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OneLoyalty V1.2: 5+ Earning Ways & Promotion Bar

With OneLoyalty V1.2, we’re thrilled to bring you lots of exciting updates:

Let’s scroll down to see what OneLoyalty’s latest version has to offer:

More point-earning missions

To give you more ways to motivate customers to participate in your loyalty program, we’ve brought you another 5 earning ways:

OneLoyalty’s new point-earning missions

Discount promotion bar

Another big update we want to bring you today is the discount promotion bar. This will help remind and motivate your customers to use their redeemed coupons seamlessly.

The promo bar will appear on top of your customers’ screens, reminding them of using their redeemed coupons

After your customers click on the coupon and select Apply code, the code will be automatically added to their checkout page.

As your customers click Apply code, the code will be auto-added to their checkout page, creating a seamless experience for them.

Run lucrative loyalty programs in minutes!

With OneLoyalty, you can instantly activate various loyalty programs, from point earning to VIP tier and more!

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Other enhancements

Besides 5 new earning ways & the coupon announcement bar, here’re a few more enhancements to OneLoyalty V1.2:

Try OneLoyalty V1.2 Today!

That’s everything in OneLoyalty V1.2, if you have any questions or concerns about this version, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team via

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