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A Curated Content Guide & 7 Best Content Curation Tools

by OneCommerce
A Curated Content Guide & 7 Best Content Curation Tools

With new trends rising all the time and everyone jumping on board, standing out from the crowd is more challenging than ever. Knowing how to work with curated content properly and identify relevant content for your target audience is essential if you want to keep them engaged without much effort.

What is curated content?

Curated content means finding information that is relevant to your audience’s interest from some sources and strategically presenting it through your communication channels. The more relevant and helpful it is to your customers the more brand trust you can build among them.

That is because if you curate the right and high-quality content, it may assist you to position your brand as an industry expert.

Unlike content marketing, curated content is not your own content creation. Instead, it is the content gathering from many sources and delivering it in an organized manner. 

A content curator, for example, is not necessarily responsible for generating new content, but rather for finding relevant content related to a specific category and sharing this information to readers in an organized style.

Why should you use curated content?

You might wonder “Why do we need to share others’ content when we can create our content?”. So, here are some benefits that using curated content will help you with your business

  • Adds value to your audience

Today, there is so much information available that most users do not have the time or desire to sift through it.

The audience would like to see prepared content where you figure out what matters most to them and find the content they care the most about.

As you deliver well curated content, your audience will begin to trust you and see you as a thought leader.

  • Become a thought leader

Curating content from high-quality sources increases your industry’s reputation and publicity. You’ll be known as a trustworthy and dependable expert in your field. That means they’ll believe you know what you’re talking about.

austin distel wD1LRb9OeEo unsplash 1

One of the benefits when using curated content is that it makes you become a thought leader

  • Improve SEO

With curated content, you increase the chances that search engines will pay attention to your sites.

While SEO should never be the primary purpose of content curation, it can assist indirectly.

The idea here is to concentrate on trending topics and locate high-quality content published in that area.

  • Build Epic Communities

Content curation may also assist in the establishment of communities. In fact, some of the largest online communities are solely based on handpicked material. 

People are constantly looking for simple answers. If your curation efforts can offer value and save time for a certain set of individuals, you’ve just taken the first step toward building a devoted following.

  • Save time and money

As we all know, creating our own content takes a lot of time and effort. But when you turn to your community to see what they’re sharing and writing about that relates to your business, you can discover an entire world of existing content and ideas that you can share on your own channels.

5 tips to curate content properly 

Here are some tips that a content curator must follow to curate content accurately.

1. Understand your audience

Put as much consideration into the alignment of your content with your audience while curating as you do when creating from scratch. Before you schedule curated content, consider the following:

  • How does this piece of content benefit my target customer?
  • How does it relate to the problems they’re experiencing?
  • Is this consistent with how my target customers see my brand?
  • Is it worthwhile? Should I use it?

If you can’t answer the first three questions before sharing, take a step back and look at your content strategy again. 

2. Credit the sources

Remember to give credit. Always credit and link to the original creator and never pass off curated content as your own. Not only is copying illegal, but it also reflects poorly on your brand.

3. Give some comments

It’s not necessary to do this for every piece you share. However, take a crack at something beneficial to the majority of the stuff you post. No need to be long; simply introduce the share and explain why you believe your readers would find it useful.

Alternatively, choose a quote from the piece and design a graphic to accompany the curated content that you share. This visually stops the scroll and gently links your brand with the expert you’re referencing.

4. Schedule curated content in advance

Scheduling your content is really saving a lot of time and is convenient. Scheduling your content also allows you to see the days you haven’t posted (or gaps) and fill them. 

Even when you may have forgotten to schedule an important campaign post that needs to go out on a specific day, you can still cover any upcoming content gaps with curated content.

5. Offer the right content mix

Fill in your social plan by mixing in different types of content, including handpicked posts. Some people go with the 80/20 rule, 60/40 rule, or even 90/10 rule, which means 80% of your content is curated and only 20% of your content is created by your brand. This is not always true.

Content curation ratios vary based on how diverse and how much content your brand can create. When you don’t have a lot of resources or don’t generate a lot of material, curation becomes more essential. You’re the only one that knows what the ideal mix for your brand is.

7 Recommended Content Curation Tools 

To curate content effectively and effortlessly, you should use available tools to help you with that. Here is a compiled list of 7 content curation tools.

Anders Pinks

Anders Pink is a content curation tool that allows you to create a custom feed or a content stream according to your interests. Every few hours, your feeds are automatically updated with new content so you can stay up to date on any topics.

anders pinks

Anders Pink is a tool that help you find the curated content you want easier and time saving

With this tool, you can gain insights from the crowd, obtain useful analytics and so much more.


Buzzsumo is a tool for finding high-quality content and exploring different possible outreach opportunities. You may use the site to look for curated content that has earned the most shares, links, and comments. 


Buzzsumo has four components: Discovery, Research, Influencers and Monitoring

You may input any term, limit your search to certain categories of content, language, or publication date, and it will return a list of the most highly shared articles for that topic. 

It also enables you to identify significant influencers in your industry, track brand mentions, backlinks, and much more.


Feedly is an artificial intelligence-powered news aggregator. When you add a couple of your favorite feeds to Feedly, you can aggregate and browse these feeds from your desktop and mobile devices in one spot.


A special thing about Feedly is that they have their own AI engine called Leo, who will assist you in prioritizing the curated content and filtering out the noise

This tool is great for filtering content that is of interest to you. Feedly uses Leo (AI Research Assistant)  to recognize the material you care about and eliminate the ones you don’t.


Pocket is an easy reading list with lots of features that is suitable for gathering information for a big project.


Pocket is a colorful site to find and save your inspirations

It saves all of your selected photographs, articles, and videos in one place for reference, rather than a long list of bookmarks or several emails you’ve written to yourself with links.

Pocket includes a powerful tagging system that allows you to categorize items and conveniently locate them later.

Tags may be used to group articles, and the site’s built-in search engine makes it simple to discover those articles. Pocket is also simple synching as it connects with over 500 other apps.


Curata‘s power comes from its capacity to propose and assist you in discovering appropriate information relevant to their individual audiences without manual labor.


Curata is the software that works on simplifying content curation to bring the best experience to users

Users may fine-tune, modify, and classify material sources before distributing them – all from a single platform.

You may then reuse curated content throughout your blog, social media accounts, email, and automated marketing channels by using Curata‘s publishing and promotion tools.


ContentGems is an easy-to-use platform for keeping track of topics and discovering fantastic new content.


ContentGems is a free and easy-to-use platform to help you update with new trends

Based on the keywords you choose, ContentGems seeks relevant articles that have either recently been published or have been popular in the past 24 hours. Additionally, it gives you a daily summary of customized information right in the morning.

The greatest thing is that ContentGems is free to use, and you may have up to two separate keyword groups.


Quuu connects with the majority of social media scheduling tools. It allows you to find relevant curated content worth sharing on social media and share it instantly. 


Quuu helps users save time finding the curated content they want to share

The built-in scheduling dashboard makes it simple to distribute the stuff you find. Simply scoop it when you find something you like. Quuu also categorizes your content for you, making it easy to sort through afterward.


Content curation is not a new technique that most content creators have used, but without a clear strategy, in this era of information explosion, making your content stand out from the crowd would be challenging. We suggest using original content along with curated content to get the best result for your website.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information about the curated content that you need.

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