Ali Reviews V8.12: New Year 2024’s Enhancements with AI Integration

Haas Vi Ng Jan 25, 2024 1766 views
Ali Reviews V8.12: New Year 2024’s Enhancements with AI Integration

Discover the power of our AI-powered review importer that brings you only the best reviews from AliExpress and Amazon. With our new and intuitive user interface, managing your reviews has never been more effortless.

What is the AI-powered Review Importer?

Our Review Importer, now powered by AI like your assistant, makes it easy to find quality reviews on AliExpress and Amazon.

Ali Reviews uses an AI system that scours AliExpress and Amazon for customer reviews based on your product images. It provides 3 review sources, allowing you to preview review content and images before importing them.

Ali Reviews AI review importer

You can effortlessly select your preferred sources or import all of them. If the suggested reviews fall short of your expectations, you can promptly request more suggestions or manually enter a specific link.

Furthermore, you can import quality reviews through the ‘top reviews’ filter from AliExpress or Amazon.

Ali Reviews AI review importer

Making merchant lives easier

  • Time saver: Reduce repetitive tasks, spend less time searching for reviews, and invest more time in growing your business.
  • Trust builder: Import reviews from reliable sources to build trust with your customers and boost conversions.
  • Simple integration: No tech skills needed – our feature is designed for everyone.
  • Get the full picture: Access a variety of reviews to understand what customers love about your products.

This feature is available for all plans.

Tired of spending hours searching for customer reviews?

Let Ali Reviews' amazing AI take the wheel, bringing you the perfect reviews in seconds!


New UX/UI for Ali Reviews in 2024

Ali Reviews has undergone an upgrade focused on enhancing the user experience. The objective is to modernize the app, improving its visual appeal and usability. The app has created a seamless and enjoyable navigation experience for all merchants. 

With a smart and intuitive design, interactions have been simplified, making the app much more user-friendly.

Media Gallery 

Looking deeper into the UI/UX, we have included a specialized Media Gallery feature in the “Manage Reviews” section. This area gathers all images and videos, providing you with an easy way to locate and oversee their media content effortlessly.

Ali Reviews AI review importer

New strategic pricing

  • Downgrade Policy: If you decide to downgrade your subscription plan, you have to remove reviews that exceed the new plan’s allowable review quantity. This step will enable a smooth transition and prevent you from exceeding new limits.
  • Enhanced photo display: We have upgraded our Starter plans so that you can now upload up to 5 photos per review. This enhancement will allow you to showcase your product in greater detail, which may lead to increased sales.

Starter pricing plan Ali Reviews AI review importer

  • The total number of reviews per product will be determined by counting the total number of published and unpublished reviews. For our existing users, this update will not affect you.
  • The total number of reviews on a product will include the number of reviews imported from Ali Express and Amazon.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact support via live chat or email

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