OneLoyalty’s Integration With Shopify POS, Exclusive Features For Mobile App & More!

Alexandre Le Jul 04, 2024 185 views
OneLoyalty’s Integration With Shopify POS, Exclusive Features For Mobile App & More!
FYI: OneLoyalty is a free loyalty app developed to work seamlessly with OneMobile: A No-Code Mobile App Builder for Shopify. Though you can use OneLoyalty alone, the app’s loyalty capabilities are truly amplified with OneMobile integration.

Since the first version of OneLoyalty was launched on the Shopify App Store a few months ago, we have gathered valuable insights and feedback from our dear users. That’s why today we are excited to announce the new updates to OneLoyalty you’ve been asking for:

  • Shopify POS integration
  • Exclusive point-earning activities for mobile apps
  • Bonus points for VIP tiers
  • Many other enhancements to help you use the app better

Let’s explore!

Reward Offline Shoppers With Shopify POS Integration 

We’re excited to introduce OneLoyalty’s integration with Shopify POS! With this important update, you can now reward your shoppers seamlessly, allowing them to amass loyalty points wherever they shop- whether it’s online or offline.

OneLoyalty, now works with Shopify POS!

Reward your customers wherever they shop: at your offline store, on your website or mobile app!

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Exclusive Ways To Earn Points, Only For Mobile Apps

If you’ve built a mobile app with OneMobile, OneLoyalty now enables you to drive more app downloads and sales by rewarding your customers when they turn on mobile notification permission or share products from your mobile app with their friends.

OneMobile’s exclusive loyalty points for mobile app
OneMobile’s exclusive loyalty points for mobile app

Encourage Customers To Return With Bonus Points For VIP Tiers

In this version of OneLoyalty, we also bring you an update on the VIP membership’s rewards. To be more particular, you can now give VIP tier members bonus points for entering a new tier.

For instance, you can give Bronze members 1% more points, Silver members 2% more points, and Gold members 3% more points when they place an order. 

By giving your VIP customers more perks, they will be more likely to come back more frequently, boosting your retention and sales.

Give VIP members bonus points for entering a new tier
Give VIP members extra points for placing orders

Other Updates To OneLoyalty

Besides the main new features above, we also brought you some other updates to enhance your experience using our app:

  • Exclude customers from your loyalty program: Easily manage and exclude specific customers from your loyalty program when necessary.
  • Show point after purchase: For our Shopify Plus users, points earned will now be displayed immediately after purchase, providing an enhanced post-purchase experience.
  • Feature poll: Participate in our feature poll to let us know which features you’d like to see next in OneLoyalty.

Boost Your Customer Retention With OneLoyalty

Enjoy using OneLoyalty to boost your sales, customer retention, and customer lifetime value. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us at or live chat.

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