A Fond Farewell To Those Using Chatalyst

OneCommerce Team Nov 10, 2022 477 views
A Fond Farewell To Those Using Chatalyst

A fond farewell to those using Chatalyst. We’d like to send our most incredible gratitude to all of you for supporting us from the start.

It’s always hard to say goodbye, but today, we regret to inform you that we will be closing Chatalyst on 27 Nov 2022. After that, your account will be disabled, and all your historical data will be deleted.

Message from our founder

Dear valued clients,

It was not an easy decision to close Chatalyst, the app we had poured our efforts into. But as we aim for the larger vision, we are regrettably closing the services.

Over the years, our team truly enjoyed the relationships with all users that trusted our service. That yet strengthens our belief in making an impact in the eCommerce world, encouraging us to create even more helpful and renowned applications.

Having started Chatalyst was a significant part of my journey, enabling me to better understand online merchants from all over the world. With your feedback over the years, my team members and I feel more confident in the passion for serving the bustling online market. For me, your support is what has taken us this far, hence our achievements. Thus, I want to take this opportunity to say many thanks.

We are closing but not leaving your side

There is nothing more treasury to us than your trust; therefore, we dislike the fact that we would discontinue the experience you are providing your customers. So, we would like to suggest some equivalent applications that offer the same features as ours.

The main feature of Chatalyst is supporting live chat and communication with customers. Here are a few top-of-mind alternatives you can consider:

  • Flowio by OneCommerce: Automate your chat box to provide instant support to customers. Perfect for converting visitors to customers.
  • Messenger by Facebook: Customize and optimize your live chat channel to curate and convert new customers on social channels.

…and lastly

Once again, thank you would never be enough for our gratitude. Leaving the closing apps, you can join us again on OneCommerce, and let our team take care of you with all our heart.


OneCommerce Team