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Top 7 Simple Ways to Create Best Social Images

by OneCommerce
best social images

Images are the soul of a social post. Due to the psychology of love of beauty, people are readily captivated by attractive items.

According to research, getting information with visuals increases our effectiveness by 65%. Thus, customers are drawn to your products and brands because of the appealing shimmering images.

Needless to say, if you want your posts to attract readers as well as increase likes and shares, you’ll need to create the best social images possible.

But how to do it? Are there any tips to improve your social media images?

Absolutely yes. In this blog, we’ll show you how to create the best social images in seven simple ways.

Why Are Best Social Images Important?

If you want your social media posts to be outstanding, the contribution of images, or visuals, is undoubtedly important to attract attention.

The use of the best social images by businesses and brands increases brand identity and has billions of hidden benefits.

So what is its significance? What does it allow you to achieve? Let’s check out the following points!

Attract Viewers’ Attention

Your audience only has 3 seconds to scroll through your content on newsfeeds, and of course, they don’t have enough time to read lengthy content.

Instead, they will be held back by impressive images, concise infographics, or branded social images.

Impressive social images engage viewers

Impressive social images engage viewers

An image is a great way to present the best features of a product. With a good illustration, you can attract viewers, describe the message you want to convey, and build trust.

Increase Brand Awareness & Professionalism

It can be said that promotional images are the company’s image. The role of the image will not only be limited to promoting the product, but it will also show the spirit of the business.

Sharing high-engaging social images will improve the credibility of consumers and expose the product brand widely to the market.

Moreover, regardless of content or images, they need to be elaborated on and invested in carefully. This shows the professionalism of the company.

Increase Sales Figures

If you use appropriate images in line with customer tastes and a good marketing strategy, you have taken advantage of images to develop your brand.

Best social images can increase sales

Best social images can increase sales

When those images catch the eye of customers, they will find you by choosing and buying your products. Whether they buy offline or online, you will greatly increase sales.

How To Create The Best Social Images?

After acknowledging the importance of creating the best social images, let’s dive into 7 simple steps to make highly engaging images for your social media posts!

#1. Understanding The Fundamental Creative Rules

Before entering the world of visuals, it is important to note that you should equip yourself with a basic knowledge of creative images.

There is no “exact” way to create a beautiful social image. The definition of “beautiful” depends on the aesthetic eye of each brand. However, there are some basic visual rules worth considering.

Among them, we can use the rule of thirds to make the picture more harmonious by dividing the image into 9 equal parts by two vertical lines and two horizontal lines.

Applying the rule of thirds

Applying the rule of thirds

Moreover, photos should be edited in a simple way and be easy to look at. It is essential to avoid using images that have an imbalance in light and color.

#2. Identifying The Target Viewers

In order for social images to become more widely available, we should identify the target audience we wish to aim our images at.

Take the example of creating social images for “children’s books”.

Children’s books should be cartoon-like

Children’s books should be cartoon-like

Children between the ages of 6 and 13 will be our target audience. As a result, the photo’s colors should be lively, and the elements and objects should be cartoon-like.

Therefore, our products through visuals will reach the target audience and become more popular.

#3. Using The Power Of Online Image Sources

It would be great if you had your own studio or a team to create images for your social media platforms. Accordingly, you will create the best social images and be more professional.

However, you can take advantage of the resources available on the internet to save money and effort. Some of these resources are free, and some are paid, but the image quality is guaranteed with high resolution and large image sizes.



There are several websites that enable you to do so. Check out the list below:

  • Unsplash
  • Shutterstock
  • Pixabay
  • Istock
  • Gratisography
  • Adobe Stock Free Collection
  • Pexels
  • StockSnap
  • Foodiesfeed
  • Burst

#4. Being Flexible With Text And Quotes

One picture is sometimes enough to convey a message to viewers. However, adding some quotes or text to the photos helps audiences understand the context thoroughly.

You can use the following tips when it comes to making your photos more engaging by adding text:

  • Use quotes with few words but with sufficient meaning.
  • Use fonts and colors that harmonize with the photo.
  • The text must be placed where it is easy to see and read. Avoid putting text in a place that covers the entire image.

Apply the 20% rule to increase the effectiveness of the photo in ads.

Play with text in your images

Play with text in your images

#5. Adding A Little “Photoshop”

If you simply use an ordinary photo without editing it repeatedly, the viewers will become bored. Instead, adding a little filter or effect would be a great way to optimize your photos.

Adding “photoshop”

Adding “photoshop”

Besides color correction to suit the concept, we can make our own photos more interesting with icons, elements, or a little animation.

You can use some popular tools online, such as Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc. They enable you to unleash your creativity with your images to help them stand out on social media.

#6. Keeping pace with the latest trends

Social media is a platform that keeps updating every minute. A little “ignorance” might cause you to lose out on a lot of up-to-date trends.

Needless to say, social images are unexceptional. It is really crucial to equip yourself with new knowledge, hot current colors, or trendy photography styles in order to create captivating social images.

However, every platform has its own flow of trends. Therefore, you should pay close attention to each one and figure out how to adapt to trends in the most effective way possible.

#7. Incorporating Images To Create An Attractive Feed

Nobody can deny that a newsfeed with pictures that are color-synchronized is incredibly appealing to viewers.

Incorporating photos into the website will assist in making it look more professional and appealing. It will also help businesses and brands raise their brand awareness.

For example, numerous synced feeds may be found easily, especially on Instagram. Users may easily create highly attractive synchronized feeds on this platform because of its grid-based layout.

Color-synchronized Instagram feed. (Source: marinegaby)

Color-synchronized Instagram feed. (Source: marinegaby)

In addition, we can also create a Facebook page with the avatar color synchronized with the cover photo, which is an effective way to gain more engagement from viewers.

The avatar color is synchronized with the cover on Facebook. (Source: FireGroup Technology)

The avatar color is synchronized with the cover on Facebook. (Source: FireGroup Technology)


In this blog, we’ve walked you through the top 7 simple ways to make the best social images. We hope you will find it helpful when it comes to creating social images.

Making good use of many aspects of the social network environment, including visuals, is really essential. Therefore, everything will be easier now that you know how to make highly engaging images for social media.

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