good listing can make a big difference between getting a sale or losing one.

Therefore, you should optimize these key elements of your product listings to attract customers in real-time.

1. Product title

This is the very first thing that your customers will read from your listing. To impress them immediately, the title should be precise and show the most important information about your product.

Optimizing product titles is one of the first Amazon SEO strategies you need to know

Optimizing product titles is one of the first Amazon SEO strategies you need to know

In addition, Amazon Seller Central also provides Style Guides to sellers, helping them structure their titles far more effectively. Moreover, online merchants usually add more details to their product titles:

  • Brand of the product
  • Model type and number
  • Product type
  • Product size and quantity
  • Power output requirements if products are electronic devices
  • Product color and design
  • Product trademarks or patents if needed

Furthermore, you must keep in mind that each product type has its own corresponding formula for Amazon title. Consequently, you cannot mix the above details randomly in your product titles.

And that’s how important the product titles are. By optimizing these titles, you can attract your customers in no time and increase the chances of getting more sales for your business.

2. Product description 

If titles are what drive customers to visit your listings, product descriptions will be the ones to help justify what you are selling. However, you can think that this is a chance to persuade your customers into making a purchasing decision. No pressure.

Here are some of the Amazon SEO strategies to help you optimize this section of your product listing:

  • Don’t copy-paste: A well-written product description does not only repeat what was in the title but also dives into the details of your product. 
  • Tell a story about your product: A story will take your product description to a new level. You can tell about it was created, what brings such features to that product, and more. 
  • Make it easy to read: Amazon customers don’t like reading big chunks of text. Therefore, you will need to make your product description concise and easy to follow. You should write each paragraph containing 3 lines of text and separate them by using the line break HTML code
  • Take advantage of Amazon SEO tools: There are a set of tools in the product description tab. With this, you can put bullet points, lists, and more into your text. Therefore, you should utilize these tools well and make your product descriptions stand out.

3. Bullet points are one of the Amazon SEO strategies

As mentioned above, you can also add bullet points to your descriptions. Moreover, they are much more important than you might think, making your highlighted features compelling to the targeted audience.

Use bullet point to improve your Amazon SEO strategies

Make good use of the bullet points

Besides, customers prefer reading concise bullet points to lengthy paragraphs as they provide straightforward information. So, it comes as no surprise that these bullet points can help businesses increase conversion rates.

  • Working on the outline: It is your job to ensure that bullet points are different from the product title and description. Therefore, you should make a clear outline of the best attributes to showcase your products.
  • Keep one feature per bullet point: It is a great practice that you separate each advantage for each bullet point. As a result, you can improve the readability of your product descriptions, persuading your customers.
  • Know the limits: There is a limit of 200 characters for each bullet point in these Amazon product listings. So, be aware of that and make sure to include all the important information in your highlights. 

When you have structured your listings on Amazon correctly, you can get a great advantage against other competitors. 

Once you’ve got all the structure done, we can move on to the next step in the Amazon SEO strategies – the pictures

Take pictures of your products with the best quality

Needless to say, pictures play an important role in showing what your product looks like. More importantly, they are also valuable visual information that Amazon sellers provide to their customers, keeping them engaged.

Additionally, there are more factors to consider than just taking photos of your products. And you will have to use some of the specialized techniques to showcase the best image of your product. 

1. Find the right lighting and take pictures with high-resolution

Firstly, you might want to consider buying a high-resolution camera to be able to get the best image quality. Your goal is to make sure that each product is in its best visual condition during the product photography. Therefore, you should try to avoid blurry or bad photos if you don’t want to lose customers.

Take high quality photos

Furthermore, lighting is another important factor affecting your product images. With the appropriate lighting, you can easily showcase your products a lot better than you expect. And, the better your products look, the higher chance of getting customers to click the Add to cart button.

2. Utilize the white background

You must have noticed that most photos on Amazon have a white background, and there is a reason for that. To eliminate all the distracting abilities, white background pictures help show every detail of your product that most Amazon customers prefer. Moreover, such background provides more professionalism to your photos and product listings.

White backgrounds can bring great results

White backgrounds can bring great results

However, not all images should have a white background. Some product images can look better with a more natural background, increasing the aesthetic. Therefore, you should experiment with different kinds of backgrounds to find what works best.

3. Try taking pictures from different angles

It is your responsibility as an Amazon seller to provide your customers with a visual tour of your products. Moreover, you can bring a better shopping experience by showcasing all the aspects of your product from every angle.

Besides, you can make a combination of the product’s exterior and interior to give your customers a full view of what you are selling. And, this becomes surprisingly important for many niches of products as some need to show every detail. Therefore, you should try taking photos from afar, up close, and even side view. 

The Amazon SEO mistakes to avoid

While selling on Amazon, there will always be mistakes along the way. Some mistakes are big, some are small, and some may look simple at first but lead to negative consequences, affecting your business performance.

Mistakes in Amazon SEO strategies can make you pay a high price

Mistakes in Amazon SEO strategies can make you pay a high price

Accordingly, you should pinpoint some of these common mistakes to optimize the Amazon SEO strategies to the fullest:

  • You are not managing your product inventory: You are doing great with the Amazon SEO and getting many people to visit your product listings. However, all will become useless if you don’t manage your inventory well. Therefore, keep an eye on your inventory, and you should also cover overstocking and understocking to minimize costs.
  • You are writing your information wrong: This is easily one of the deadliest mistakes that happen to a business. This mistake will ruin your brand and business since it shows that you try to scam customers on the Amazon platform. Take time to fill in your information correctly and carefully. 
  • You are not maintaining your SEO: It’s great to have perfect Amazon strategies early on. However, it does not mean it would always stay like that. If you don’t maintain your strategies, they will slowly fall apart. Therefore, you should track the performance regularly and keep the SEO process efficient. 
  • You are not doing enough research on your competitors: There are more rivals on Amazon than you might think. Moreover, each seller has a few tricks on their sleeves. So, you can research your competitors to learn how they are succeeding besides doing SEO.
  • You are doing everything by yourself: Many new Amazon sellers think that they can create the best Amazon SEO strategies alone. Well, they can try with the cost of some parts of their business. Why not get a helping hand for your Amazon business?  

Final thoughts

There are no perfect answers to the best Amazon SEO strategies. As a result, you will have to take time and learn the basics of SEO to make a huge step for your eCommerce success. 

It is impossible to learn all these SEO strategies overnight. However, we hope that you can have the essential knowledge and make your first steps on the right track.

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