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5 Best Print On Demand Companies to Sell Custom Products

Print on demand companies

Print on demand companies - Onecommerce

The print-on-demand industry becomes more and more common as it helps thousands of entrepreneurs prosper and bring their custom products to the marketplaces.

Thus, new print on demand companies have mushroomed all over the world to satisfy the need of e-commerce businesses. 

However, most of their services have similar characteristics such as the option to design your new products in a variety of ways and quick shipment.

As a consequence, you’ll easily get lost as there are too many options but you don’t know exactly which services will be the best for your business.

To help you narrow down, this list of the best print on demand companies that you should consider joining forces with today was summarized by us.

Things you should consider before choosing a print on demand company

High-quality products

The first factor that should be put in priority is the product standard as it directly influences your business and sales.

You can check it out by requesting the print on demand companies to give you some samples of their final products before you decide to work with them. It helps you minimize the risk you can take afterward.

You can request the print on demand companies some samples of their final products.

Printing and customization options

There are several printing methods to put your custom design on the products such as direct to garment (DTG), embroidery, screening, and sublimation.

You can use embroidery designs on your custom products.

However, not all print on demand companies will supply customers with the printing method they want. 

Therefore, you should express your expectation about the printing technique that works best with your products to the supplier and ask them whether they can offer it or not.

No minimum orders

A minimum order requirement is another adverse factor for some print on demand companies. So, you need to look for those who don’t have this restriction if you intend to sell your custom products on a large scale.

Quick turnaround time

Each print-on-demand company has a different turnaround time.

Each print-on-demand business has a different amount of time for product fulfillment, packaging, and shipment.

Though, it’s very important to notice that the quicker the services are, the more satisfied the customers will be.

Top print on demand companies for e-commerce business

The print-on-demand sites listed below are initially free. You only have to pay for the goods and shipping once someone has placed an order.

Additionally, if you want advanced tools to upgrade your online stores and customized products, you can register the premium pack on their websites.

However, each print-on-demand platform will have its own strength and weakness. Let’s examine to find out the best one for your business!

1. Printful

You can easily find out the Printful’s homepage on the Internet.

Printful is one of the most common print on demand companies in the world.

They supply customers with multiple services such as product fulfillment, on-demand printing, dropshipping, and branding.

They have fulfillment centers across several countries to give their customers better convenience like Los Angeles, CA, Charlotte, Riga, Mexico, and more.

Besides, Printful is also famous for outsourcing any aspect of the fulfillment process. It means from printing to packaging and then shipping, the company performs everything in-house

Product templates

Printful is one of the print on demand companies that has a wide range of product types.

Printful has a wide range of product types for customers to choose from in their catalog, which ranges from typical ones like T-shirts, mugs, and hats to abnormal ones like accessories and house decorations.


The solution also works with a variety of e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces. That is also what makes it an excellent option for online sellers such as Etsy, Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

Turnaround time

Printful is one of the print on demand companies that have the fastest turnaround time. They fulfill and deliver the products to the customers usually in 2-7 business days.

Besides, Printful is nearly the only one to allow custom packaging. You can add your logo to the packing slip by using Printful’s services to help increase your brand identity.


Printful’s registration is free, and there are no monthly fees. You only pay for the product and fulfillment charges, and the remaining funds are yours to keep as Prinful allows you to determine your own profit.

Moreover, Printful has many discounts for customers like a 20% discount on sample orders and 30% on graphic design services.

Target audiences

Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs looking for a flexible and well-rounded solution that can scale with them. It’s also a wonderful choice if you want to sell phone cases or T-shirts that are printed on-demand and custom packaged.

2. Printify

Printify creates and sells your custom products.

Printify allows e-commerce enterprises to sell products directly on their own websites rather than through third-party marketplaces.

With Printify, online businesses can sell their designed goods whilst having Printify and other third-party manufacturers handle all of the work. That includes printing, shipping, and more.

In other words, the product, shipping charges, location, packaging, and production timeframes will all be determined by the print on demand companies you select.

Product templates

Printify frequently updates new products on its website.

Printify has some of the best margins and the most diverse product range among several print on demand companies. It varies from adults’ clothing, kids’ clothing, and accessories, to home decor.


Just like Printful, Printify has integrated with lots of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and more.

Moreover, as they offer third-party suppliers to fulfill your products, it’s noticeable that Printify has over 90 printing partners in the US, the UK, China, and more. 

This not only gives you a more comprehensive selection of products to pick from but it also allows you to choose your printer according to the country in which you want to sell for faster and more cost-effective shipping.

Turnaround time

This on-demand printing site guarantees to fulfill the product and ship it to the customers within 2-7 business days.

So, if you’re looking for a printing company having a quick shipment, you should consider collaborating with Printify as it helps you boost your customers’ loyalty and raise their trust.


The Printify cost schedule is simple and easy to comprehend.

Printify is considered to have competitive pricing as they only charge a small fee. Profit margins, on the other hand, are up to you because business owners establish their own product prices.

The Printify cost schedule is also simple and easy to comprehend. Therefore, you’ll know precisely how much money you’ll be spending upfront.

Additionally, when you’re ready to scale, you can upgrade the monthly premium plan for 20% off of all orders allowing for larger profit margins.

