Transcy V4.38.1: Automatic Alt Text For Flag Icons & Improved Switcher UI Settings

Alexandre Le Jul 24, 2023 573 views
Transcy V4.38.1: Automatic Alt Text For Flag Icons & Improved Switcher UI Settings

We are delighted to announce that Transcy V4.38.1 is on air. And in this latest version, we brought two improvements to the app:

  1. Automatic alt text generation for flag icons
  2. More user-friendly UI settings for the Switcher module

Let’s see what Transcy’s latest version has to offer!

Auto-generated Alt Text For Flag Icons

Quick fact: Adding alt text to your images helps Google better understand your images and show them in search results for relevant queries, improving your rankings and traffic.

That’s why we’ve decided to bring an exciting update to Transcy– from now on, Transcy will automatically generate alt text for all the flag icons in your switcher.

The more alt text you add to your website images, the more optimized they are and the higher your site might be ranked on SERPs. Hence, this small but important update will certainly help with improving your global SEO efforts.

Enhanced Switcher’s UI Settings For Enhanced Experiences

In addition, with Transcy V4.38.1, we also improve Switcher’s UI settings, allowing you to customize your switcher’s look and feel more easily. 

Here are all the bits and pieces:

  1. The Template tab is merged into Customization tab. Hence, the menu now only has two simplified tabs– General and Customization.
  2. Within the Template section, you’ll see there is a Suggested by Transcy section that has just been added for you– which includes:
    • Classic Style: Basic switcher templates, including your current templates
    • Modern Style: Premium templates available for Growth plan or higher

These UI-UX enhancements will help you pick a switcher template that better aligns with your brand theme and customize it more intuitively & quickly.

Wrapping Up!

That’s it! We hope the updates we brought to Transcy will help improve your experience using the app. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Transcy V4.38.1, please feel free to contact us via

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