OneUpSell V2.0 – New And Better With An Improved UX/UI

Alexandre Le Nov 01, 2022 688 views

OneUpSell has been among the brilliant apps on Shopify that support merchants in creating and managing high-engaging promotions. It offers every feature you need to boost your store’s conversion through diverse promo campaigns.

Most recently, we have released OneUpSell ver 2.0 with a more powerful UX/UI. We have made a significant change inside the dashboard, creating a more user-friendly interface for you.

What’s new in OneUpSell ver 2.0?

1. New UX/UI

In the new version, you’ll meet with a new dashboard restructured with a new UX/UI, offering an easy-understand interface for users of all levels.

2. New homepage

Updated onboarding instructs users on creating offers in a prompt and clear manner. With a crispier instructional homepage, you’d be able to master the features without much effort.

3. Other enhancements

3.1 Bundle creating

This improvement allows merchants to upsell products by selecting triggers when buyers take action on items. By sending out encouragement, merchants can push shoppers to buy more from the shop.

3.2 Logic enhancements

  • Set up logic show bundle 
  • Logic apply discount
  • Logic of CTA clicking
  • More templates

Wrapping up

With the newest version of OneUpSell, creating and managing promotions is made to be easy. If any concerns while using the app, please reach out to our support team at 

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