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5 Brilliant Offer Types To Help You Sell Like Crazy

by Alexandre Le
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Want to grow more sales but don’t know which type of sales campaigns to run? Worry no more, we got you covered with 5 proven-effective sales-boosting types so you can improve both conversion rates & average order value as well.

Upselling Offers – Boost Average Order Value By 30%

Upselling is one of the best sale-boosting techniques for merchants who want to generate more sales without having to put in too much effort or budget.

This is because compared to convincing an utterly new prospect to make a purchase, persuading your current customers to buy more is proven easier and more time-effective. 

The probability of selling to existing customers is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.

Right below are 3 upselling discount types your customers love, which you can easily create and customize with OneUpSell.

01. Cart volume discount

Incentivize your customers to buy more to unlock a reward – which can be simply an amount off their total bill or a relevant gift that adds more value to their buying experience.

Discount with purchase

Discount with purchase is a discount tier based on customers’ cart volume when shopping on your website.


  • Buy $100, Get $10 Off > Buy $200, Get $30 Off
  • Buy $100, Get 5% Off > Buy $200, Get 15% Off

? OneUpSell provides merchants with various discount types, so you can choose to give customers discounts by percentage off or amount off.

With OneUpSell, you can feature on your Product Detail Pages a stunning tiered-pricing table to incentivize customers to buy more. 

Plus, you can add a promo message on the add-to-cart page to remind them about the deals you offer.

OneUpSell offer types

Here is a discount with purchase created with OneUpSell

Gift with purchase

Gift with purchase (GWP) is a tiered discount based on customers’ cart volume in which when customers reach the minimum spend threshold, they unlock free gift.

Example: Buy $100, Unlock 1 Gift > Buy $200, Unlock 2 Gifts

? Want to learn how to offer your customers free gifts that add more value to their buying experience?

Besides giving discounts on customers’ total bills, with OneUpSell, you could also boost sales by offering them a relevant gift if their cart value meets a certain amount.

How about encouraging customers to buy more with a tier-pricing table and sticky banner, once they unlock the gift, allowing them to choose their gift and add it to cart seamlessly?

Video 2022 09 30 142039 1

02. Quantity Breaks – Buy More Save More!

Quantity Breaks or ‘Buy More, Save More’ sales campaigns are campaigns when your customers meet a threshold quantity, they get a reduction off their total purchase.


  • Buy 2 Items, Get $5 Off > Buy 4 Items, Get $15 Off
  • Buy 3 Items, Get 10% Off > Buy 6 Items, Get 15% Off

? Want to learn how to create a quantity breaks offer that work?

Similar to the cart volume discount, with quantity breaks offers, you can incentivize your customers to buy in larger quantities, thereby increasing your average order value. 

With OneUpSell, you can feature a stunning tiered pricing table right on your product detail pages to make it seamless for shoppers to choose items > add to cart and check out.

buy more save more 1

03. Bundling – Frequently Bought Together

Product bundle, bundling, aka Frequently Bought Together offers are offers in which your customers need to buy all suggested items in a bundle to get a discount. 

? Learn how to create a bundle offer.

If your products well complement each other, featuring a product bundle not only helps boost your AOV but also improves your customer’s shopping experience and buying value.

product bundle

Improve conversions by 10% with discount offers

Besides increasing revenue from existing customers, it’s important that you improve your conversions as well! 

Luckily, with OneUpSell, we offer you various advanced sales tools to do so!

04. Flash Sale

Run flash sale campaigns if you want to leverage the power of limited-time offers to trigger impulse purchases and improve your conversion

? Learn how to create a flash sale offer

With OneUpSell, you can build a flash sale landing page with ease and promote your flash sale campaigns effectively with various advanced sales tools like:

  • Coming soon page
  • Flash sale pop-up
  • Promotion banner
  • Product detail widget 
  • Many more!

flash sale landing page

05. Bulk Price Editor

OneUpSell’s bulk price editor allows you to offer your customers discounts on all selected products (variants/products/collections/all products) with automatic rollback.

? Learn how to create a price editor offer.

If you just simply want to give your customers a discount without featuring them on a landing page, then you might love OneUpSell’s price editor.

OneUpSell offer types

For instance, give $5 off all products in Autumn Collection

Ready to roll up your sleeves and rock more sales?

Now that we’ve walked you through all the 5 best brilliant offer types you can create for your customers with OneUpSell, it’s time to bring all the offers to life on your Shopify store to generate much more sales!

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