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Discover 4 Types of Influencers to Enhance your Business

by Irene Leander
Discover 4 Types of Influencers to Enhance your Business

We are a few more steps into the new era of marketing in the world where many of us have shifted to online business. As a result, influencer marketing has become a new and effective method to enhance our business with some types of influencers.

For some businesses, this plays only a small role in their marketing strategies. Meanwhile, others take advantage of influencer marketing and unlock its full potential, even turning it into their main marketing channel.

What are the Influencers or Influencer marketing?

An influencer is someone considered to be an expert in a particular field and has a steady number of followers. Moreover, that person will need to have specialized knowledge, authority, and insights in that subject.

People trust their opinions and there is a certain weight in their words, making them even more reliable to the public.

People trust their opinions and there is a certain weight in their words, making them even more reliable to the public.

People trust their opinions and there is a certain weight in their words, making them even more reliable to the public.

In influencer marketing, brands or businesses collaborate with an influencer to promote a service or a product. Then, that influencer can assist companies to advertise or even build brand awareness to his or her group of followers.

You can see how influencers support a brand

You can see how influencers support a brand

That is how influencer marketing works. And depending on the type of influencers and their niche of audiences, businesses can see the effectiveness in return.

However, most influencers nowadays have shifted to social media as that is where people gather the most. Besides, these social media influencers can easily build their group of followers keep their audience engaged.

Brands have also recognized the impact of social influencers. So, they changed and moved their marketing toward social media platforms. Up to now, Instagram has been chosen as the most well-known platform for social influencers.


93% of U.S. marketers intend to run their influencer campaigns on Instagram in 2021. But watch out, TikTok is catching up!

Influencer marketing chart

For many brands, influencers can be the way to go for marketing strategies. When compared to traditional ad campaigns, influencer marketing has proved to be just as effective, if not even better.

Types of influencers you need to know for your business

Have you ever thought about one specific brand or product just by hearing an influencer’s name? We bet you have, and that’s what influencer marketing can provide to businesses.

The results don’t have to be direct, but all they need is to spread the word about the brand to their followers and maybe other people (depending on how big their audience group is).

Normally, types of influencers are determined by their sizes of followers. Let’s break down the 4 types of influencers and see which one suits your business best.

The Nano-influencers 

Nano influencers are usually everyday people with at least 200 followers (and less than 10,000). They like to share their thoughts, interests, and many more topics with others.

Surprisingly,  they are the ones to bring the most engagement rates. And it is all thanks to how organic their content or thoughts are with the promise of no compromising.

Young Japanese as nano influencers while making vlogs

Young Japanese as nano influencers while making vlogs

Additionally, these nano influencers usually have a more niche group of followers that share the same interest. Therefore, you can easily reach their small but highly-focused audiences.

*When you should look for nano influencers

If you’re running a business with a small budget, choosing nano influencers can be the way to go. However, you should be patient as they might have less experience working with brands just yet.

The Micro influencers

When you are ready to take your business to the next step, you will have to find a more effective communication method. And this is the time when micro influencers become a great solution for your business.

Micro influencers have decent followers, ranging from 10,000 to 100 thousand, and they tend to put in a lot of effort engaging those audiences. Moreover, these influencers have a clear niche in which they want to invest their time and effort.

What makes micro influencers respectful is that they usually stick to a specific topic and leverage their knowledge. As a result, they are more effective at supporting your business.

*When should you find micro influencers?

If you are looking for a way to reach a large and targeted audience, micro influencers will be your best bet. Besides, there is also a bonus as they usually have some experience working with brands.

The Macro influencers

At this point, you will want to find someone that has enough voice (and followers) to truly engage more types of audience. Therefore, macro influencers with their audience size from 100,000 to one million followers.

Macro influencers are often content creators, and they can be bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, and even minor celebrities. Although it would be difficult to manage engagements at this size, you and your business will undoubtedly get more recognition from various audiences.

When to find a macro influencer for your business

Macro influencers work best when you have a better budget, of course, and want to spread brand awareness wider.

However, as mentioned above, it is hard to maintain all the engagement rates you can get from these influencers at this size. Therefore, you should take your time to find the one who represents your brand best.

The Mega influencers

Needless to say, the mega influencers type is one of the highest influencer marketing strategies for any business. With over 1 million followers, these influencers can easily provide what is called ‘massive reach in just one hit’.

These mega influencers can include celebrities or even public figures. Besides, their followers can cover almost any group that you can think of.


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For example, we all know who Cristiano Ronaldo is and how famous he has become over a decade. Moreover, you can see that he has millions of followers from his Instagram profile. That’s the reason why many brands and businesses are willing to pay a hefty price to get one of the most famous people on earth to feature their product.

*When to consider mega influencers

With such a costly price for every sponsorship, you should only use mega influencers when your budget is massive. Besides, if your campaign’s objective is to reach as many people as possible, there will be no better options.


Reaching out to influencers can be a great way to enhance your brand and any marketing campaign. Plus, every type of influencer can bring a different result to your brand strategy.

However, you should always consider what your brand needs from each of these types of influencers. Whether it is about awareness or sales, you should take more time researching specific influencers and their engagement quality.


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