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Best Tips to Get AliExpress Freebies in 2023

by OneCommerce
AliExpress Freebies: What Are They and How to Get Them?

Did you know that you can purchase things on AliExpress with one cent only? Was it ever brought to your attention that you could apply for two free AliExpress products every day?

These are referred to as “AliExpress freebies”, and, to many people’s surprise, obtaining them is incredibly simple. Continue reading to find out how you can get involved in the action, possibly get some free items, and anything else you would need to know about AliExpress freebies.

What are the AliExpress freebies?

Freebies are products that are given away free of charge to a limited number of people. Although it appears to be uncommon, there is a simple explanation behind this. 

Freebies on AliExpress are a way for sellers to promote their products and receive positive customer feedback while you’re enjoying your free stuff.

There are no disadvantages to this arrangement because you are not required to make any payments in advance. Furthermore, even if you win, you will only be charged $0.01 in fees. 

The only restriction is that you are only allowed to choose two AliExpress freebies per day from the platform.

You will have 2 chances per day for applying AliExpress freebies

You will have 2 chances per day for applying AliExpress freebies

The freebie contests on AliExpress have a wide range of products for you to choose from clothing, beauty & health, to household appliances and electronic devices. Typically, sellers offer reasonably priced items for the AliExpress freebies (often value under $20). 

However, there are occasional giveaways with expensive stuff, such as cellphones, laptops, wireless earpods, and similar items. For those items, there is an enormous number of applications, which leads to high competitiveness and a small chance of winning. 

Therefore, your best bet is to look for something with more reasonably priced and has less competition.

How to Apply for AliExpress Freebies?

Freebies can only be obtained through the mobile application. So, for the time being, forget about the desktop version and instead download the AliExpress mobile app. It’s available on all major mobile devices and has the same navigation as surfing through the website on a desktop or laptop computer.

After installing the AliExpress app, here is what you do next:

Step 1: Open the app, log in (or create an account if you don’t have one), then select the Freebies & Reviews option, which is located next to the Coins and Coupons icons.

The "FREEBIES" icon is between Coins and Voucher

The “FREEBIES” icon is between Coins and Voucher icons

Step 2: Clicking Apply button for the freebies you like

You will be presented with a list of things that have been designated for AliExpress freebies giveaway. Select any two options that you like and are available by clicking Apply button.

2022 05 15 104422

Step 3: Check the information of the freebie

So? Have you found anything you’re looking for? Simply click on the product. The main information about the AliExpress freebies is now visible.

2022 05 15 110609

The original price is listed in the left column. The amount available in the second column (most often 5 pieces). More available pieces are better for you.

Also in the right column is the number of applicants. More applicants are bad for you (because of the lower chance of you winning).

Maintain your focus on freebies with a smaller number of applicants. The total number of people who can apply is not in excess of 10,000.

Step 4: Once you’ve decided on any item, click on the Apply for Free button to get started.

2022 05 15 111625

Step 5: Add shipping address

Then you will add your shipping address, or choose the shipping address you want (if you have already added the shipping addresses). By tapping the Save button, you will confirm the shipping address in case you won the AliExpress freebies.

2022 05 15 112041

Step 6: Click Agree to acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms & Conditions.

2022 05 15 112312

You’ve successfully registered for the freebie! 

Remember to add the store to your Favorites list once your application has been approved. If you do not comply with this requirement, you will be unable to qualify for the reward. 

? NOTE: When applying for “Freebies,” you must have a balance of at least $0.01 in your account. If you do not comply, your name will not be put on the list of participants.

Usually, a competition will run for approximately 7 days on average, which means that the items will be shown in the Freebie area for this duration. Then, it will take a further 3-4 days to choose a winner.

How to Increase Chances of Winning AliExpress Freebies

The most important thing to remember is that you must be an active user. Let us explain what it means in more detail:

  • Apply as much as you can. Obviously, you only receive a maximum of two freebies every day. However, be sure that you are using both of those shots on a daily basis (or as often as you can).
  • Choose freebies with a smaller number of applications. You won’t be up against as much competition – the fewer individuals there are, the better your chances of winning are.
  • Make an application for lower-priced items. Because the majority of individuals are trying to win something reasonably priced, these tend to receive fewer applications. It is, nevertheless, quite difficult to win there.
  • Purchase on a regular basis. It is well known that the algorithm prioritizes users who have a large amount of purchasing history, particularly those who have engaged in transactional behavior within the current month.  
  • Increase the total amount of money you spend on orders. It does not imply that you must leave unreasonably large sums of money on AliExpress. However, a few orders for $5-6 would do little to improve your rating.
  • Leave detailed, honest reviews on all the orders you purchase. This will show that you’re engaging actively with the community.
  • Visit the platform on a regular basis and participate in its activities (invite friends, put likes, communicate with the sellers).

After you win Aliexpress freebies. What next?

First and foremost, congratulations! Hopefully, your AliExpress freebies will arrive soon, and you will be able to take advantage of the freebies. But before that happens, here’s what you should do to prepare yourself:

Step 1: Check to see if you’ve actually won something. You will be alerted via the app and email that your order has been placed and is awaiting payment of a one-cent fee. In case the app fails to do so, keep an eye on your Shopping Cart on a frequent basis.

Step 2: Make a payment of $0.01. Upon confirmation, the order will be placed in the system for further processing. 

Step 3: Make contact with the seller. If the Freebie is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and other variations, you can contact the seller to obtain the exact specifics before the order’s status changes. Otherwise, freebies will be sent at random.

Step 4: Wait for the AliExpress freebies to arrive. Make sure that the shipping address you’ve previously entered is correct because the order will be placed automatically for it.

Step 5: Create a review of the product. Provide a thorough review for the seller to see.

If you do not win, your application will simply be removed from the My Freebies portion of the website. The good news is that there will be lots of possibilities to win further prizes in the future.

The more attempts you have, the bigger your chances of winning the next time.

In short

We must admit that getting something for free through “AliExpress Freebies” is not a simple process. It is intended for people who purchase from AliExpress on a regular basis.

It’s reasonable to say that you won’t get freebies every time you submit an application. However, you now know which strategy to employ in order to gain a slight lead over your competitors. 

Keep your purchase history up to date, submit additional applications, write high-quality reviews, and keep an eye out for winnings in your email and shopping cart. 

Because the procedure is straightforward, it is definitely worthwhile to give it a shot – you’re not losing anything.

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