SubBox V2.0: Retry Failed Payments & Fulfillment Schedule

Alexandre Le Jan 11, 2023 789 views
SubBox V2.0: Retry Failed Payments & Fulfillment Schedule

Did you know that about 20-40% of churn is actually from involuntary churn? Hence, reducing the involuntary churn rate is one of the easiest and most direct ways to boost your customer lifetime value.

That’s why in SubBox V2.0, we’re so excited to bring you two big updates that will help reduce your churn rate and manage your subscription’ fulfillment better.

  • Fulfillment Schedule: manage and re-schedule upcoming fulfillment easily on an intuitive calendar
  • And UX-UI enhancements to give you a smoother and better experience using SubBox

Let’s discover what SubBox V2.0 has to offer!

Reduce Your Churn Rate With ‘Dunning Management’

As you scale up your subscription business, you may have noticed that many of your subscribers have charge issues. So to help you better deal with declined credit card payments, we’ve brought you a solution called ‘Dunning Management’.

On the sidebar menu, click on ‘Dunning Managementand config your billing attempts settings.

💡 For instance, when you fail to charge a subscriber for the first time, you can retry this failed payment three more times with a 1-day interval. And should you still fail after three retrying times, you can skip the payment, pause or cancel the subscription.

Grow endless recurring revenue with SubBox.

Instantly enable subscription model & boost Customer Lifetime Value to new heights!

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Manage Fulfillment Easier With ‘Fulfillment Schedule’

In SubBox V2.0, we’re also delighted to introduce you to the ‘Fulfillment Schedule. With this brand-new feature, you can easily view the fulfillment status of your customers’ subscriptions and reschedule upcoming fulfillments easily on an intuitive calendar dashboard.

On the sidebar menu, click on ‘Subscription Managementto view and manage your subscription fulfillment.

With SubBox, you can reschedule upcoming fulfillments – which Shopify doesn’t support natively

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In addition to the two exclusive features above, we also restructured the app’s UX-UI so you can create subscription plans much faster & easier!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding SubBox V2.0, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team at

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