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Partnership Announcement: Transcy and EComposer Have Joined Forces!

by Irene Leander
transcy and ecomposer partnership announcement

We are thrilled to unveil a dynamic collaboration that is set to revolutionize the Shopify experience!

From August 2023, we proudly announce the partnership between Transcy, our leading Shopify translation app, and EComposer, an innovative Shopify page builder solution.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in empowering online businesses with the tools they need to reach global audiences seamlessly while creating captivating storefronts.

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Meet Transcy

Transcy is a powerful Shopify translation & currency converter app that empowers online store owners to effortlessly globalize their business.

Powered by AI technology, Transcy offers automatic and human-like language translation and real-time currency conversion, making it “too” easy to reach customers worldwide and skyrocket global sales.

With unlimited word translation, image translation, and customizable language and currency switchers, Transcy provides a comprehensive solution for expanding businesses, allowing customers to shop comfortably in their preferred languages and currencies.

Meet EComposer

Meanwhile, EComposer is a highly efficient and user-friendly Shopify page builder solution designed to swiftly create captivating and high-converting pages.

Ideal for merchants of all levels, EComposer’s live drag-and-drop editor simplifies page customization, offering a diverse collection of elements, templates, and options.

Moreover, with integrated extensions like Ajax Cart and Color Swatch, along with advanced features such as Page Analytics and Global Blocks, EComposer streamlines the process of enhancing sales and optimizing page performance, all supported by round-the-clock live chat assistance.

Transcy x EComposer: A Partnership That Propels Success

“I’m excited to share how, together with EComposer, we’re embarking on a journey to expand merchants’ business horizons. With Transcy’s language translation technology and EComposer’s store building power, we’re ready to help any Shopify merchants conquer new frontiers in the global market.” – Ms. Hannah – Partnership Manager of Transcy has given us her word.

The partnership between Transcy and EComposer isn’t just about collaboration; it’s about bringing more values to Shopify merchants.

By seamlessly integrating Transcy’s translation power with EComposer’s store design capabilities, we’re expecting a one-of-a-kind solution. Merchants will now have the ability to not only launch aesthetic Shopify store easily, they can instantly use AI to translate their stores into multiple languages and sell to the much larger market.

We believe this collaboration has the potential to help merchants reinforce engagement, build trust, and ultimately lead to higher sales.

💡 As we embark on this journey together, Transcy and EComposer are committed to providing unmatched support, seamless integration, and continuous innovation. Once again, our shared goal is to empower merchants with the tools they need to conquer new markets, foster meaningful connections, and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

How To Manage EComposer Translation With Transcy?

Thanks to the integration, it is so easy for user to manage your translated content of EComposer right in Transcy’s dashboard. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Access to Transcy from the Shopify admin.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the submenu Translation > Translate & edit > Click on Manage Translation.manage translation transcy
  • Step 3: Find Manual sync tab, choose resource Theme.manual sync theme
  • Step 4: Choose Theme content.theme content
  • Step 5: Next, tap on Section.section
  • Step 6: Choose the theme content that starts with “ECom” to translate. And you’re done!content item starts with ecom

Wait! Please note that:

  • You can also use the Search feature to find item content of EComposer.search manually
  • If you can’t find item content that starts with ECom, you can click on Sync from Shopify now to update the newest content immediately.sync from shopify admin

Final Words

Stay tuned for more updates as we unveil the transformative capabilities of this partnership. The future of global e-commerce is here, and we invite you to be a part of it with Transcy and EComposer by your side.

Here’s to a future of limitless possibilities and boundless growth!