Target audiences

As mentioned above, Printify will be an ideal solution for anyone looking for a cost-effective and flexible print-on-demand service. That’s because it allows them to choose a printing partner that ships certain items from a specific area of the world.

3. CustomCat

CustomCat is a large-scale print-on-demand firm with the largest product catalog.

CustomCat is regarded as a large-scale print-on-demand firm as it has the largest product selection having over 550 product lines. 

Besides, it offers customers no minimum order requirement and various printing techniques such as digital printing, embroidery, and dye-sublimation. As a result, customers can decide what designs they want to add to the CustomCat website without limitation.

Product templates

CustomCat provides three main product lines.

CustomCat provides three main product types: apparel, housewares, and accessories. Each of them contains numerous custom products from common ones like hats, jackets, and footwear to more exceptional objects like pillows and ornaments.


CustomCat also gets together with the world’s top e-commerce platforms and marketplaces including Shopify and Etsy for customers to connect their available online stores and start selling in minutes.

Turnaround time

Orders are normally made in the United States and are usually ready to ship in 2-3 business days.

With CustomCat, domestic shipping will take 1-7 business days while overseas delivery will take  4-5 days.


You can easily find out the price for each custom product on the CustomCat website.

Each white-label product’s price is clearly displayed on the CustomCat website.

However, you can register for a premium plan with $30 a month to gain more advantages such as being offered some products at a lower price.

For instance, the basic price of the white-label mugs on the CustomCat website ranges from $4.70 to $8.75. Nevertheless, you may get those mugs for approximately $3.50 if you purchase a monthly paid package from CustomCat.

Target audiences

CustomCat is a good all-around partner with low rates and quick fulfillment time. If you’re searching for one of the top print on demand companies with multiple choices of products, it will make a great choice (as long as you’re fine with a simple design tool).

4. Gelato

Gelato is one of the top 5 famous print on demand companies.

Gelato is one of the top 5 famous print on demand companies that give customers high-quality printing, diversified product types, and express delivery.

Gelato can also be used to make gifts and decor for friends and family, as well as to start an e-commerce business.

With many local manufacturers in 34 countries, the solution ensures that your items arrive quickly and seamlessly wherever your clients need them.

Product templates

Gelato offers you numerous types of custom products and designs.

The Gelato website offers you more than 90 products to choose from, including:


All in all, Gelato also joins forces with world-leading e-commerce platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

However, if you need to connect Gelato to a platform that isn’t on Gelato’s integration list, you can use their direction API connection. Still, you’ll need to employ a developer to assist you with this.

Turnaround time

It takes Gelato about 2-6 days to complete product fulfillment and shipment. 

Hence, this website also asserts fast shipping is one of their strengths that customers should take into serious consideration when putting all of the print on demand companies into a comparison.


Like other print on demand companies referenced above, you can open an account with Gelato without any subscription costs. You simply have to pay for the products you purchase and the profit you keep will be the difference between Gelato’s price and your retail price.

Target audiences

Gelato is a print production platform that will help creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses sell their products online to people all over the world.

5. Teelaunch

Teelaunch is a Shopify print-on-demand app.

Unlike the other four print on demand companies, Teelaunch is solely a Shopify print-on-demand app. Though, it still receives lots of positive remarks because of the top-notch services it offers.

Specifically, the quality of the mockups Teelaunch’s creations for you is the most outstanding characteristic here. It provides you with professional-looking product images to utilize in marketing materials as well as lifestyle photos for certain of its items.

Furthermore, Teelaunch is also a product personalization option that allows buyers to put their name to a product or freely upload their own photos.

Product templates

Teelaunch offers unique custom products that aren’t on other POD sites.

Teelaunch has been constantly working to improve not only the depth (various styles of the same product) but also the breadth (more product types) of their offers.

Therefore, you’ll easily find out the products you need on the Teelaunch app with high quality, popular demand, and affordable prices.

Besides, they also provide some unique custom products that you won’t find many of these on other print on demand companies, including:


Nonetheless, one of the biggest drawbacks of Teelaunch is that the sellers don’t have many choices for integrated platforms like other famous print on demand companies.

Because of being a POD app on Shopify, needless to say, it’ll be the best option for users who have online stores on the Shopify platform.

However, Teelaunch has recently collaborated with more e-commerce marketplaces like Etsy and WooCommerce to reach more customers.

Turnaround time

Overseas shipment with Teelaunch can be complicated and not cost-effective.

One aspect that you should keep an eye on when intending to work with Teelaunch is the shipment. They don’t provide affordable delivery, particularly for foreign shipping.

In general, normal orders are ready to ship from locations in the United States, Canada, and the UK following three to six business days of production. 


The Shopify app store offers the app for free and you only pay for what you or your clients order.

Just like other print on demand companies, you can keep the difference because you have control over the retail price.

Target audiences

Teelaunch is for those who seek high-quality and distinctive custom products at competitive prices, not for cost-effective shipping and diverse connected digital platforms.

Final thoughts

The print on demand companies covered above are all trustworthy and first-rated in providing POD services. However, it’s critical to pick a partner based on their capabilities, goods, and ability that perfectly match your company strategy.

Hence, you should carefully consider all print on demand companies’ characteristics. This will help you to find out the best suitable printing enterprise for your e-commerce business.

Besides the above 5 companies, you can learn more about the 10 Best Print on Demand Companies from Shopify.

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