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Beauty startup gains 20% of monthly sales with Socialshop

by Hannah Nguyen

The Brand

WooH is a Malaysian one-stop beauty and skincare shopping platform with the mission of helping customers enhance their skin’s natural beauty and become the best version for themselves. After over 10 years of establishing the business, they’re now an enormous supplier for all brands with the best deals at affordable prices in the Malaysian market.

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Aiming for labeling their platform worldwide, WooH continues to expand their market by tapping into Singapore and Brunei this year despite their own set of challenges. This seems to suggest that this company is progressively turning into a trusted business not only domestically but internationally. 

Aside from the mature countries like Korea or Japan, Malaysia is one of the emerging markets substantially developing year by year. WooH currently owns 28 brands focused on makeup and skincare products.


The Problem

Like other online businesses, having a social presence like a product feed is a crucial step that you shouldn’t miss for marketing strategies. The feed consists of all the information about a merchant’s products including titles, descriptions, images, links, prices, sizes, colors, and materials. WooH is no exception.

Due to managing many brands, the company can’t afford to manually upload product feed from Storefront to shopping channels (Facebook and Google). It takes time and resources. We got this insight because we had a chance to talk with Ray Lee – Head of Online Department of WooH. He pointed out the same obstacles their company faced during that time. 


The Solution

Understanding the problem, WooH started looking for a solution. Then they found out about Socialshop – an application powered by Socialhead. Socialshop is the ultimate solution that helps you sync, manage, and optimize product feeds to multiple online platforms such as Facebook Shop, Google Shopping, or TikTok shop. 

Let’s take a look at these processes: 

Step 1: Sync products from Shopify store to Socialshop application effortlessly. 

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Step 2: Create, optimize their feed (5 feeds) to distribute on Facebook Shop or Google Shopping 



And customize these variants in their feeds:



The other key function is to increase the visibility of their products, display advertising to get your products noticed and attract potential buyers. By having an optimized shopping feed, you allow your products to be on top of people’s searches.

What matters most is that the product’s information is regularly updated to reflect any changes in pricing or availability.


The Conclusion

As a result, WooH has achieved the expected results of up to at least 20 % of their total monthly revenue.

“Helping us to automatically update a massive range of our product’s information from the online store to Facebook. Therefore, it is easy to help our customers to discover a ton of products, and eventually make a purchase” – Ray Lee said.

We’re thrilled to become the first choice of WooH for this issue. Not only did it help them get control over the feeds for a higher conversion rate, but also helped them increase sales overall. With that feature, they gained an edge over your competitors on Google Shopping Ads or Facebook Catalog at ease.

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